AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series Launched

AMD officially announced that the AMD Radeon HD 6800 series is available in retail with prices starting at $179 SEP.

The new AMD Radeon HD 6800 harnesses AMD's second-generation Microsoft DirectX 11-capable architecture to offer performance comparable to Nvidia's GeForce 4xx family (with HD 6870 leading Nvidia's GeForce 460 in some measures and lagging in others).

"AMD is the market share leader by a landslide in DirectX 11 graphics," said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, GPU Division, AMD. "Through our sweet spot strategy and our open, industry standards approach, we've worked to deliver the best possible experience for gamers. Today, our laser focus on gamers continues with the introduction of what we think is far and away the best graphics card series today, the AMD Radeon HD 6800 series. With exceptional game performance, an unrivaled feature set including breathtaking DirectX 11 gaming, AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology, AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing, and more, the AMD Radeon™ HD 6800 series will have all gamers wanting to get Radeon in their systems."

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Amd Vs. Nvidia???? Who knows

I Personally like nvidia cards, this is from personal experiance alone. I have been put off ATI/AMD cards from my experiances with some of the earlier models, my brother had one, it was a pre x series model and he had nothing but problems with it culminating in his system refusing to boot whatsoever. He returned it to the shop only to find there was nothing wrong
but his problems persisted. He then lost his rag with it peeled back the lable on the back slightly and knocked a few chips off with a pocket knife, he then took it back to the shop... it still worked, in fact he took it home and it worked better then it did before. It still works now in fact a good many years later.
I'll admit I have been tempted with some of their newer models, price performance and dx11 being desirable, but the larger memory footprint of the ATI/AMD drivers still puts me off, nvidia unless you are using stereoscopic has one thing in memory occasionally two.
I currently use a GTX260 EXYREME, yes i know thers a typo but that's what it says on the bios. It does everything i want and more, there is only one game i have had problems with thusfar GTAIV, but i think that is more about the game than the card.

f**k Nvidia....... GO AMD/ATI

i love AMD/ATI, i never had any problems, Iv had 1 card,, dual cards..... triple and quad Crossfire,, its the mainboards that cause most problems, not the drivers or the cards them self....

i bought an nivida gtx 485 or whatever, and it ran fine for the first 6 days, and it overheated, 101+ degrees celcious. then boom, max fan speed, even water cooled, it overheated.....when i got my rma'ed card back... i now have a amd built radeon 5850 and not one single problem.... an i have another pc right next to my main one with a gtx 480 nvidia, and ran tests on both, my raden 5850 kills the gtx 480 hands down....... in dx 9 and dx 10.. and 10.1..

dx 11, no cuz of nvidias tesselation, ati cant use??? bullshit..

and my radeon 5850 doesnt even get above 40-45 degrees c, with the stock fan. and stock clock speeds...

so fu*k nvidia... ati/amd is cheaper too..... all nvidia has is cuda, physx, and tesselation, thats it, cuz its proprietarry to nvidia, and ati cant use that technollogy and thats bullshit... how can ati ever really win.....and out perform on a larger scale when there are technologies that ati/amd cant even use, its fucking dumb..... fuck nvidia................. nvidia die...

Although the card wins I feel

Although the card wins I feel nvidia has smoother FPS and steady framerates. ATI jumps around to much. Plus Nvidia is always ready to blow out ATI. ATI cant even get there crossfire to work on some games. The last ATI I bought was a 9800 pro 5 yrs ago. Catalist Drivers are a fail. EVGA makes the best boards. Even if ATI had faster FPS its not worth the heat and compatability problems that people review on newegg. 2x gtx260's to me is better than 2x5870's. Dont feel like dealing with RMA's and weeks of tech support. If you want something to work out of the box rather than wait for drivers go nvidia, o and if you want a better gpu go nvidia, o if you want the fasted gpu go nvidia, o if you want to overclock your card go nvidia, if you want more than 1 card go nvidia in sli 3, quad does nothing for performance. Nvidia you will pay 50 bucks more............. for a lifetime warranty, although a card may only last 2 yrs before you need to upgrade. Also if you want you can unlock nvidia gtx 260 shaders and preety much make it a gtx 270 or 280 just need to buy some heatsinks 80 bucks more.

Once again Megagames is all about team green

I dont trust a word any of the ppl put on here I sell computers for a living and have yet to ever see and Nvidia product live up to the BS these reviews on here say I own at the moment.
5770 MSI Hawk II
6870 Sapphire 1GB DDR5
Ion2 1215N Laptop
both Nvidia products the drivers suck and they are just a waste of money they have potential but right now are just shit.
Both my AMD cards run faster then my 470 and even with just a little overclocking we got the 6870 to match the 480 at half the price.
Get the info before you claim hearsay as fact.

by far

nvidia cards are way better than any other crappy amd, ati has always tryed to copy and manage to level nvidia quality, I have burned many ati cards so far and none nvidia without any overcloaking, nvidia is continously development tech so 3d graphics evolve like tesselation and many other features, while ati just devolps shit to match nvidia on sales with very low price. Another thing have anyone saw a serius game developer working with anything thats not a quadro card from nvidia even games that have ati propaganda use nvidia for opengl and directx development. thats talking about games, now about high tech I love cuda technology and tesla gpu to work with my cfd programs nvidia wins I'm a fan


For you to say that ati card are incompatible and unreliable just proves you are a bias idiot. I have used both amd and nvidia cards, which i like both but currently i have an amd/ati card and i have had it for several months. I havent seen the first game that its not compatible with. As a matter of fact i have never owned a AMD card that was incompatible with a game. Idiot

ATI cards are actually pretty

ATI cards are actually pretty reliable and when it comes to games i've never had any issue compatibility wise, Nvidia is alright they do got a good roll on the 460-480 Geforces due to the DirectX 11 Tesselation proccessing which ATI cards do struggle in (can be found anywhere on the net when it comes to testing). the Nvidia Cards seem to be based around that tesselation function since that was the major hype of these 4xx cards. when the ATI cards (5xxx series and 6xxx series) was built around the DirectX 11 itself not a certain point within the software which is a strong point for the ATI cards soo it's balanced and does better then what the Nvidia cards (4xx series) lack in.

but when it comes down to it really tbh they both have weaknesses and strongest points and seem to balance one another i think it just goes down to customer preferences, also to defective cards are known to happen with both companies


This post is wrong. Look at guru3d . com and you will see the 6850 easily beats the gtx 460... the 6870 crushes it in all tests. RESEARCH.

The only time the GTX 460 beats the 6850 is in OC and OC models, which will most likely change when AMD releases OC models of the 6000 series.

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