Dice: It Is Scary To Let Battlefield 3 Players Do Whatever They Want

Battlefield 3 GM Karl Magnus Troedsson admitted that he and Dice have heard the game's community requests for mod support "loud and clear," but they still decided against it.

"It's a huge investment for us to do something like that, and also a bit complicated, and to some degree there's also [a concern] security-wise," he tried to justify the decision. "It's a bit scary to take an investment like Battlefield 3 and just let people dig into that engine and do whatever they want. We're dedicated to try and really limit the amount of hacks and exploits that come out there, but as soon as you let something like that out, people have all the tools in the world that they need to sit there and try to create cheats that actually would destroy the experience for a lot of other people."

"I'm not blaming mod tools for hacks and exploits in any way," he added. "But there's a lot of things we need to consider."

Still, Magnus didn't rule out the possibility of adding mod support to the game sometime in the future.

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Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 09/24/2011 - 12:33.

I take it your not of English speaking origins based on how you've written your post. ------ Regardless of whether or not they give SDK's as a means for us to create and play mods has got f*ck all to do with protecting buyers of the games from cheaters. What it is meant to do is restrict the modders from creating free content and instead allow for revenue generating content made in-house. ------ It's most likely that EA came up with that idea as the Battlefield brand is growing. The downside of it all is that the games longevity is severely reduced. ------ As for them making money, yeah, fine, go ahead and make money but don't take the piss out of us. I mean, why bite the hand that feeds?
I would say that the reasons for the games companies behaving this way is that there are idiots, and i make that comment with complete and utter sincerity, who will buy the games that these companies produce no matter how fucked over it makes you feel and they will tell you to like it.
The best of it, most will. It wouldn't matter if you had to agree to sign over your life as forfeit to play it. I bet there are some of you out there that would. ------ It's about time that the games industry bucked up it's ideas but that will only happen once all of us band together and refuse to buy their games until they make them how they should be made. Give us the ability to mod. Gives us the ability to have our own private servers. Try as they might, no amount of DRM or company controlled server system will make a damned bit of difference against modders, hackers and cheats. You only have to look at games like MW2 to see that.


Just gimme client side servers and im happy because i hate the fact that modern games remove that feature and force us to play when we are allowed to play. And in a few years they remove the server and my game is useless. NO THANK YOU. Thats the reason i stoped buying games like this. I mean just look at the stupid 360 no way i would pay to play online because there is no need for server to be hosted by MS and if people want to play tournaments fine let them pay the fee let me play with my friends for free FUNGAMES = FREE SERIOUS/TOURNAMENTGAMES = FEE.


oh yeah and it doesnt matter. the game will be modded anyway and cheaters always appear no matter if they try to reduce them or not.

Good decision

The most worst thing that can happen to me is to try to play a game and there are others cheating to win. God damnit if i could see the one who gives headshoots to everybody and its laughting in its chair by the time i got an headshoot... to you all that complain on this of money and etc.. fuck you, if they dont make money they will not develop games. and on the other thing, why do you whant to go play a game if its full of cheaters ? whats the fun on that ? and whats the fun to kill everybody with no work ? a nice cheat- press enter and a nuke explodes in midle of scenario. There is 1 actual good player on the server and 11 cheaters, the 11 are all trying to see what is the fastest guy to press enter when a round starts ..put your selfs in the good player position who whants to move in battlefield and apply strategy to kill the enemy and is killed always in the 1st second


what made 1942, and vietnam SO popular the ability to use mods i love and still play the ww2 mod for battlefield vietnam and who could forget desert conflict man that was incredible. you dont find that in games anymore sure some people will use it to take advantage ones with tiny penises who cant actually play and need to cheat but its ok they will b weeded out and dealt with accordingly just like before.

just lol

so no sdk, means no cheats and hackers? Someone better tell them at dice then that cheats for bf3 are already out and were available in the alpha test on a site i wont mention here. Punkbuster as an anti cheat software is a joke and so easily bypassed. i dont condone cheating or hacks btw

