3D Pim

3D Pim is the first 3-dimensional organizer in the world. 3D Pim is not only elegant but is also easy to use, making it very attractive for new and inexperienced home users. At the same time, 3D Pim is a very powerful Network and Internet ready organizer capable of aiding organization of tasks in small to medium sized companies.

The key feature in 3D Pim's user interface is a control function which we have named 3D ListBox®. 3D ListBox® is a tabletop containing object i.e. data. 3D ListBox® can be zoomed, rotated, translated and placed into any position. The position of the tabletop can be saved and the saved positions accessed easily when required. The contents of the tabletop can be scrolled using a scroll bar located on the right side of the window. Selecting a data item (object) is a matter of a simple left click of a mouse button, at which point the object will be zoomed, or a simple right click after which an appropriate menu will be displayed. 3D Listbox® engine uses OpenGL® for scene rendering.

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