Apple Is Considering AMD Chips

Apple's fans were skeptical about its decision to switching to Intel processors back in 2006, but the growing success of Apple computers proved it has been the right move for the platform. It seems that Apple might be planning a similar move with Intel's arch rival, AMD.

According to Apple Insider, "Representatives for the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD have recently been seen on Apple's Commuter Coach buses, and executives for the chipmaker have been spotted on their way out of meetings with members of Apple's top brass."

"The meetings have reportedly included briefings by AMD that have since enabled Apple to begin working with AMD processors in its labs as part of an initiative to position the chips inside some of the company's forthcoming products."

So, where does this leave Intel as a chip supplier for Apple? If rumors are to be believed, it seems that Apple intends to keep Intel as the chip supplier for high end MacBook Pro and iMac platforms while introducing AMD as chip supplier to low end platforms such as the MacBook, Mac mini, and the Apple TV.

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@AishaK   that's easy to

that's easy to say, but when ur talking about business that's not possible ! each company want to get more of the market ! My self, i never believed in mac even when they are much more reliable/stable then IBM PCs for simple reason which is high the cost and leak of hardware

It will be then a good

It will be then a good partnership if good business happens between Apple and Intel because of the AMD chips. It doesn't need anymore an immigration process between the two because they are then one in this chip. I think this will bring a positive point to the market of technology.

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