CloneCD is a powerful CD-Copy program. It writes in Raw mode, which allows it to have total control on the data written. Therefore, CloneCD will produce real 1:1 copies of your CDs. No other program we are aware of is able to do this. Because of its special operation, CloneCD requires a CD-Writer which is capable of writing in this mode. Unfortunately only a few CD-Writers support this. Further, CloneCD requires a CD-Reader which supports some specific commands. With the correct equipment, CloneCD is able to make working copies of *every* CD, regardless if it is copy protected or not. CloneCD is released as shareware. You may and should try it out. The shareware version allows you to write up to 5 CDs.

This is a completely reworked CloneCD. It is better, faster and more reliable than any previous version! Follow the "new features" link to find out what's new.

[[New Features]]

Version 6 July 2001
New features:

Added Korean Language
Updated Greek Language
Updated Finnish Language
Bug fixes:

Fixed error "Can't get Disc Information" with certain Host Adapters (e.g. FireWire/IEE1394 on Windows 2000)

Version 30 June 2001
New features:

Added full support for PLEXTOR PX-W2410A
Added full support for RICOH 9200A
Added full support for SONY CRX-1611E
Added full support for CREATIVE CDR-W 1610E
Added full support for CyQ've CQ1232
Improved buffer management, to avoid the "not enough memory" message.
Optimized default buffer sizes.
Improved thread management. This will reduce CPU usage to avoid buffer underruns.
Improved file I/O. If the image file is placed on a fixed disk, "unbuffered I/O" will be used. This results in less CPU usage and avoids, that the Windows file buffers get filled up.
"Subchannel Repair" improved.
Multi Monitor support: The "splash screen" will now be centered on one monitor.
Slovenian language added.
Chinese (traditional) language updated.
Chinese (simplified) language updated.
Polish language updated.
English language updated.
German language updated.
New Update tool allows you to update to the most recent CloneCD version without reinstalling.
Bug fixes:

Fixed error ILLEGAL REQUEST: LOGICAL BLOCK ADDRESS OUT OF RANGE with some writers (e.g., YAMAHA 4416, YAMAHA 6416) in SAO-RAW mode.
If Lead-In or Lead-Out were Data Tracks, they were not correctly scrambled according to ISO/IEC 10149 in DAO-RAW mode.

Version 10 June 2001
This is a completely reworked CloneCD. It is better, faster and more reliable than any previous version!

New features:

Major redesign of all functions.
"Copy on the Fly" added, including copy of Subchannel Data, ISRC numbers, Catalog Numbers, CD+G, CD+Midi, PreGaps and Indices *WITHOUT* the need of time consuming "Subchannel Scans" before the start (requires DAO-RAW capable writer).
Own Memory Allocation, which prevents Windows to "swap out" buffers. This works with Windows 9X/ME and Windows NT/2000!
Error skipping with several CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs (e.g., TOSHIBA) up to 3 times faster!
CloneCD can be launched several times. If you start CloneCD several times, you can write the same image file on different recorders at the same time!
Added optional creation of "Cue-Sheets". "Cue-Sheets" can be used to process images created with CloneCD with many other CD-Writing applications, e.g. Nero.
Added option to abort on read errors.
Added option to load and save copy profiles.
Some options which only confused people have been removed.
Improved SAO-RAW mode. SAO-RAW mode can now copy MultiSession, CD-Extra, ISRC Numbers, Catalog Numbers, Gaps and Indices.
Added "SAO" (without RAW) mode, so the "rest of the MMC CD-Writers" is now supported as well (SONY CRX-100, HP8100, Toshiba SDR-1002, just to name a few)
Redesigned File I/O.
All I/O operations are now timed to prevent, that CloneCD "hangs" forever.
Redesigned UI. Easier to use.
All functions can be controlled by the keyboard.
UI improved for blind or visually impaired people.
Added "Wait for Disc Insertion" Sound.
Demo Version now writes at full speed and saves all settings.
Demo Version is restricted to 21 days of trial time.
Locale Editor allows you to create your own localized CloneCD version.
Language can be switched "on the fly".
Added "ccddriver.dll". If support for new CD-Writers is added in a future version, only this small file needs to be updated.
Many more CD-Recorders are supported, e.g. ACER CD-RW 1208 including CD-Text / CD+G writing and Seamless Link, AOPEN CRW1232-A/Pro including Just Link, NEC NR-7700A including Burn Proof, RICOH 7125 including Just Link, YAMAHA 2200 including BurnProof, SANYO BP1500 and SANYO BP5 including 24x writing and Burn Proof, just to name a few.
Compatibility fixes and improvements:

