CD Projekt Is Using Law Firm To Extort Witcher 2 P2P Downloaders

CD Projekt has generally maintained a stance against DRM systems but - if TorrentFreak is to be believed - this might be only a front to lure in pirates.

CD Projekt's latest game, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, was released originally with a nasty DRM system before the company released a patch that removed that protection, explaining that it was only meant to prevent pre-release leaks.

Further asserting their customer friendly stance, CD Projekt's CEO Marcin Iwinski explained that some DRM solutions might be "hard to crack, but you start messing with the operation system, the game runs much slower and - for a group of legal gamers - it will not run at all. None of these solutions really work, so why not abandon it altogether?"

Marcin Iwinski estimated that around 4.5 million copies of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings were downloaded illegally through BitTorrent alone. For reference, more than one million copies of the game were sold legally.

So far, the company's official stance on piracy and DRM is reasonable, if not commendable. Problem is, according to TorrentFreak, CD Projekt has commissioned a law firm and a torrent monitoring company to track down and identify the game's downloaders then send them hefty cash settlement proposals.

"The price CD Projekt is asking through their lawyers is slightly higher than what gamers have to pay in stores, to say the least," TorrentFreak reported. "Over the past several months thousands of alleged BitTorrent users in Germany were asked to cough up 911,80 euros ($1230) to pay off their apparent debt to the company."

CD Projekt hasn't responded to TorrentFreak's accusations yet.

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Low blow CD Projekt

I haven't even played this game(nor will I ever cause they showed true colors on this article) but the stance CDP is taking is a low blow. There is so many legal issues they have to go through to prove this and 90 percent of these cases will be dismissed. You just proved your a crying, money hungry company. Over 1 grand for a 50 dollar game, fuck that!

There are so many other ways to counter piracy and not be whinning little some research CDP. As stated above, take examples from valve/blizzard.

PS. I heard this game sucks ass anyway and heard skyrim is leagues better

I have pirated many games in

I have pirated many games in the past. I do also buy games, maybe it's the high standard of quality I expect. Usually I will either wait for a title to come out after a day or two read the reception depending on that I may purchase the game.

Then there are certain titles that I will buy regardless such as the Elder scrolls, GTA, Tekken, Warcraft, Gran Turismo, Starcraft and the X series. I also always buy game from indie developers. I have even went as far as purchasing new consoles to play specific titles.

I have NO qualms about pirating a game from companies that develop sub standard games. I am very put off by companies treating every single legitimate user as a potential pirate. If I run into problems at any point because of DRM/Security issue, I will no longer purchase titles from the developer and will only pirate from then on.

In terms of business models, developers need to stop whining and ask themselves how many of those pirates actually represent a lost sale. How many of these pirates actually fulfill the requirements of demand? When something is free off course your aggregate demand will go up and as you increase price demand will drop off. HURR DURR ECONOMICS!


alright I'll come right out and say it i've downloaded games on usenet and torrent and that is not to say i don't mind buying a game when it's good for instance

i downloaded Bioshock played it for about 3 hours and then went down to best buy and bought now when i came home i uninstalled my illegal copy and started installing my legal copy.... three times it installed and then uninstalled it's self because of the DRM and how their servers were being i call the number as i had paid for it and they told me that in order to install the game i just paid money for i would have to go into safe mode with networking then i had a simple question for the tech i told him that i did infact buy the game after i had downloaded and tried it out and what was the problem with just reinstalling my cracked copy and just playing the game he told me that those cracked game could have virus's and could harm my computer.......well when i buy a game i should be able to install it without having to go into safe mode with networking so i put the game back in the box and on my shelf and haven't touched it i reinstalled the cracked copy and was able to play the entire game and i never have to worry about their stupid DRM again and if someone came to my house i could show them that i did buy the game but i refuse to be bound by their DRM that makes the game broken and unplayable

with you also

Similar experience. Didnt even install torrents nor anything, just naively went for legit games from UBI as assassins creed 2, weeks later it tells me MY CD key is in use - what the f, i just paid for it and it played fine! So whatever, was tired of being kicked for internet interruptions anyway, applied a crack to be able to finish it. - win
Oh well, then being Heroes of might and magic fan, i see they have their game in development since past 3+ years if not more. I'm thinking most certainly they will not fuck up with homm6 like they did with homm5. Screenshots look so damn nice and videos are cool also. Unbelievable I couldnt run the stupid game after install because UBI drm conflicted with HAWK demo i installed! What is that about. Had to uninstall hawk, Homm6 and reinstall after hours of forum crawling. Run the game, there are no settings for Anti-alias, the mouse is FLICKERING like there's no tomorrow and game is broken pretty much from every aspect. I had to rewrite the .exe with some other i found on forum to get rid of the stupid flicker and i had to use the trainer to be able to finish a level because for some idiotic reason enemy boss creatures were growing 200+ per week, that is insane! So finished 3 levels, started another campaign and it gets frozen! game is literally unplayable....Its been like 4 months!! Where the fuck is the patch? Their forums are full of whine and moan and even the patch that is supposedly coming only addresses half the issues. A number of EA games bought on other hand were lousy lousy console ports that i suspected will run fine on PC. tough chance, get latest GFX card or suffer lag with most features turned off despite having modern HW that plays so many other good titles maxed.

