Who Came Out On Top After Xbox One Debacle?



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There's been a lot of things to take in after the past month of console (specifically Xbox one) news. We had Microsoft telling us all sorts of things that we want for the next gen, without really listening to what we wanted, then doing a complete 180 and saying that in-fact we were right all along, but that it was going to take its ball (new features) and go home.

Then you had Sony being sarcastic and poking fun at Microsoft, whilst somewhat concealing the fact that publishers could implement their own draconian DRM on the PS4 if they wanted.

So where do we stand now?

It's good news the Xbox One is now going to allow used games and loaning like it did before, and though it's a shame some of the fancy features like family game sharing and gaming without a disc are gone – Couldn't Microsoft have figured a way around that? Like letting you play without the disc if you're online? - this is obviously the environment people want. Unfortunately for Microsoft this makes it more like an expensive PS4 with a bundled camera, than a unique, future proofed console.

On the other end, you have the PS4 introducing an online fee, which is understandable, but a shame because the lack of one was one of the big selling points of the PS3. That said, the PS4 is looking to be cheaper and like the latter years of this generation, chances are the big titles will all be cross platform anyway, so it's the smarter choice at the moment for console gamers, Xbox turn around or not.

But ultimately? The PC is the real winner here.

You have disc based games if you want them, digital downloads if you want them with very little in the way of restrictions, the biggest indi market in years – giving you direct access to the creators if you want to make sure the money all goes to them – and all the big games that consoles have never been able to get a look in on: giant MMOs and MOBAS being the most noticeable.

We really haven't had it this good in a long time. The PC can do almost everything they can on consoles and much more with almost none of the restrictions.

The thing is though, we haven't just suddenly been given all these features over night. Services like GoG and Steam and Humble Bundle aren't some new thing that's being forced down our throat. We've had time to adjust to these features and gradually got used to them as part of our gaming lives.

Microsoft attempted to bring about a lot of the PC's innovation from the past half decade and get console gamers to accept all of it in one key note speech, that was never going to happen. Instead it should have offered a premium account that had these features or simply made them all opt-in to allow those that want to use them to do so.

Ultimately the people that did the best out of the whole Xbox One debacle was us, the PC gamers. PlayStation fan boys may feel like they won out, but we still don't know the extent that publisher controlled DRM will be used on it and Microsoft has had to scale back its advancements, once again leaving the PC miles ahead of the competition.

Combine all this with the fact that PC hardware is more affordable than ever, where you can get a pretty good gaming system for far less than $1,000 and it's a great time to be a PC gamer.

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Oh my god this article was

Oh my god this article was terrible and misrepresents the PS4 AND the Xbox One and shows a total lack of understanding of either of their stance on DRM. Not to mention some of the horribly racks comments that have been posted on it.


Next time you spout off about how wrong someone is, you would REALLY be helping yourself out by providing supporting examples. Otherwise you just come across as an hysterical child kicking and screaming "Because!".

Halo, etc.

I dunno about the other console games of which you speak, but Halo was released for PC years ago. It sucked balls, but it was still available.


wheres this ps3/x360 emulator you speak of? If you knew anything about emulation, you would know how rediculous a system would have to be to emulate ps3/x360 games LET ALONE ps4/xbone games/

Big picture

TV gaming with a controller is still really iffy on a PC. Steam's Big Picture mode is a great step forwards, but really you still need to have a keyboard and mouse within arms reach to use a PC on a big screen. It's not everyone's cup of tea but if that's what you're after, a PC isn't the best choice.


Iffy? Step 1: Connect computer to TV Step 2: Connect controller to computer Step 3: Play game The vast majority of PC games have controller support built in and Windows has support for the Xbox controller also built in. I use it all the time without Big Picture. Unless you're referring to before the game is loaded, in which case, no the controller is indeed useless. But what does that matter? What advantage is there to a controller for menu surfing?

My laptop performance is better tho...

I can do as much with my laptop as with a futuristic Xbox 1 or ps4, also i can make my homework on it and reports for my work... oh yeah, and so many other things, if i want to, in later years i can get a better pc or laptop whatever my needs fit, also all that money wasted on games, oh come on.

Who cares, PS4 WON even before release!

Well, like it or hate it, the climbdown of the great (retarded) MS says plenty and that's on both used games and mandatory internet connection. PS4 win so far as damage is already done... but some exclusives (bribing) will help box1 although I hope they pull the plug on it and do a dreamcast, that way we can have all the best games on 1 system PS4 best for all consumers/gamers. Nintendo should just release some peripherals (touch pad whatever) for PS4 and release their games on it since they can't be bothered to spend on proper hardware R&D. Every player wins.

