Diablo III Gem Trading Possible With Patch 1.0.3b

Diablo III Patch

With the latest Diablo III 1.0.3b patch, players can now trade several new items in the real-money auction house. While Gold will be tradable soon, for now players will be able to exchange:

    Crafting materials
    Blacksmithing plans and designs
    Training pages

Of course it wouldn't be a patch without the fixing of a few bugs. The most specific one is perhaps that the bid and buyout buttons will be greyed out in the auction house, if you don't have enough gold. More general ones include fixing a problem with leaving and rejoining heavily populated chat channels, fixing a few issues with tooltips and squashing a bug that was causing a crash during certain situations in the tutorial.

Diablo III was recently hailed as one of the reasons PC gaming is seeing a big resurgence. According to the latest statistics, while console game sales dropped almost 30 percent in the past year, PC game sales jumped over 230 percent.

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I agree with Bertis, I also hit inferno and level 60 and replayability is not there. Its boring as hell and yes you need to just farm the same area a bunch of times to get 10+ mill gold just to get a decent item. Even with 300+ magic find you will not get a decent legendary or set item until you've done about 100+ runs.

I'd still rather play D2, D3 sucks donkey ****. Why is there no ladder system in D3? or how come Blizzard keeps saying "Oh we dont release anything until its polished." yet there is no PVP system like promised and there is bugs like crazy with no chat and unbalanced as ****?


I'm about 200 hours in. Great game up until Inferno then the replayability died pretty quick. Now it costs me 15mil to upgrade an item. Overall it's got nothing on D2 and I hope they can revive it over the next few years because I don't feel like playing it anymore.

It ****** me off when news artlcles on a site that I've been going to for more than 10 years are so blatantly biased and exaggerated while trying to report some D3 news at the same time. It's ******* as ****.

I guess that makes me a total D3 fanboy.

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