Children Who Play Sports Videogames Are More Physically Active

A new research published by ESSEC, one of France's leading business schools, shows that playing sports video games can increase participation in real sports, especially among young men and boys.

According to the study, 38 per cent of boys under the age of 21 who play sports games on active video game consoles practice their favorite virtual sport in real life and 75 per cent of video gamers participate in some kind of real sport. The more they play active video sports games, the more likely adolescents are to practice sports. The findings come out of a case study analyzed by students in ESSEC's International Sports Marketing Chair.

"Video games are frequently demonized," said Thierry Lardinoit, Head of the International Sports Marketing Chair, and Head of the Marketing Department at Essec. "We now know that these fears are unfounded. While it is difficult to fight against the consumption of video games, which has become more and more widespread among youth, we can use this consumption to further the realistic goal of encouraging physical activity among adolescents."

"There is a strong correlation between playing video games and participating in real sports. Watching television is a threat to physical activity. Video games are not, however," he said.

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well no shit the only kids

well no shit the only kids who play sports video games played the real thing BEFORE they got the game. they're just retard jocks who want more ways to play the game hence why they pay $50 a year for name changes

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