So... you are promoting Sony

So... you are promoting Sony monopolizing the console gaming world? I bet you believe everything the government does is in your best interest too. How long did it take before you learned your parents lied to you about Santa? P.S. Im sorry if i just ruined Santa for you. If i did, i didn't mean to ruin Christmas for you, but you need to learn before you hit 30. P.S.S. If you are already past 30 and I just ruined Santa Claus for you then I have done you a great service you will hopefully understand when you are all grown up. P.S.S.S. If you haven't noticed, monopolies are bad things that grown-ups use to control other grown-ups.


The Xbox and PS4 will reach their peak around half way through their life cycle. And given dodgy drivers and incompatible sockets for future upgrades upgrades - console is still the better route to go. But still cant match PC if you have the money. Captcha: Capital gain.

It's all about optimization.

I still look at the exclusives titles for PS3 (I mean games specifically built from the ground up for ps3) and they are really impressive relative to the hardware they are running on. Plus I love Japanese games, and they are "almost" non-existent on PC sadly. I agree the constant PC upgrades are annoying (and intel constantly changing their **** sockets).

Dodgy drivers? I can't

Dodgy drivers? I can't remember the last time I've had issues with drivers of any sort, oh right, I know how to use computers beyond clicking the start button. Incompatible sockets? The last time such a big transition happened was when we went from agp to pci express for gpus and from simm to dimm memory, not really a concern. Console is the better route to go for what? Laymen who want to remain laymen maybe.


Ive just built a £3000 dual custom loop with twin titans fully water cooled on z87 hardware. all housed in a corsair 900d..with 12gb storage plus samsung 512 pro ssd for boot drive.and 32gb 2400mhx ram.All running on a 27"lg ea83 2560x1440p monitor I reckon its more than 5 times the power of both consoles together x2. i can swap anything inside when i want. You cant with a console ....another 10 years with the same box contents.......poor


the point wasn't to keep a value on it, the point of it is probably do what it does best, at the very best it can possibly go. I doubt even the next gen consoles will match that monster.


It will be relevant as long as the next gen consoles are relevant. Hell, that kind of power may even stay relevant with future gen.

Poor research

This is unfortunately true. He spent a lot of money on the best hardware out there and clearly did some homework to make sure all of it supported each other. But the software doesn't support his hardware. He's maybe getting 60% of his hardware's potential at max load. Good news though, it's a software issue. So when it is eventually supported, he'll see performance improvement the next day.

pc ?

and is that the way to say that a pc is "always" better ? i mean you build a rig that costs 12 times more than a ps4 or whatever they cost ? i theory someone could buy 10 new consoles generations and you had do that again in what ? 5 years to get th same feeling ? In my opinion not the best way to make a case about why a pc is better...


for $900 i'm playing Battlefield 3 on ultra at 90fps. It looks WAY better than any console...plus keyboard/mouse is the best method for FPS. Xbox one may be coined as a "All-in-one" machine....whoopi ! i've had an ALL-IN-ONE machine for decades.

Think of it this way... (S

Think of it this way... (S)He spent $900 on that computer. It will be noticeably outdated in 3-5 years, as in (s)he can upgrade hardware and get a considerable performance increase. (S)He'll be able to do that upgrade for between $100-$300, depending on what (s)he does. This machine he put together is capable of basically anything in the digital world. It can play games at superior settings with superior performance. It can make games and thus generate revenue. It can be used for work, writing, making websites, etc. Generating revenue. It can be used for more recreation such as listening to music, watching movies, reading books, etc. Unlike the consoles there are fewer limits to what that PC can do. Looking at games alone you can get them on-sale (which is quite frequent even after release) for anywhere from 25% to 99% cheaper than their console counterpart. (The later in bundles.) When you purchase a computer its not just about gaming, at least for me. If you run some numbers and data the actual cost of ownership, the cost over the lifespan of the device, and the cost of compliments is significantly lower than that of consoles. Consoles do have a leg up on game development though since devs only need to develop for one set of hardware rather than a broad spectrum. Also there is more simplicity in obtaining consoles. I just go out and grab a console rather than having to identify, purchase, and potentially troubleshoot all my parts. The games for that console will just work and there is no concern about messing with settings or troubleshooting compatibility issues. Point being, that $900 is used for way more than Battlefield cranked up on Ultra at 90 fps... or at least it could be. Its just fun to brag about how nice the set up is!

Finally MG points out that

Finally MG points out that the PS4 is far from DRM free. It shows just how coy those squinty eyed creeps can be, making videos of them lending games to each other, selling the lie and kids buying into all that crap. Then the article lists the advantages of PC gaming and even mentions the almost complete lack of restrictions, it's a shame that part wasn't elaborated further as many of the console/physical disk loyalist believe the restrictions are actually more strict on PCs.


Hey buddy, watch it.... We got fucktards like that guy, but not all of us are the same way. Also, every country has its fucktards.

Exactly! I borrowed

Exactly! I borrowed battlefield 3 (Xbox 360) from a buddy only to find out it was going to cost me $8 to buy an online pass....such bullshit. I make it a point now to "borrow" all EA games from my buddies a PB!

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