The Case For Privacy In BF3

Anonymous BF3

Prominent Youtube user, LevelCap, famous for his Battlefield 3 videos, has published an open letter to the developer DICE, with a request for privacy within the game, after his play time became filled with griefing, trolls and fanatical fans.

The problem isn't with the game itself, but with Battlelog, which makes it incredibly easy to track other players within the game. This might seem fine with regards to your friends, but when it comes to public figures - or those made somewhat famous by internet videos - it can result in the ruining of a game experience. So much so, that in this instance LevelCap was forced to stop making some of his videos, simply because he couldn't get enough game footage to make them.

While he's tried a few solutions like deleting friends and fans, creating a new account using only the letters L and I, none of them have worked - partly because there are websites specifically designed to let you know when certain people are online. gives you a heads up when any of the DICE team is playing, as well as hosts of Youtube users and EA staff. Not only does it tell you where they're playing though, it even lets you join the server from the website, launching BF3 and automatically connecting you to their game.

This makes digital stalking incredibly easy and is why LevelCap made such a lengthy plea. Not only does he want some privacy, but he wants to actually be able to play the game he paid for.

His request seems simple: add an option for anonymous login. It shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

Would you guys be interested in such a feature?

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Did someone mention Hitler

Did someone mention Hitler yet? I think Hitler is missing from this discussion, wouldn't you agree? We've only had a grammar Nazi up until now. But according to Godwin's law, this topic needs a comparisson to Hitler. Here it comes: Even Hitler would've walked away from this topic many many inane posts ago. As per Godwin's law: Hitler has been mentioned, therefore the thread has ended. Move along please.

Reap as you sow

What a complete whining little *****, he's being a complete hypocrite making money from youtubing his gameplay footage and begs for privacy. Well Mr. levelcap, the answer is blindingly obvious, disable text messages in-game from showing and put blur filters over the top of screen areas where names are mentioned in post-production with any half decent video editor.


I think you're missing the point, you utterly retarded imbecile. How can you make a video when you're constantly getting teamkilled? Holy ****, you're so stupid they could build a brick wall of retardation.


The only thing EA should consider is prehaps removing the live "currently playing on server...." from anyone outside his battlelog friends list.


why is it that every time bf3 is mentioned a fan boy dispute breaks out ?and anonymous log in is possible if its only implemented in to the social side of the client i agree with the original idea which obviously has been been overshadowed by the fan boy nonsense. if you like bf3 good if you like cod good no one gives a **** about your opinion so keep the fan boy **** out. the question is not about which game is what ,its about privacy on battle-log stick to the subject .


LvLcap is a little B*tch he needs to man up and admit he isnt that great along with his entourage. All this QQ comes from the half way decent players that will go into his game and beast him and his friends. Dont get mad and change your name a bunch of times and what not because decent people join your games and go beast mode on you.

lol this is hillarious. he's

lol this is hillarious. he's basicly asking for the virtual right of fredom from press. he's sick of the papparatzi and wants to get rid of them. unfortunatly for him I say he can go **** himself straight to hell. its his own fault and his own problem wrought by his own attempts to seek fame and has NOTHING what so ever to do with dice

come at me *****. also think

come at me *****. also think just a little. how is this even remotely a good thing? oh hey I can hide my name.. now its close to ******* impossible for admits to hick me when I have a hack that punkbuster doesn't detect! yeah that sounds ******* smart you **** twits. annomity just doesn't happen. you don't get it in the real world, enjoy trying to get it on the internet. your basicly asking dice and ea to fix a problem the whole internet has hence why its not really their problem. and frankly I could give to ***** less about some shitwad who feels hurt because he tried to become the next ******* kardashian of the internet and now has people constantly ******** about him. he didn't want annomity in the first place ero he can **** himself and learn to deal with his mistakes like a normal human being. again come at me. try and kill me... or better yet grow the **** up, learn to argue and post something constructive


You need quite a few lessons in how computer systems work. Hiding the guys name wouldn't affect an admins job in the slightest. And what the guy wants isn't anonimity, he just doesn't want people to be able to track him and follow him from server to server which isnt a problem of the internet. Its a problem that arises from the tracking tools EA and DICE created and made publically available. basically your post is 100% wrong and based on ignorance rather than knowledge. Kindly keep it to yourself as ignorance is the one thing we don't need any more of on the internet.


Origin is what keeps me back from buying bf3 or any other game that needs origin installed, Sometimes I miss not being able to join my friends on bf3 but I know I made the right choice buy not buying, hopefully this email teaches EA a lesson about privacy.

Don't worry your not missing

Don't worry your not missing anything, BF3 sucks, BF2 was way better and still is. BF3 is a comsole game and nothing esle. I was very disapointed by it. I sold my PS3 copy back to amazon and wish I could do the same for the PC copy.

You kiddies need to learn to

You kiddies need to learn to spell first. It's obvious your all obliviousness of whats going on. Origin is just like steam, if you got trouble running it or hate it then I am sorry for you. Although BF2 was a great game and still is, BF3 is good enough, although i miss the commander role from the game, BF3 stands on its own and is a great game. I always laugh when people knock it down, no worries your P.O.S PC and stupid lag in game will not be missed, now just slit your throat and be done with it because your stupidity will not be tolerated on the internet.

"It's obvious your all

"It's obvious your all obliviousness of whats going on" - Thats wrong, while people can make sense of that sentence you need to learn proper grammar before attacking someones spelling. You could either go with "It's obvious YOU'RE all OBLIVIOUS..." or "YOUR OBLIVIOUSNESS is obvious...". The you say origin is like steam, that's partly true. Steam doesn't make you agree to having all your computer usage data collected just to install it, if you don't care about giving up your freedom then thats your choice but not all of us are so sheep-like that we'll give it up just to play a watered down version of a good game. Then you proceed to insult other peoples PC's and connections which makes you look very silly since only idiots assume things about people they don't know at all. Afterwards you tell people to die, how mature. Finally you tell us that our stupidity will not be tolerated on the internet, because we're all very afraid of your childlike behavious and insults that we'll stop posting altogether. TL;DR - silly kid

There were several

There were several grammatical errors in your reply. That makes you a hypocrite (based on your first sentence, and how you want to rid the internet of stupidity). This makes your argument void. Sorry.


"It's obvious your all obliviousness of whats going on." Should have been, you're all oblivious to what's going on. If you want to play grammar police, I can play as well. That's 3 in 1 sentence. Also, this is not the other anon that pointed out you had errors.

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