21 Doom 4 Screenshots Leaked

An anonymous user has posted 21 game screenshots, claiming that they were taken from Doom 4.

In the 4Chan forum post where he posted the screenshots, the leaker claimed that Doom 4 was cancelled. Interestingly, Bethesda responded by denying the game's cancellation only without confirming or denying the authenticity of the screenshots.

For your convenience, all the screenshots are available in the images tab.

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All of you dumb kids,

God, you people are retarded. These are not screens of any game any of you have ever played. Not Half-Life, not Rage, not STALKER, not MW. You are a complete fool if you think otherwise.

They are indeed rough CONCEPT DESIGNS for Doom 4 using Rage textures but are not featured in Rage or representative of final level design for Doom 4. Dead giveaway is the unicycle poster from Rage on the wall to the left, 6th image.

If anything this could be design for upcoming expansion levels for Rage, but I doubt it.

[url removed]

And where's the Rage PC demo?

And where's the Rage PC demo? Id software released the console demos but, again, where's the PC demo? From what I've read, it wasn't worth the 5 year wait. Am I mistaken? Haven't played it, so I dont know, still waiting for the demo.

Have you noticed that a lot of companies release the demos a while after the full game ships? That defeats the purpose of a demo doesn't it?

I guess they don't wan't to give a free taste of the game before it ships, because a lot of people will play the game and realize that the game (any game for that matter, not rage specifically) is not actually worth a purchase, and thus less sales.

I also remember reading here on megagames (if I remember correctly), that some developers (crytek) wanted to charge for demos. Which unbelievable to me.


well have yet to try rage (heard it blows) doom 3 was ok but this time guys i have a small request
COOP M O D E, up 2 at least 4 people, like left 4 dead

what a joke

DOOM must be placed always on mars!!! the screenshots are the shit. looks like tryouts and cuts from RAGE.

this is a DOOMish Environment:
[url removed]

D 2

yes i did. but this is ages ago. i don´t remember on where it was placed that time. no worries. for me: DOOM´s right place is on MARS :)

looking forward


That's exactly what I was thinking. Looks exactly like Rage. Which sucked mostly, although I really dug the wingstick and the character models.

rage engine

looks a lot like the rage engine to me, doesn't look a lot like a doom game to me tho, but hell it could be anything. and while some pics may look like source engine - they are clearly NOT. textures look incredibly bad throughout.


Source engine came from Gold Source which was built on top of Quake 2 engine, its funny how people compare anything to Source. Its not even an original engine, try licensing it you will quickly see why its under NDA.


I think that guy just meant the half-life 2 kinda look on some of these pics.. most people simply call that "source engine".. : )


why are people so dumb have you ever played rage these screens look verry similar to that wich is powerd by id new engine probably the one powering doom 4

Completely Agree, Doom 3 was

Completely Agree, Doom 3 was exTREMELY over-hyped and for the first 1-3hrs was Meh, but other then that...it was predictable and frustrating due to the fact that the much older doom 1 & 2 was ALOT scarier....(and there not that scary at all)

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