PAYDAY 2 v1.01 (+17 Trainer) [LinGon]

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Why doesn't it work for FLT's I have FLT version and it doesn't work do you know if a trainer is going to work for it like money or god mode?

To the POINT !

LINGON CANNOT MAKE TRAINERS ! I for 1 have not been able to use any of their trainers whatsoever ! For that matter Fling is the best always works with cool options and no crashes ! it soooo smooth that you sometimes forget that Fling Trainer is active on the background ! as if the game has the options ! Good Job boys and NEVER Disappoint us ! WE LOVE YOU FLING :D

Fling, Hahaha, your joking

You are probably Fling himself,, fling is the bigest LinGon wannabe there is. LinGon is probably the best trainer maker eva, and that says aloot. And you say Fling? hahaha, biggest joke ever. So where the F is a trainer for this game from him, Huhshow me id like to try it? talk is cheap and gets you nowwhere Fling.

LinGon - Just a form design, rest nothing.

It's like one year, since LinGon started to create trainers only as a "we prove we can" while in fact it's "you have proven you suck, LinGon!". Mostly trainers shows "Promo Trainer" -- the 455holes should die all (CH is a 57upid site/team). Why they release something that does not work? I hope the master HoG will release something for this game (games without trainers are not fun). There are ONLY two real trainer makers (trust, and always works). They're: 1: HoG 2: FLiNG HoG & FLiNG, we need your awesome works!


Hello, I cann´t activate the Trainer. I press the Home Key (Ingame/Menü) but that don´t activate. What do I wrong? (Sorry for my english)


Read the info. I didn't disable anything and it still worked. I had to respec a fiew times for the skill points to activate though, but it said that you might have to in the info. Thanks Lingon!

Sigh.. download the Fairlight

Sigh.. download the Fairlight v1.0 update (fix files) from either here or gamecopyworld.. then this trainer works. It doesn't work with the original scene release, but does with the fix files. Heh.. the only way to compete in the offline campaign is to use this trainer, or you'll die too quickly, even on the easy stages.


Finally got it working...downloaded & installed FLT's release with FTS' update 1. But didn't use their cracked files instead used FLT's cracked files. Ran the trainer first in admin mode. Opened the game exe & as it was loading the safe house hit HOME key to activate the trainer (trainer said "ON") then enabled the cheats (the trainer didn't always respond).

Get real

Morons quit spamming with "don't work" crap, LinGon only makes trainers for RETAIL GAMES. All of you saying NOT WORKING are using cracked steam api files. No shit it doesn't work.

Not Working

Again I download a trainer of LinGon's and again it is NOT working. Go figure. Trainer will not activate (no sound) so even tried to just activate it & enable the hotkeys. Nothing works. I'm on Windows 8 so I tried running it as admin, compatibility mode, etc. Tried running from my downloads directory after extraction even tried running from the games directory all to no avail. Lastly tried on different releases & again it fails. Again this trainer is complete crap


The trainer works fine, despite all the other comments says it doesn't. You guys might want to read the INFO file, and also disable anti-virus. The Skillpoints option could've been easier, but it isn't, though it works. LinGon, you've never failed me, and you never will.


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