Aliens Colonial Marines sold over a million copies


Despite being a massive bomb for Sega/Gearbox or whoever you hold responsible for the mess that Aliens Colonial Marine was, it actually managed to sell over 1.3 million copies. This is despite the panning critical and consumer reviews, the endless reams of bugs and joke videos showing the cock-ups in game and the fact that Sega has even been hit with a class action lawsuit because of its phony demo footage in advertising.

Partially thanks to this big sales number and other titles like Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (which was the company's biggest seller by the way) the once upon a time great video game maker, announced a profit in the last financial year (ending March 31st) of 33.46 billion yen ($324 million). Sega says it hopes to increase this by a further 50 per cent by this time next year, with expansion into more mobile games and the PC.

But don't worry, no one is getting out of this one unscathed. Gearbox has suffered a terrible blow to its reputation, so much so in-fact that it announced that Section 8 developer, Timegate was responsible for most of the cock-ups with Aliens: CM. In-fact that developer, Timegate, they closed down this morning. So loads of people lost their jobs.

Does that make up for the horrific gameplay in ACM?

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Nasty after taste

I'm sad for the hard working Timegate 'basic grade' coders & mappers who worked hard on this. The epic balls up was due to the 'designers' & 'team' managers changing their minds & simply NOT doing their part of the bargain. What were they doing god only knows. Did they get blood well sacked? Doubt it...


They are not telling the whole story. I got it as a graduation present and I called origin and had the money refunded to the card of the person that bought it. So although 1 mil people bought it I doubt 1 million people kept it!

Ok let's clarify something

Ok let's clarify something about DEVELOPED games from Gearbox./browse/games/gearbox-software-llc/developed-by/ We got the overrated Borderland that no other developers even tried to copy. We got Duke Nukem Forever, JamesBond 007 Nightfire, Aliens Colonial Marines and oh what's this.. Half life ports? Oh yeah ports.. It's one of the most over-estimated company in the videogame business and now things are simply back to normal.

People lost their jobs

People lost their jobs because of a managerial cock-up with Sega not working closely enough with Gearbox, and Gearbox - in turn - not working closely enough with Timegate. Gearbox are notorious for their inability to take projects on when they're not internally developed. They polish turds... The game had high expectations and it bombed. This isn't the first time, why is it such a big deal? Now a good studio is dead and it's meant to somehow "make up for it". Eat a dick, OP.


there are 1 million idiots who bought this game...and even less who pirated it. Should that be the other way around? This was a total piece of garbage and i'm glad people got fired over it.

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