ANTVR: Oculus Rift Contender Hits Kickstarter For Production Funds

Chinese technology startup ANTVR is hoping to raise enough funds through Kickstarter to produce a serious Oculus Rift contender.

The ANTVR headset features full HD (1920 x 1080) screen with 100 degrees field of view (FOV), which the design team likens to "having the best seat in an Imax theatre." It is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Android.

The headset is bundled with an interesting light gun controller that can be morphed into a steering wheel or gamepad shapes. Each of the headset and the controller includes a separate low-latency 9-axis motion detection unit.

ANTVR supports both wired and wireless HDMI connections. It is powered by two 18650 batteries that can last for 8 hours when using wired connection or 3 hours when using WHDI. The batteries are inserted into the gun controller the same way shotgun shells are fed into a shotgun, so players can "reload" spare batteries while playing.

ANTVR design and development has already been complete and the company has turned to Kickstarter to collect the necessary funds for production. At the time of writing, 445 backers have already pledged more than $163,000 of the project's $200,000 goal.

ANTVR has some really interesting design decisions, but will raising funds through Kickstarter be enough for it to compete with Facebook's Oculus Rift.

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i guess it doesn't look quite

i guess it doesn't look quite as ugly as the rift? but surely theres better ways of doing this than shoving screens a couple of inches in front of your eyes - it's low-tech and we've been homebrewing that for over a decade. There's better technology waiting to be mass-manufactured.

As far as the kickstarter

As far as the kickstarter campaign goes this one is nearly funded and there are more than 30 days to go. I'm not so sure this will hit the 2 millions like oculus did but this is a chinese knockoff with little advertising, if any. I'd like to see a campaign for the true player gear Totem which had some publicity as they announced their headset soon after oculus announced they had sold out to the devil. There's also VRCADE which seems like a bundle of a VR headset and STEM like motion sensors.

I'd like to hear more about

I'd like to hear more about the Totem too.. sounds like the good compromise between the Rift/Facebook/megalomaniac/aunt/gamers/gatherers and the Chinese AntVR who look good on paper although smaller horizontal Field of View and which we don't know much about.

Yea the fov is lower which

Yea the fov is lower which might affect the experience as a whole. To me the Totem seems more promising, it has two cameras built in to allow see through when you need it and AR(assuming the lantency is low enough), it's made by a canadian company, which I consider more trustworthy than chinese and their first public appearance was an announcement, not a plea for money. Although I like the idea of making it wireless and storing the battery and control box inside the gun, you can just keep it in your pocket if you're not using it.

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