3DS Is On Way To Beat DS Year One Sales Records

Nintendo's 3DS initial sales were well below expected, but it seems that it is now on track to beat the first year total sales of the original DS.

According to Nintendo, data collected by NPD Group indicate that the 3DS has sold 1.65 million units in its first eight months in USA.

The original DS sold 2.37 million units in its first year in market, but about half of that number of accrued during the lucrative Holiday month.

It is worth noting that the original DS launched in November 2004, which means that it enjoyed a double boost that the 3DS didn't enjoy with its February 2011 launch.

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Step by step

Read OP title, read first line, think "why is this guy posting about how he sold his 360 on a 3ds article". Read until last line, think "oh he might be talking about a DS or 3DS", think "he should learn 2 english".

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