Dark Souls 2 PC getting better graphics options

As I talked about in a recent editorial, PC gamers often get left out in the cold when it comes to ports of their favourite console titles. One of the worst offenders of recent memory, was Dark Souls, which until you modded the crap out of it, looked awful on PCs, with 720p textures, horrible character models and a sub-par experience to the vastly inferior consoles it was made for.

But not so with Dark Souls 2 it seems, as a screenshot has been released of all the effects we can expect to be able to tweak in the PC version of the game, including everything from textures, shadows, antialiasing (though it can only be toggled on or off), SSAO, water surface quality and the ability to turn on "high-quality character rendering."

Have a look at the gallery images above for a full run down of the options.

This news is a relief, since like Watch Dogs, the initial reveal of Dark Souls 2 ended up looking far better than the actual game has done on the last-gen systems.

Dark Souls 2 has already launched for consoles, but we won't be seeing the PC version until April 25th.

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This is a must buy for the

This is a must buy for the action/adventure/rpg type although I'll wait to see it in a huge sale like with most games I buy. I haven't even finished the first one anyway.. too much games, so little time.

I've already lost hope in

I've already lost hope in console developers long ago. I only buy PC exclusives these days. They seriously expect us to pay for taking a huge dump right into our hands. Then again you are what you eat and a lot of gamers are pieces of ****, go figure.

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