Sonic Jam - Bonus Challenge


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Bonus Challenge

At the Main Menu highlight Sonic World and hold Start A.

Level Select Original Sonic

During the opening sequence quickly press Up Down Left Right. Then hold A and press Start.

Level Select Sonic 2

At the Options screen play sounds 19 65 09 17.

Level Select Sonic 3

At the Options screen play sounds 19 65 09 17. Then hold A and press Reset. Keep holding A when the game restarts. Select Sonic 3 release A and press Up at the Title screen.

Level Select Sonic 3 plus Sonic and Knuckles

Go to Angle Island as any character. Then press Left Left Left Right Right Right Up Up Up. If done correctly you will hear a sound. Press Start Select to reset and go to Sound Test.

All Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 2

Play sounds 04 01 02 06.

Change Tails to Miles in Sonic 2

At the Title screen press Up Down Down Down Up.

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