Apple Acquires Kinect Technology Original Creators

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Xbox 360 and Xbox One is Kinect motion sensing technology. Microsoft has plans to make use of that technology in Windows PCs but it seems that this won't be a one horse race anymore as Apple has just acquired kinect's original creators, PrimeSense.

Kinect hardware is built upon the "range camera" technology developed by the Israeli company PrimeSense. Ironically, Apple was the first company PrimeSense CEO Inon Beracha approached while trying to sell Kinect technology in 2008.

According to Israeli news site Calcalist, the acquisition deal between Apple and PrimeSense has been finalized with a net value of $345 million.

Last July rumors had it that a deal was being penned by Apple to acquire PrimeSense for $280 million. Back then, PrimeSense shrugged off those rumors. "US$280m? Come on! We’re worth ten times that," they said.

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I've never used Kinect, heard it's gimmicky like a lot of Nintendon'ts stuff. Maybe it's just 'cuz consoles are so wimpy, but Crapples are wimpy too so, **** off Crapple. You suck. Basically the news here is that now you can buy a crappy Kinect camera with a Crapple logo on it for 5X the price of the same camera w/out the Crapple logo on it, and use it with your crappy Crapple computer.

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