Crysis v1.1 Patch


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The first patch for Crysis has been released, updating the game to v1.1 and featuring bug fixes as well as gameplay and performance tweaks.

Crysis Patch 1.1 changes:

- Damage dealt to vehicles when shot by LAW has been made consistent
- F12 (screenshot) now works in restricted mode as well
- When player melees during gun raise animation, their gun will not be in a permanently raised position anymore
- Memory leaks and potential crashes

- Improved SLI / Crossfire support and performance
- Improved overall rendering performance (DX9 and DX10)
- Enabled VSync functionality in D3D10

- Reduced grenade explosion radius in multiplayer
- Clamped water tessellation to avoid cheating in MP
- Reduced LAW splash damage vs. infantry in PowerStruggle mode
- Slowed Rocket projectile speed down in MP slightly

You can download the patch through the downloads tab.

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Crysis v1.1 Patch

nice, smooths out frame rates a bit but i already get 45-60 fps on high already depending on where i am in game but any perf increase is good especially for those on lower spec hardware and truth be known it looks great even on medium settings.

You voted 'no'.

Crysis v1.1 Patch

this fukn programmers are so fukn lazy bums, they could've polished it to %100 if they wanted to, but no!!!!! they'll fix all the damn problems after getting the consumers money, all this developers should be hanged up a tree

Crysis v1.1 Patch

myc**kinyourmomsmouth! you are a c**k! if you'd ever worked as a coder you'd know that nothing can be done to 100% as the publishers are far too pushy!it was pretty bloody good to start off with un like the piece of s**t that is BF2142.myc**kinyourmomsmouth = c**k!

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