Hardware requirements updated.
Bug fixes:

Fixed page locking bug in ElbyCDIO driver for Windows 9x/ME.
Fixed bug in Setup program, which caused the ElbyCDIO driver not always to be updated correctly.
Many minor bugs fixed.

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Yeah its me again. Does anyone need Serials for this yet? I'm more then happy to provide. (gave out like 20 when came out). Also note, that this version is a Beta. So if it doesn't work go back to the latest stable build, which was I believe


ByteSoft10BA5511CF113EDC956A9AD9E1F886BBBA59F1B3F7FB2FCE4AA4BAE3311073BEB10FE6937 71A23E6E44A04CA5F4BDA1E7E8919505A19B4C006DCBE23D1001BBFbytes1095322F516C4E7D4CD31C344FA17636AD10A05437178F050C 0AB0B17A6623B EB10F0865774523E6E44A04CA5F4BDA2B7E890A7904FBB4C0E3391E2CD1011BBFbytes is leet10B6B3634ABF8FF781749A81692BE78650D9DCE4662764DE6621D C4041D2A8BEB10FD63D776823E6E44A04CA5F4BDA367E897AB3F17AB4BF5A44DA8BD1001BBFswamp donkey1019A36FB1675CEDC5FA5EDF62E0191424C49B3285FC991666 535AE49E8837BEB10FBFC677D423E6E44A04CA5F4BDA577E895D6315DCB4C0DF2FDD2DD1001BBFbush pig10354662AF489E4C936448F0329915EA3AB63B129CDF5B2C63C703 4E67 7CB1BEB10F39A677F223E6E44A04CA5F4BDA607E895D6315DCB4C0645E918DD1001BBFName requests are welcome =].Later


Anyone know how to copy theme park inc. i cant get it working are there any patches or cracks to let me run the game from a backup?Any other sites with cracks and stuff let me know please....

CloneCD serial:Username: TrackerSerial: 10EECA57E125D84062CD6D40F7DD5CAACCE1FDEB92130ECCA6C757 9C7AE492BEB00F2B64953B23E6E44A04CA5F4B519B7E90BE5C73EBB4C04C787C51D1001BBFIt has been tested on 3 seperate computers, and workswith, I am un sure about other version compatibility.


Please keep in mind that this is a BETA of CloneCD, the last Full Release was those who question if this will work on their PC or not, goto the Main Website (of the creator) and check for yourself. (a link should be in the Download Tab up above here)New Serial=User: KGdagrandeSerial: 10120FD640F27A636EEA2A3949E426A3CFC6F70527AB05D404C710B3117239BEB10FF7BF5F 0C23E6E44A04CA5F4BF79F7EABC23A0D43B4C0F347C91BD1001BBF


That KeyGen is flawed, it provides you with Serials that work for sure, but with every new release of CloneCD those Generated Keys become black-listed (don't work), afterwhich you then have to access the Registery, delete the CloneCD parts, uninstall the program, re-install, get a NEW batch of serial/user. Its too much hassle.Me and my team work hard to provide with working Keys, a process that the creators of the program use.


To: OrtegaI don't use mainly because its BETA (my team are the ones who crack the serialz). But all you do to make a backup of a CD is put the CD you plan to burn in one CD-Drive, and a CD-R in your Writer, click COPY-CD (that one from the 2nd right) and it should come up with a box, most of the settings should be Auto but I advise you click FAST ERROR SKIP as that will then over-ride any SafeDisc v1 encoding (and sometimes SafeDisc v2). Then just let it ride until its done and you hear the trumpets.If you don't have 2 Drives (CD-Drive and CD-Writer) then just tell me and I'll walk you through doing it on your CD-Writer alone.(Also, there are a handful of CD-Writers that are incompatible with CloneCD, so if you can't even get the program to write AT ALL then you'll have to wait for the next version.


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