Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (+22 Trainer) [FLiNG]

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die


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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (+22 Trainer) [FLiNG]

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Confirmed info stealer

so being the only anomaly in a new pc, this program being the only one high risk, has been confirmed as infostealing, dont download or these russian programers will start getting your info including payment stuff


dude, why are you even here? isn't that your *** hurt from begin sit all the day? kid, go rage elswere. leave us alone, people here has completed the game 3 or 4 times here and want to build up for pvp, not everyone wants to ruin the game cheating. im sure that you can't go past the first boss and thats why ur here raging on all of us.

Glitch With Spell Usage

While I had Trainer open I used the Infinite Spell Usage but now there where it would say how many casts I have left of the currently equipped spell there is a random number that constantly keeps increasing when I do certain actions. Does anyone know I can remove this numer?


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