Battlefield 4 Might Have Up To 70 Online Players


For the past decade and a half, they've been claiming that PC gaming was dead. With each successive generation of consoles, the fanboys come pouring forth to ask how exactly the PC could stack up in the face of such opposition. That hasn't happened so much with this generation - perhaps because both big consoles look and operate like PCs for the most part - but one piece of ammo that the PC gamers have always had, is that their online multiplayer games have always had more players.

While consoles have languished with perhaps 12 players per game, PC gamers have enjoyed 32 on 32 battles for years and years. Now though, we could be about to get a few more per team in the next Battlefield.

While BF4 is already known likely to have 33 on 33 games, with the traditional 32 + a single commander, a rumour has surfaced over at BFCentral, that there will also be another 2 players per team, to bring the total to 35 each.

The idea behind this, is that it will allow for seven squads of five per team, meaning everyone has an even number of team mates and will therefore not be outclassed by more stacked squads.

The couple of extra players shouldn't ruin any map in particular and could perhaps make it a little more frantic.

Apparently DICE has experimented with 128 and 256 player battles, but found they just weren't fun because dying was simply too common. Camping presumably became an even bigger problem.

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Even Battlefield 1942 has 128 players suport, and i think i've seen a 256 players battlefield 2 server, compared to that 70 players is nothing, not to mention that probably will be impossible to mod the game unlike those two titles.


Lolz so many players would complety ruing bf2, since it was already a ******* chaos at strike at karkand , so more players is dumb u don t prove that ur point is helpfull bf3 will support more players and make it still playable.

64vs64.... pffff

Novalogic had Joint Ops, which back in the day was a fantastic game, running 150 man servers. This is 10 years ago. Consoles may have the same architecture as PC's these days but they are still an extremely expensive and very limited device that just needs to go away.

The amount of possible

The amount of possible players is 100% unrelated to how powerful a console is. LOD exists for that very reason. It's all about gameplay and bandwidth, because modern servers are more than powerful enough to handle somewhat more than 150 players.


Battlefield should become an MMO kind of copycatting Planetside 2's system, well before the stupid lattice system. That would be extremely wicked I don't think many can argue that battlefield three on a more open world with such a scale of battle would be awesome. Tanks would then become viable artillery for blanketing a base in artillery fire as the infantry get into position for the assault. Screw two tanks, imagine how awesome it would be sending in a freaking tank column..... Or calling for anti air to form up to prevent the decimation of ground forces. Planetside 2 showed me what an mmo could be after frustratingly trying to figure everything out without a tutorial. Had to play it for 3 days before learning how to move around properly and hang with my squad, but once I did, it was an experience, especially when leading. It would be way cooler to asasult bases and towns with enemy forces than to just run around like chickens with our heads cut off. Yeah Planetside two recently became a game all about the zerg but it wasn't always like that. EA should take a page from post lattice system patch PS2.


"big consoles look and operate like PCs for the most part"? WTF are you talking about? No they don't. Coinkydink: my name's Wannalickamomma & my CAPTCHA is "YOU SNEAKY MOM"! How's that for some shizzle yo'?

They do actually, so much so

They do actually, so much so that the 360 runs a modded version of windows and until some time ago (before sony blocked it) it was possible to run linux on the ps3. Current gen consoles are quite complatible with PCs architecture wise. Unlike the ps2, which was a freak compared to pcs.


not because the console can run Windows or linux, it means it can handle bf3 In ultra graphics, but it would be fun to see the HUGE lag and the look on those consoles fanboys face realizing their console it just an empty shell alwas 5 years behind technologie on day 1

Only Dish

I'v played one of those 64vs64 hacked servers awhile ago. It was a blast, but dying was extremely common cause of the maps were just not big enough to support that kind of carnage. 35vs35 though? **** yea!

You, sir, are mentally

You, sir, are mentally retarded. You apparently can't grasp what it means to have 64 people looking for a target at any given moment from any possible angle in maps that are comparitvely cramped.

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