They have no CREDIBILITY what so ever! they rush things out for quick buck and then bitch and moan why people pirate. Maybe its because you're asking them 50usd for a game that is 5hours of play and 3 hours of pain to get working, poorly optimized and rushed.

anything to do with EA or UBI - always a fucking problem. Valve or Blizzard - always pleased to buy.

I em with you on this one

Yup DRM suck and good games dont need it.

For example my bellowed GTA4 and all her datadisk ( yeh I like that game)

I download it via torrents play it for several hours and then jump in my car and went to nearest JRC ( our country best game store company )and buy it.

Same with all Fallots, Elder scrolls series and looot more
hey I even em gold JRC member an have club card ( nothing special about it, just prows that I em game freak )

But for example Crisis 2 or new Battlefield, dam I em glad i dont buy that crap because it is just hipped crap by MIO

so like some pirates groups writing in nfo files :)


P.S. This yer I must buy Skyrim and new Saints bout of this game are EPIC .......................

love and peace

game companys

these dumb ass game company's are blind they spend huge money making these games because they think they will make huge money back, simple. the problem is they make shity short games.


Actually you have tru in this. BUT not i all cases
Some game are ... like "Dam how long I WANT END to I can unistal that shit"

Bot some other games like by MIO recently Portal 2, DeusEx 3 and Moder Warfare 3. I play them to the End in one try on one attempt ( usually start in Friday evening :)

And especial in this named 3 cases i was in complete Wooow and awe state truth whole play and when I was done I have that biter sweat feeling.

End of Portal 2 ... was beyond description it was pure ART

DeusEx 3 is awesome in aspects ... hell even architecture in this on is totally badass wicked cool

CoD:MW3 Ultimate spectacular nonstop action, dam, Yvan was such a cool dude, I was so dam happy when in end that bitch Makarow died

Yea But

But if you buy a crappy car.microwave or a washer and dryer at least you can take them back for your money back you cant do that with a game if it's a crappy or really a broken game your just stuck with it . And I could also resell my car, microwave, washer and dryer with the eula that your forced to accept your basically renting it. When I spend 60 bucks or so on a game I want it to be mine! Would you go buy a house then just before you enter it, on the door there was a EULA saying the house you just bought was really not yours and before you could enter you have to accept this agreement even though you already bought it to me this is underhanded

ok i

if people want ilegal downloaders to be treated like criminals that steal fine im for this but noi way on this earth would a fine 1200 dollars be charged for shop lifting a game

@ Anonymous on Sun, 12/11/2011 - 18:41

You you mental? There isn't a difference. I can't steal a car for a 2 day test drive and have that be excused by the law. I can't steal a microwave for a test run. I can steal a washer and dryer for a couple days while I think about buying it.

Theft is theft, period. Don't try to make yourself out to be a victim if you're illegally downloading crap and get caught.


ur a complete and utter moron and u missed the point entirely. if he could buy a game and take it back after it was crap he would, but his point was you CANT. even if you buy a car u have 30 days cooling off if u dont like it. if u buy a washer or a microwave and they arent up to scratch u can take it back. you want real comparisons to a game like HoMM6? You dont expect to pay money for a new car that u take home and have to spend a day re-building. You dont expect to buy a washing machine and take it home only for it to say sorry you need to wait 3 days while they send someone over to fix their shit. if companies like EA and Ubishit want people to stop pirating their games so badly, how bout actually spend time to make their games good. give the customer a reason to go out and spend their hard earned dollars on their product. not slop out a bunch of crap and expect people to accept it.


Numbers speak for themselves 1 vs 4.5million. Im used to getting screwed over by UBI and EA by paying shitloads and being left with something unfinished and slow...Same time it is truly a shame to see PC devs in particular taking such a beating. If you have a chance, know the game is good and have the money - buy it ffs!

How many of "those"

How many of "those" 4.5millions people have play the game more then 1 hour ? or actually play the game ?

anyway, its bad that you cannot be refund for game or resell it.
many game i purchase I didnt even finish it since its very bad. The last one, was BF3.

Not a bad plan by them, but I

Not a bad plan by them, but I hope they take into account the massive difference between people that downloaded it for a day or two to try it and make a decision between purchasing or not purchasing, and the people that downloaded it and played the whole game.

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