ARMA Has A 100 Pirates For Every 3 Legitimate Players

According to Bohemia Interactive's CEO Marek Španěl, the ratio of pirates to legit game buyers is worse than 100 to 3.

"Our statistics from multiplayer show that for every three legitimate buyers playing their game in multiplayer, there are 100 (failed) attempts to play with a pirated version," he said about their ARMA series.

"This indicates that piracy is an extremely widespread problem on PC, and it's also really worrying for us as a mid-sized, independent, PC-oriented developer. We do not have any such data for single-player, but I'm afraid there the ratio of pirates to legitimate gamers is undoubtedly much worse."

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I'm Sorry but you all talking *****

Ok first of all, Arma 2 is the most community based game out there. And for those who said its been done before, tell me when, where, and what planet ? because I have not seen any game with a 64km 2 island able to fight infantry/air/tank at the same time. Now I dunno about all those other Battlefields and modern warfare games, I Do own BF3 I dont like it its full of screaming kids and it is the same situation each time, yes you get upgrade its a good laugh, but its no where near the teamwork and tactical know-how that is needed in Arma2, So if you cant figure out how to play a Sim its not that the game is bad, its because you cant deal with the fact one bullet kills, and Arma series is also used too train real life military personal, so I think if they have a Military contract going on with alot of different nations, I think they know what there doing.

100 (failed) attempts to play with a pirated version

I don't get it. Why would you even want to connect to a legitimate server with a pirated version. I mean, you usually know whether that will work or not beforehand, right?

Just doesn't make any sense.. unless the software was written so badly, that every pirated version constantly tries to reconnect upon failure. Either way, this press release is pretty lame and self-pitying.

Is each log in attempt an individual?

This report should be looked into in greater detail as there is reason to believe, *by their wording*, that the information could be misrepresented.

QUOTE - "Our statistics from multiplayer show that for every three legitimate buyers playing their game in multiplayer, there are 100 (failed) attempts to play with a pirated version," he said about their ARMA series.

The detail that troubles me in the quote is, "100 (failed) attempts to play with a pirated version" **Note** "Attempts". An attempt to log into a game server is not aways successful even for a legitimate player, so for those without the ability to play online (for whatever reason including piracy) they might try to log into a game server and be denied, multiple times. As a recent example, there are those of us who were trying to legitimately play the BF3 demo online, and its a great example of the experience shared of failure to access a game server, Simply because the servers were at capacity (*this having nothing to do with piracy*)... so we would try again, and again, and again, until we successfully connected to a game host... This is why i don't find it far fetched to consider a good number of failed attempts to have been shared by individually persistent users.

Also Depending on the server query system a game can continue to attempt to connect even upon rejection from the game server, and there are always those persistent to find an accepting server to play on, so attempts to log onto an online game server do not alone represent the number of pirates with the game unless they are tracking the ip of each attempt and they are all unique and originating from different locations.

I find the quote misleading unless they choose to specify the nature of their player tracking. If the attempts are all unique to different machine's mac or ip addresses then perhaps they are correct in their assessment of 100 to 3, pirated vs real players... but if the "attempts" are being made by the same systems trying different game servers and being rejected for failure to authenticate, then the statistic of their attempts equating to a number of pirate players is bogus and should be retracted... even if the damage is already done.

Arma and MW/BF are not in any

Arma and MW/BF are not in any way related... Its like comparing a flying sim against a driving sim. Not related in the least.

Arma goes for realism and simulation type like combat. Its about communicating, planning and being strategic down to the finest points.

MW/Bf3 do not aim for any realism and are arcade games in every single aspect. You cannot compare them and if you do not like difficult, strategic simulation type military sims then you will not like Arma. Its not that its crap compared to MW/BF3 but any 10 yr old with a controller can play those games.


I tried ARMA once, and for gods sake its a terrible game. Multiplayer is just horrid, they don't understand how to make a great game, its moderately ok with there childish attempt at making a military game. Every BF hands down owns this game, go look up the reviews. It doesn't seem to surprise me that it gets pirated. I'd pirate these games of there's infinity times before i pirated one copy of BF or MW. Just my opinion though. I hope they stop all together, or go ask the pro's how to make a military shooter.

Hang on

If it truly is rubbish, why would you want to pirate it?
In any regard, the quality of a game should not affect how often it is pirated.
If you can't afford to buy it, then get a job.
I can't afford a Ferrari. Doesn't mean I am allowed to steal one.

First up, its DEFINITELY not

First up, its DEFINITELY not unique IP attempts, and even if it is, if they are pirating it, its because its not workth ******* buying. Secondly, ARMA sucks ***, its runs like total **** on crossfire, the movement has very little weight to it, the maps are too big to be interesting. Have you ever played paintball in a featureless field with no cover? Yeah, tonnes of fun.

The 'simulation' is about as visceral as hard vacuum. So if they are upset that A, their game is not very good as a GAME, b, their multiplayer is sub par, c, they have released no demo, and D, their fanbase is composed of hicks and rednecks, then they have no one to blame but themselves.

I play EVERYTHING, for ***** sake, I've got games from loco roco to wipeout to patapon to battlefield 3 to hawks and even some tom clancy games and hitman, so my collection is as diverse as anyone could possibly hope for, and yet I did not buy this game.

Why? Because Its boring flavourless ****. ie, its not worth putting in my mouth. Make a game that does not feel like it is delta force, which is several million years old, and MAYBE, just MAYBE people will buy it. Hell if it was as good as the first delta force it would probably sell a lot better.

Your game is crap, yes it was hard work, yes you put many hours into it, but we can ******* see that its half arsed. If you liked making your game more and bitched less, then maybe people might actually buy your ****.


Is this surprise to anyone? ARMA's multiplayer has always sucked and sucks to this day. If they're too lazy to develop a good multiplayer mode, I can't be bothered to pay them. It wouldn't be hard to look at how Project Reality does it and learn from it, but Bohemia is full of morons, apparently. It seems to have become commonplace for devs to blame piracy instead of admitting that their games are just not very good.

a bohemian life..

ARMA2 is so much more realistic than everything else and still bf3 and cod get so much more credit.. A game like ARMA is more of a simulation than a games, perhaps a learning curves too steep for most people but that doesn't excuse the piracy cause this one is rather cheap and deserve support. It's almost like intelligent games are doom to fail.


While I love arma I must disagree. Arma is by no means an intelligent game, it brings nothing new to the table. Its a military sim that focuses on realism, nothing that wasn't done before but still it's the only modern one and that makes it unique (relatively speaking). As for pirates, go play bf3 or mw3, buy Arma as it's much more fun to play with all of us legit players (we're not just teens and pre-teens who can't afford it after all), you'll see how much more tactical, difficult and interesting matches get when you play with the big boys who know more than just "ZOMG SHOOT THEM YOU NOOB".


Your reading skills are flawed. If you read the article properly you'll notice the only one claiming the RATIO of pirates to legit users to be 100:3 is the author of this article, not bohemia. They merely said theres 100 attempts to join mp games with pirated copies for every 3 legit players currently online. gg lrn 2 read

Nah, it's actually YOUR

Nah, it's actually YOUR fault. You're the one who brought 'fault' up in the first place, not the article. They're just stating that what they are doing is not working. Which is a shame, because they're doing a huge service to players and gaming in general.

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