Madden NFL 2003

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Get a gold rank in QB Precision Passing St. LouisRams on the All-Madden level to unlock Steve Young.

Get a gold rank in the LB Chase and Tackle drill inmini-camp mode on the All-Madden level to unlock MikeSingletary.

i do not have any cheats but can you make another getway for ps2 and gamcube but this time make a little like grandtheft auto

to get a thanksgiving greeting put the date on ur platstation to thanksgiven day and John Madden will say Happy thanksgiven

run straight into a defender and press the circle button three times and he will fall down and youll score a td

you can snap poeples necks and kill them and hurt them really bad and injure them so they can stay out of the game and maybe even later die.

during a franchise release your BEST players then play ONE game.Your players should still be there sighn them they will be better and the players that where bad will have all 99

you can make the running back take off his pants when he scores a touch down by pressing L3 rght before he scores the td.

Better QB accuracy If U have slow QB U should set your feet before U pass and if U have a fast QB U should throw while your running


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