The Witcher III REDUX v1.3.1 Full

The Witcher III REDUX v1.3.1 Full

What started as a damage rebalance mod became a personalized gameplay redux version of the game. The aim was for a slightly more realistic damage model, so that Geralt can inflict damage comparable to a human enemy of similar level. Other combat tweaks include a freeform targeting mode, combat-based stamina, ability enhancements, and an unlockable special attack. Combat, however, is not the only focus of the mod. World timescale is configurable for variable lengths of days and nights. Time passage in cutscenes and fast traveling has also been modified to be more cohesive and consistent. Previously weightless items have weight, and you can no longer carry stuff beyond the inventory limit. But there are no more level requirements. In addition, there is now a survival element in terms of food, drink, and rest. All of the gameplay related changes can be individually enabled or disabled from the mod menu options.


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