Diablo 3 Console Version Confirmed

Although Blizzard has admitted in September 2011 that is was toying with the idea of a console version of Diablo 3, it never confirmed or denied that such a version will be released.

The first concrete confirmation of Diablo 3's console version came today from the game's community manager "bashiok" who answered a fan who contacted him through twitter, asking "can you confirm or deny Diablo 3 coming to consoles?"

Bashiok's answer was a direct "Yup. Josh Mosqueira is lead designer for the Diablo console project."

Mosqueira was lead designer on games like Company of Heroes and Homeworld 2 at Relic. He also worked on the unreleased Far Cry 3 before joining Blizzard last May as a lead game designer.

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Just took a look at. List of

Just took a look at. List of pc exclusive games for 2012... lol
Enjoy becoming even more exiled pc gamers! Only rts and mmo's exclusive this year. So spend countless hours playing them please, so while you are distracted with it us console gamers can steal your girlfriends too now that we have all the good games....mwahahaha

Crappy Console Games

There are plenty of excellent exclusive PC games. Diablo can be consoled because its boaring point and click game. There is no Red Orchestra, Killing Floor, Tribes, Rise of Flight, IL-2, Rowan's Battle of Britian,
Hearts of Iron, World at War, StarCraft, etc..... Consoles are dumbed down FPS, go ahead and have them, they have gone as far as they can go. I play for strategy games, ones that take brains to play, not just two thumbs and one up my butt. My Dx 8 games still look better than most 360 games, and play better.

i'm happy that there will be a console version but..............

I don't want to see yet another developer claim to developing for PC and then switching it to console only to port it back to the PC later. ---------------- I would like to, for once, pick up a game and not feel as though i should be playing it on a console because the control system works better. --------------- I'm holding out my hopes that i will not be disappointed.

I just don't get it

People complain about the PC to Console porting. Blizzard puts out quality products. No thing ever gets released without bugs but Diablo, Starcraft, to Warcraft RTS to WoW and Starcraft 2, I've never really been dissapointed. I don't play any Blizz games now but I just might be willing to pick up Diablo 3 for PS3. I'm sure it will look great on a big shiny LCD. If I remember my Diablo 2 correctly, it didn't require a whole lot of buttons. I can't imagine that Diablo 3 is going to require an entire qwerty of buttons so I don't see the big deal.

I for one....

I for one have no objections with a console version, especially if PC and console players can meet and play together. In all my years of gaming I've played many console ports on pc and the only thing I keep seeing wrong is the dumbing down of graphics for pc and as for the controls I kinda got used to them.

Consoles got keyboard and mouse support these days (although not every game supports them). Got friends who just wanna come home from work and load up their console game without going through much "hassle".

As a pc gamer all I ask is 2 things from game devs:

First: if you're gonna make a game with sequels then make them all on the same platform till the end. Halo anyone? Not a big fan of the series but 1 and 2 come on pc and then starts phasing off towards xbox only. Another example would be gears of war. Yay GoW 1 released on pc, only to break the eggs with the last 2 on xbox only.

And Second thing: As a pc gamer I expect superior graphics quality. May sound dumb of me but: devs try to bring out the best details as far as a console can give and pc gamers get a lousy port. I expect more than just a port (crysis 2 dx11 patch was a nice move)

Final words: Good move from blizzard but I won't be buying D3 at all due to the always online feature in singleplayer. When I buy a game with my hard earned money and I want to feel the game is mine and not rented. I said rented because I need to have internet when I play singleplayer, I can't carry my savegames wherever I want because MY SAVEGAME is stored on SOMEONE ELSE'S computer and for me blizzard's security excuse is just BS, the clown who said that needs to ask himself: how better secured is my singleplayer data if my computer ISN'T even connected to internet? The end.

Going console is like pulling

Going console is like pulling out 90% of the buttons on a PC keyboard and replacing the complexity of a game like X-Beyond the Frontier and it's sequels with dumbed-down gameplay so the simpletons that play consoles can also buy the product. It was because of a stupid console system we got Deus Ex Invisible War.

Great Move!

