Braid Creator: Xbox One Cloud Claims Are BS Marketing Lies

Jonathan Blow, creator of “Braid” and “The Witness,” dismissed Microsoft’s claims about the processing power of Xbox One Live Cloud as no more than a big marketing lie.

"More cloud processing BS," he Tweeted frankly. Cite>"Someone please call their bluff on this.

"Also, someone please ask if these fabled 300,000 servers are real hardware, or just the total size of Windows Azure (which then implies XBL would only ever get a portion of that)," he added. "To put it more concretely: a journalist could compute the installation and yearly maintenance cost for 300,000 servers, and then ask Microsoft where that VERY LARGE chunk of money is coming from (And how it could possibly make business sense for a game console)."

When asked to elaborate, Blow explained further that "I can spin up 10,000 virtual servers per host. They would just all suck. Saying 300k when they are virtual is a lie. You can't make 300k servers available without kicking all other customers off the service."

Earlier this week Microsoft revealed that Xbox One Live Cloud is able to triple the performance of each connected Xbox One console. The company noted however that developers are still responsible for making sure their games run smoothly without internet connection.

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This cloud computing

This cloud computing "processing" for games does sound a bit like an exaggeration to me. I think when it became clear PS4 had a more powerful GPU Microsoft started this whole thing about servers making up for that shortfall. If you're concerned about you're competitors graphics potential drop the BS and just put in a more powerful GPU. I'd rather see the system cost go towards a nice GPU than Kinect.

Do you even understand how things work?

Are you on crack? If you keep up with the news here on MG you'd know developing the xbox one gpu costed MS $3 billion USD , you don't just throw that kind of cash away and say "oh, lets start the gpu from scratch" or "oh, this thing sucks, lets just use a generic piece already on the market". Also consoles are not PCs, you can't just swap a part and hope it'll be ok. It takes design and planning to modify anything and that adds up in both cost and time.


I'm usually a Microsoft fanboi (I like windows 8) but i'm in team sony when it comes to consoles. Not sure why anyone cares how many servers they claim to have, it's a console not focused on games and should be punished for it.

it is a game console you

it is a game console you retard they just focused on the new stuff it will do in the reveal so they could save all the big games stuff for e3. you people must be really think if you cant see what ms are doing, they are trying to expand there consumer group by adding the tv and Skype and all the other stuff because they have already got the gamers. and as for the other coment a saw saying about the ps4 being more powerfull, it mite be more powerfull but the ps3 was more powerfull then the 360 but yet the game didn't look any better and didn't play any better and the online side of it was shite oh sorry is shite. it will be the same with the ps4 it will be more powerfull but the games wont look or play any better than the xbox one and the live will still be shite.

learn to read

Stop using the same tired only ps3 bs....the only reason a lot of games were not using the full potential of the ps3 is because the cell chip was very hard to program with....ps4 is childsplay for developers...they will be able to use the architecture beautifully....its essentially programming for a pc...but the key is in the architecture of the gpu's.....jesus clueless people out there....yur just angry because your cloud dreams are bull shit.....if microsoft was serious about their claims they would have not reversed their decision on drm and made the system 100 dollars cheaper and kept it online.....oh and by the way good luck with the ps4 having a shitty online service. Now that they will be getting money for it......grow up man

xbox one Tv Box

I agree. I buy these consoles for the games only. I don't care about tv anymore. Non of my current friends online or otherwise care to much about tv. The fact they focused 90% on tv and social pisses me off. My phone and tablet do all the social I care about. This console should have put emphasis on games only. Sony did a better job in this department. I think Microsoft thinks just because it's giant all in one box can do it all that some how it's going to force us to watch more tv on their device. Sorry, your XBOX ONE is ugly, It's huge, it looks like a 1980's VCR and that said, I think I'll go with a ps4 this round. I bet if APPLE designed a console, it would probably half the size and half as thin as the current XBOX. It seems MICROSOFT and NVIDIA still to this day keep making things BIGGER and only until Companies like APPLE do something different will there be change. FUCK XBOX ONE its BIG and UGLY. I wont spend weeks learning all those commands to operate this piece of shit nor will I have that Big Fucking EYEBALL looking @ me 24/7 while I'm nude in my room.

you are a fucking retard mate

you are a fucking retard mate they havnt focused 90% on tv and social stuff cos its already on the 360 they have just made it better and added more stuff. just because they have added more tv and social stuff doesn't mean they have taken away any of the gaming power, they are just trying to expand on who will buy one cos not veryone just wants to play games. 90% of people that watched the reveal have just taken it that ms have made a social console not a gaming console wait till e3 kicks of then you will see that's it is still a games console and all the other stuff is just extra to get more customers. I hope you do get a pile of shite 4 twat you will see what a mistake you have made

They don't care about you or

They don't care about you or your gadgets. They are not adding tv and social features for you. You are a gamer, you care abotu playing games, your needs are the basic stuff any console can do. What they want is to sell the console to non-gamers, they want mom/dad/grandparents to buy one so he/she can have one box to rule them all in the living room.

True story

I stopped paying these naysayers for a few months now and WILL NEVER GO BACK. Get some integrity and intelligent thought. Are you still indoctrinated into thinking your slave owners are there for you? HAHA! How fickle some sheep are.

Tastemakers Unite

Just look at the guys face. Total faggot. 300,000 servers? I can't see how that isn't possible, and please don't bring up virtual servers as your only nay saying trump card instead just eat a bag of dicks.

Discussion 101

"and please don't bring up virtual servers as your only nay saying trump card " - Oh, because it's better to have no trump card at all? Just deny whatever you want without presenting at all like you, right?


marketing is always bit BS, its just very bad marketing to say: "This thinggy can play your games" its much more effective (SUPER EFFECTIVE!) to say: "This thinngy can play your games - Only Limited time - better than That Thing" and in the truth "Thinggy" will never run out from shops and its not a that differend from "That Thing" its only shorter and its missing the extra "gy" that you would actually metafor on marketing is bit clumsy but you get my point ;D


A hater hating, go figure. And it's Microsoft, what idiot thinks they can't afford to put together 300k servers? how's it bullshit? lol. More Megagames Bias, some of these ppl should go work for CNN.

Die in a Fire

Seriously, if you are so fucking stupid that you actually think they aren't talking about the entire Windows Azure footprint / virtual servers, please don't comment. Clearly, you know nothing about large scale hosting. Microsoft is in business to make money. Just like every other company. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. But the idea that they would dedicate 300,000 physical servers to the Xbox One is ridiculous beyond belief. Xbox One sounds fine, but if you think Microsoft isn't going to blow as much smoke up your ass as possible regarding it's specifications, you're foolish. Meanwhile, Windows 8 still sucks.

I agree with this, but also

I agree with this, but also take into consideration MS will be making most of its money from subscribers. That is to say what servers they do not have at the moment, might be covered by all the royalties they make off subscriptions. Though I do find it interesting that they would state virtual servers as opposed to physical ones, another interesting thing to note is that the Xbox One has three operating systems two of which use the hyper v environment.

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