Breaking: Steam is [Was] Down

Update: It seems that the Steam is back online. We still don’t know what caused the outage but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Original Story:
A large number of Steam users are reporting that they receive “No Connection” errors when they try to access its services.

Some players are able to start Steam client in offline mode and play single player games with SteamWorks features disabled, but others were not as lucky as their Steam clients refused to launch at all. At the moment, there is no explanation for the different behavior or for the service disruption itself.

Meanwhile, it seems that the Steam Store is not affected.

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Not everyone

Yea there was an outage, but I still had connection, and I could still redeem serials at the time so it wasn't a 100% outage, plus there were a handful of friends still online at the time too.


You know what a lot of people seem to complain about steam, well get a better computer. Runs amazing, its the best Program for PC Gamers by far. EA and all those other idiots trying to do the same have nothing compared to steam. you know what I am glad it did crash because you know what... IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

And to add, the only reason

And to add, the only reason that Origin has so many users is because its forced on purchasers of certain EA branded games like Battefield and Mass Effect 3. ---------- Buying software using Origin is hugely expensive and IS its biggest failing. If they (EA) priced their games fairly then Origin would be much more popular. As it stands now though, EA is cashing massively, AND at the expense of the developers. ----------- At least Valve gives developers the ability to release a game on a stable platform for a percentage of overall sales with the rest going directly to the developers. ----- basically, Steam is far, far more developer friendly and better than anything like it.


Cause lets face it, Origin is such a huge success: Problems launching games, Friends interface not working correctly, random crashes. And this happens more often than it does on steam. gg.

It's Christmas

Valve should have known to have more servers online to handle all the additional users that would be logging in during Christmas and New Years Day! I had the same problems logging onto the League Of Legends Servers and once in, all the chat rooms were completely full and later it started degrading their service all together... Merry Christmas Everyone
You voted 'no'.

its called offline mode dude,

its called offline mode dude, ive always found it amusing and annoying how people like you just make **** up and think they know how the entire program works without ever using it. on another note, i absolutely HATED buying digital copies of games.. but now im starting to buy digital more than not..

true, but i just make do

true, but i just make do since its rarely ever down.. and saying rare is even pushing it.. also i think every game i own that i bought on steam has their own servers.. so regardless if its up or not i can just go play my game. black ops uses steam and has to have it online and functioning to play multiplayer? i havent played one since Call of Duty 4 so im not sure

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