More people are playing games BECASUE of consoles. Console are ready to play out of the box and there are no performance issues or drivers/better graphics card needed..I love my pc but i can tell you this...if the xbox 720, wiiU and ps4 have games that are graphically the same as a pc in HD 1080p Native res with some 8xAA or more then I will play my games on a console and NOT a pc..pcs are great but there exepensive and they always need more ram or a better graphics card and that alone holds casual gamers or current non gamers away from games...not all of us have $2000 for a good pc..the more games are promoted the better for its future as another main stream entertainment....who wants to go back to the old days where it was just people with money or pcs that could play games???? this is a great move from a bog company..if your a pc gamer and you dont like it then go play a pc. Games should be for everyone casuals and pros...not just a pc gamer..

I agree that more people are

I agree that more people are playing games thanks to consoles but unfortunately what we're getting on the PC side due to consoles are reduced game play, simpler (dumbed down) games and graphically inferior visuals. Games that are basically designed for consoles and not PC's. You may or not agree, that's up to you.

I disagree with you that PC's are expensive, one can build a decent performance gaming PC for less then 1000$ (about 700-800€). Of course you have to look at what you buy and there will always be give n take in what you get. I've seen 16GB of RAM these days for less then 100$ (about 70 - 80€). Of course if you want to go Ultra High end then be my guest, although it's a waste of money as far as I'm concerned.

The main issue that we (or I at least) have with consoles is that the technology that is used in consoles is 5ish years old. 5 years in the computer, gaming and technology area is a long time, so much has happened in that time frame. DX10, DX10.1 (flops yes but important) and DX11. Faster improved graphics cards and processors. If consoles received a hardware update after 5 years of use then I personally feel like there would be better games available and the PC side wouldn't suffer as much as it is now. As it stands consoles are still on the DX9 equivalent of graphics and that can only go for so long.

No one really needs to upgrade their computer for 2-5 years (if they have bought the right components at first), this is both good and bad. I didn't for 3 years, but I had to upgrade my graphics card from an excellent 4850 to a new 6850 as the old one died. Other then that my quad core Q6600 and 4GB RAM have done superbly and there's no need to update them for at least another year, at least until Piledriver / Ivy Bridge come out.

Lastly, price. Console games are getting more and more expensive (while PC games are not as expensive), yes there's a second hand market. Look at what's happening on the PC side with all the Activate Online games, soon that's coming to the consoles. That will really change a lot of minds and maybe alienate some gamers from there (as I believe it has done for the PC). New console games are 60-70€ while PC it's 30-55€ depending on which game of course. So all that extra cash that you are spending on console games are be saved up for new components for your PC. If you buy 10 new console games a year at 60€, while 10 new PC games at 55€, you save 50€, over 3-4 years that's 150-200€. It's all speculation of course, but you see the savings.

Look, don't leave the PC gaming behind just because you or one believes that consoles will somehow surpass PC's, they never will. Or that they are cheaper overall (when game buying comes into play). Still use the PC, times change and things will be different. Just don't say that consoles are the way to go (that is what I perceived from you post). Sidenote: dam that was long


another great franchise bites the console bullet. This game should PC only. To many great game get ruined when they try to make for both the console and PC. I loved playing Battlefield 2, was so excited aout Battlefield 3. Got it and all it is is a console port to PC. The gameplay sucks. Thats just one example, the list goes on and on. Know Diablo III will be added to it.

it might fail

You know some games just don't work for consoles, like this one, or strategy games. PC had some great games that would never work for a console, i.e. age of wonders.
What happens when online support for consoles stops. They did the same thing for Diablo 1 witch was also for ps1.

I doubt it

I used to think like that too, even though RTS games are still bad in consoles I've tried one recently and was impressed by how much better the controls were (comparing to c&c for ps1), also this is diablo, hack and slash rpgs were never troublesome games to play on consoles to begin with. As for online support, you're comparing apples and oranges. Online support in the 90's/early 2000's was worlds apart from what we have today. Bandwidth costs are much lower, theres much more of it available and companies have had time to build proper infra-structure to deal with everything.

I understand but I was just

I understand but I was just trying to say that some games just don't feel like strategy, something felt different, but I got to give it to controls they are creative. And in my opinion this is one game that should remain on pc, most mmo's cant pull off a console version well. But its blizzard after all they got most of them by the balls with wow.

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