After Defeating SOPA, EFF Needs Your Help To Disarm DMCA

Last week, the internet worked together to fend off the SOPA and PIPA. This week, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is asking for your help to disarm the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

EFF is teaming up with renowned Xbox hacker bunnie Huang and video remix extraordinaire Kirby Ferguson in petitioning the Copyright Office for legal exemptions to the DMCA. They have only 15 days before the public comment period is closed, so there is no time to lose. Click the links below to take a stand.

Tell the Copyright Office: Jailbreaking is Not a Crime

You bought it. You own it. You should be able to run your own software on smart phones, tablets, and video game systems without anyone's permission.

bunnie Huang is standing with the EFF to defend users' right to jailbreak video game systems, smart phones, and tablets. Add your signature to show the Copyright Office that users everywhere are demanding the right to jailbreak.

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Reclaim the Right to Remix

Kirby Ferguson, creator of Everything is a Remix, knows that video mashups are a vibrant form of creative expression used by students, journalists, political commentators, artists, and many others. That's why he's joining the EFF in petitioning the Copyright Office for the right to break encryption on DVDs and sample streaming music. Add your signature to defend the right to remix.

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In 2010, tens of thousands of users joined EFF in successfully petitioning the Copyright Office for the right to jailbreak a smart phone. This time around, there's a lot more at stake.

Copyright law doesn't match up with how people use technology today. By standing with bunnie, Kirby and the EFF, you can help fix that.

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These retards trying to put

These retards trying to put stupid laws that just wreck everything for everybody, instead of making dumb laws, why not do what many artists and developers are doing, they are taking advantage of todays social media, online distribution, and what ever is available. they are making even more money this way, because its readily available to the public and people are willing to pay. especially when you reach a bigger audience through the interwebs. i have a jailbroken iphone,i still buy **** from the app store. i would have never purchased these things if i had to go down to the apple store and physically buy them. convenience is what makes people shell out the cash (and a decent product).

Im actually A LOT more

Im actually A LOT more worried about ACTA (just signed by Obama a few weeks ago) than i am about DMCA. Please go to AnonOps blog and read about it (or watch the video explaining it). The **** ******* said he was against SOPA and ACTA seems to be even worse, and he did it all without letting regular people know what the hell he was signing the whole country into.

That's pretty much what Obama

That's pretty much what Obama has been trying to do his entire term as president. Do what he wants without people knowing and without their consent. Hopefully ACTA and TPP both get nixed. Read about TPP over at techdirt, they do a pretty good job of keeping me up to date on this crap.

Nope... its not, actually

Nope... its not, actually there is a guy that was sued by sony 'cause he made a video online showing people how he "jailbroke" his ps3. Read that right, he showed people how he did it, he never told people to do it themselves, and sony sued his *** (and won) because he used a piece of hardware in the way he wanted to... what a nerve... what ever made him think he could do what he wanted to with something he bought? right? :/

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