CD Projekt: Difference Between Xbox One And PS4 Witcher 3 Is PR BS

The Xbox One version of The Witcher 3 might end up running at lower resolution than its PlayStation 4 counterpart, but CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski is confident that the difference has no meaning beyond use in Sony's PR bullshit.

"We are still working on squeezing the juice out of the consoles and Microsoft are supporting us in this respect," he explained. "The final effect, whether it's 720p, 1080p - we had the debate in the studio about it and actually asked our tech guys to explain how it works, and they sent me some complicated graphs that 'if I have this size of the screen, and I sit one meter or two meters from it, then I might be able to see the difference'."

"It's more of a PR differentiation," he asserted, "which is very important for Sony right now - and they are using it, obviously - than something that is really meaningful to gamers."

While Iwinski believes that the difference is minimal, the studio isn't holding back on performance optimizations. "We're definitely working to max out each of the platforms in terms of what we can get, because that's a crucial element of The Witcher," he assured. "Will there be big differences? Really I don't think so. It's too early to say. If there will be, they will be tiny. It will be more like people talking 'hey, I have this and you have that and this is better'."

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I agree pcs are way better

I agree pcs are way better than consoles the games are cheaper the graphics are better and you can loads of other stuff on a pc you cant do on a console but that doesn't make console owners peasants does it. A top end gaming rig will set you back a shit load more than a console and as for your comment that pc work out cheaper what a load of shit. Not everyone know how to build a pc so they go down the console route i myself have both pc and console and love both equally. As for oc gamers being better that bollock you just have more money to waste

burn xbox one fans

1080p is 1920x1080 (1,920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high) 720p is 1280x720 (720 pixels wide by 1280 pixels high) 1080p has 2.25 times as many pixels on the screen than 720p.

As the guy in the article

As the guy in the article said, he received a chart detailing difference observer by distance. Since our eyes don't have infinite resolution the farther we stand from a TV, the less a game's resolution matters. It's all about numbers, but your comment is lacking some of them.

long term memory

I see the difference between 900 and 1080 and I'm sure MANY people do as well. Some games make it more obvious, it depends of the color palette and many things but more importantly; I can change it to whatever I want on my PC to increase the frame-rate or to to increase the AA to my taste, while on primitive-monthly-service-console, you're stuck with what they feed you with. Some elitist prick are calling console gamers peasants, well guess what? my brand new 3d card cost less than a so said next-gen console while being more powerful and I can keep the hundreds of games I already have on Steam and elsewhere instead of having to re-buy overpriced games/controllers all over again. A console with 2 controllers, ten games (just 10!!) plus 5 year subscription cost at least 1400$ plus tax. Adding all these factors together while watching them arguing which of their three limited consoles are the best leads me to believe that consoles are now for dumb people (or those that are willing to spend much more for less in return). They believe pc gaming is more expensive but they don't foresee the long term expenses, they only see the price of the bare console. I'm the fcking smart peasant and proud to be, I pay way less and got more entertainment in return.

The cost of Gaming

Because of Steam I've saved so much money on my software purchases that it's completely nullified the higher hardware cost of the PC. Anyone who thinks the PC is 'too expensive' compared to consoles is either too stupid to do the math or doesn't play enough games to save, but the bottom line is the more you play games the easier it is to see the PC is actually CHEAPER than consoles.

they are peasants

because they are less. Why do you even feel the need the justify how awesome we are? We don't need to justify ourselves. We are stronger. We can sit back comfortably, stroke our huge dicks, and watch the console peasants mill about and pathetically remonstrate their noob ways.


Companies continuously telling me that I don't know shit about my hobby is beginning to tire me out. I can almost always tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, the more vibrant the color palette the game uses the easier it is to tell. Bottom line is this, companies, stop telling ME what I do or don't know, see or understand. It isn't your place to tell ME what I want, I tell you what I want and then you make it OR you get no money from me. End of conversation. I also find it hilarious that for a company trying to captivate people with its graphics, they come out and say graphics don't really matter, since resolution is a big part of graphics. Finer resolutions means finer AND smoother details, I don't know about other people but the jagged edges on objects and textures in games is really starting to bother me when I play games. I really feel like this generation of gaming was supposed to eliminate that problem. Thank god we have the PC and Steam Machines for true next gen gaming, while Xbox is still trying to convince people graphics don't matter and Sony is touting how much better looking than Xbox it is, PC gamers will be enjoying 4k gaming YEARS before the next gen of consoles come around, since don't forget these ' next gen' consoles which just came out don't support 4k gaming, and they're not even sure they'll support 4k movies. We could see a serious upset in the gaming industry soon, in a year or so things could really flip.

Maybe your not taking into

Maybe your not taking into account the type of people that make up our society's. I think your the minority, and the company's are focusing more on the majority. Dumb fuckin people make dumb fuckin gamer's.

Uh huh...

Because AMD and Nvidia, Intel and AMD, SoundCard types... RAM, even hard drives (SSD vs HDD) don't get bickered over by PC fans. For fucks sake, I have heard PC guys yell at each other ABOUT THEIR CASES.

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