Bayonetta Designer: PlayStation All-Stars Is An Immoral Rip-off

When asked about the game through Twitter, Devil May Cry and Bayonetta designer Hideki Kamiya didn’t shy away from calling Sony’s upcoming “PlayStation All-Stars” game an immoral rip-off.

At first Kamiya tried to be diplomatic and limit his response to a simple “I don't like that game.” however, when pressed for explanation, he made his opinion clear that “It's just a rip-off... I don't like rip-off.”

Obviously, the designer is referring to Nintendo’s famous Super Smash Bros. series. It is no secret that PlayStation All-Stars is an imitation/adaptation of Super Smash Bros. with PlayStation characters.

One fan tried to defend the game, arguing that Sony is simply "listening to fans" and "following a successful series". But Kamiya didn’t buy any of that. "And throw morals away. Great," he completed the fan’s sentence.

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lol, at all the fanboys geting all emotional when someone points out the fact that Sony is ripping off a game. No need to defend it guys, it is what it is.... "ripoffs" happen all the time and don't think that your precious Sony is somehow above and better than that.

Its also entertains me how all of these Sony haters (or Microsoft fanboys) are so quick to burn to Sony at the stake for something that nearly every developer has done at one point or another.

Ripping a game off is not evil or immoral if the game is quality made, like Forza which is a ripoff of Gran Turismo. It is wrong however when a company rips off a game and they put in no effort and hope to sell their game off the success of the game they ripped off, like every Mario Kart clone ever made.

He should stick his nose in

He should stick his nose in his own business and be at the forums of the games he works on answering users issues instead of making pathetic statements about others games. Devs are all silent in about their own games and never come out on public discussions.


I had to look up the outfoxies to see what it was, admittedly, I had never heard of this title before today. I have to say, that game looked outstanding for it's age! You are correct, Super Smash Brothers looks to have been heavily 'inspired' by the Outfoxies arcade game (check out the youtube videos on it, and see for yourselves!).

And every side-scroller, ever single player RPG with "leveling systems", every MMO that required a long and arduous grind to get some petty item, every FPS ever, every top-down RTS.... all copy the crap out of one another. That's why things fall into a Genre, this just happens to be a very unpopular genre that Smash Brothers got lucky with, the "Party Brawler" genre. It's a pick-up-and-play style game intended for multiple people at once, I'm all for it, but with all the Street-Fighters, Mortal Combats, and Misc. Marval & Capcom games, I'm shocked they didn't jump into the "platform-centric" party brawler style play and instead kept the otherwise very similar combat "on the ground". There really isn't a whole lot separating most FPS games regardless of how far people will go to defend CoD, despite the graphics/models/false-storyline - some people just love their right to say "Bro" too much to just let it go undefended. ;)

Saying that most FPS are

Saying that most FPS are copies of CoD is one of the dumbest things I've heard about gaming in my whole life. The first CoD came out more than 10 years after the first FPS and was uninspired already. Put a bag on your head and log off; YOU ARE BANNED FROM THE INTERNET !!!

most FPS games are a rip-off

most FPS games are a rip-off of Wolfenstein 3D, that's the GODFATHER of all FPS's and Doom is the Father. Everything else is a rip-off of those 2, but with better graphics. Both of which were developed by "id Software".

This is a rip off

What people are failing to realise is when there is no competition for a product the next thing that does occur is a RIP OFF. It is being fully ripped off, the game is taking an idea from a Single game "Smash Bros" and making it their own. It is being ripped off and any one who argues that is simply hiding from the truth. It is a Smash Bros rip off. It was bound to happen, should have happened sooner but because its been years since the very original smash bros on the N64 there has been nothing to rival it. Now its been done and no one likes it? It is a rip off in every way.

COD/BF are two totally different games, COD concentrated more on Single player story missions, BF used to be about Capture the Flag style Bot game. They became more alike with the release of the latest games in recent years. They are different games BF has vehicles and is not just an run and shoot, COD is more just you and your guns. They became different styles, story, setup and became more individual.

This game is a full blown rip off and guess what, you could add the characters and maps from All Stars to Smash bros and there will be no difference. You cant do that to COD/BF because one game is based on a normal FPS in a small map, the other based on more travelling/Vehicles and wiper scope.

The level on airheads in here...

The 4/5 retards in this comment section and people alike, are the reason the games are going downhill with speed! Go buy that new COD and be happy, but the 9/10 rating in IGN and the fact everyone in your class likes it dosent make it a good game. Or make you a gamer, only part of brainless mass who thinks so. Moral values should be taught by parents, or someone close. Common sense you should have in your head, seems thats optional... My new website is, its identical to this site but i added dummys to everywhere it was needed. "it's not really copying if you add something to it." Hurr durr

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