Bioshock Infinite to get Season Pass for DLC

Bioshock Infinite Season Pass

Publisher of the upcoming Bioshock Infinite, 2K Games, has confirmed in an interview that it plans to make available a Season Pass for all of the game's DLC, similar to the way it was handled with Borderlands 2. The pass will go on sale on March 26th (the same day as the game itsellf) and will add around $36 worth of additional content for 1,600 Microsoft points (or about $20). The price will be a little higher on the PlayStation network if the reports are anything to go by.

The Season pass will come with all three of the intended downloadable content packs for Bioshock Infinite, including the Early Bird Special pack, which gives gamers exclusive in-game gear: a machine gun upgrade, pistol damage upgrade, a gold skin for both weapons and five fusion bottles that improve the protagonist's health, defence or vigor.

Does that interest any of you guys? Would you spend that at the same time as buying the game itself?

I've never been a big DLC guy. I'm more likely to buy one at a time if and when I play through a game. I've never bought DLC before finishing the base game anyhow. Why would I? I don't even know if I'm going to like it enough to play it through, let alone play extra content.

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what ever happened to just making expansions?! i hate all this DLC bull **** especially games like COD black ops 2 $60 and then if you want the new maps and small **** that they add its like another $50 for the DLC season pass Valve ******* wins my money with there games.

Not a fan of DLC, but it give it more things to do

I'm not the kind of people who like to play DLCs as well, but yeah i did buy DLC pass for borderlands and i haven't played any of them until i finish the original game ! My opinion that not all games will get a nice DLC unless u just want to keep playing it ! ex: BL2 regardless of it's DLC, the game it self is nice and make u want to keep playing it. With DLCs they got some kind of new weapons and nice complementary story which i find it fun

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