If you accept rubbish then what do you expect when you get it

You know, I had great respect for DICE and what they've done over the years. ------ It was nice to see a company out there doing the things they do because they love making games. ------ Now though, even though most software houses don't say it directly, you get the slightest whiff of discontent in their statements. ------ I guess it's like football (soccer for you guy's in the US) When players first get into professional football they all talk about how much they love it but after a few years or so 1 or 2 of them will come out and say that the money involved brings in a lot of pressure for the players to perform and the clubs owners and managers are always demanding more and more from them until they find themselves beginning to dislike what they and the game has become. ------ It looks like the gaming market has become the same but like good little lambs being led to their slaughter, people will still buy the game and then complain because it isn't everything they wanted it to be. ------ Here's an idea. Why not try something new and don't buy the game? ------ Stop buying the game that you know will make you complain and don't buy games from publishing companies like EA, Activision Etc. until they start making games that we all expect. ------ My biggest bugbear at the moment is getting games that are made purely for consoles and then getting some half-arsed port on the PC which is bugged to such an extent that the software houses/publishers give up and ignore you outright. MW2 anyone? ------ You see, TRUE gamers are the ones who can see the issues. And TRUE gamers are the ones who boycott game releases until the companies involved make the games we have grown to expect. ------ I've played games most of my life and i've seen the changes in gaming go from strength to strength. Now, the gaming market is declining rapidly and most of you can't see it. ------ True changes are made through our actions. If you continue to buy sub-standard rubbish then what complaint do you have when the publishers/software houses decide that all you'll get it is rubbish?


This is very true. Stop buying things you do not agree with. Don't like DLC like map packs? Don't buy them. Don't like $60 games? Don't buy them. When they sales drop, they will go back to the way it was to make money again. That's the only way to persuade companies like EA.

Glad to hear

Im very glad to hear this from EA/Dice that they wont allow something that could allow for hacks. as BF2 has far to many cheat/hackers that play. and iv ran in to alot of em on my time playing BF2.

1up for Dice/EA

@megagames, whats with the Captcha thing, its the oddest iv seen yet.

Thats what valve did with

Thats what valve did with source, its what crytek did with cryengine and so many other companies did with their moddable engines out there. If they can do it, why can't DICE? Cause tehy belong to EA and we all know EA is the devil and for them greed > all.


So by not letting people use a SDK kit it prevents hackers from making hacks for the game and yet BFBC2 which doesn't offer a SDK has hackers or at least cheaters run free on the game. Hmmm

Origin, $60, no mods HA!

Yeah... fuck Origin, it's pile of shit. Also I'm tired of these companies charging $60, I'm not buying and $60 dollar games. The ONLY reason for not supporting mods, other than having to program it of course, is that it would hinder their ability to sell map packs and shit like that. Fuck all these greedy companies out for just your money. Developers are supposed to enjoy making the games and enjoy seeing others enjoy the games, money is just extra.


Ohnoes the people who made the game have decided to not let me access the engine they've spent years developing so I can do what I want! I don't want to spend money on a game that deserves the price because of it's quality! Get over it. Don't want it? Don't get it. Quit crying about it like a child.

You don't understand the industry

The game industry make games FOR US. They make money when WE BUY THE GAME. We don't buy games when they are bad or when they do things we don't like. They have to change it so that we will buy it. For single player games, they pretty much have free reign, but for multiplayer games, they sell more through word of mouth and social networking from those who are enjoying it. As they are supposed to be people who also enjoy games, they are supposed to be making games they enjoy as well, but with companies like EA and Activision, they make complete shit, because they are only thinking about themselves. In this case, map packs.


Tosser. Go troll somewhere else will ya. There is truth in many things the parent post mentiones and just some kinderguarden bullyng mentality from an inbred that is u


Tosser? Haha I love terrible british insults. Aren't you trolling me in telling me to troll somewhere else? Your inability to produce a sentence like an intellectual tells me I shouldn't be too concerned with the views of such an individual as yourself. Also, just to educate you, there is no truth in the complaints of people who can't appreciate a game for what it is, instead of getting their way and having the game designed to their liking. Thanks for the laugh, though!

i dunno

im sry i just cant get over how ridiculous this post is! I love that "Aren't you trolling me in telling me to troll somewhere else" like a fucking 12 year old questioning the universe. Also love the decent grammar and trying to act smart or amused. Oh man u really do bring a smile to my face, tnx!

Greetings from russia!

You know what I want to do

You know what I want to do with BF3? Buy and play it through Steam, origin can kiss my arse, EA can get fu(#ed and my money can stay in my wallet, doesn't mean I won't get the chance to play it, just that I won't be signing up to some sh!tty steam clone that I don't need or want.

They same reason for not allowing mods, not allowing self-hosted servers and for trying to force origin on PC players - greed!

Need it like a hole in the head

No I won't, my pirate version will be playable offline, maybe I wasn't clear about that - I WILL try the game, but I won't buy it unless it's playable through steam and I won't sign up to origin so EA can spam me with "special offers" and any other bullsh!t they can think of to try and grab more $$$ from me.


I agree. Modding is awesome and once you're done with the game and it's getting old , mods are the way to go. BUT it only takes a few asshole hackers to create cheats and ruin it for us REAL gamers. pity.

i alpha tested Bf3... :O :O :O :O :O i jizzed in my pants. can't wait


I certainly hope you ment to write; "multiplayer" before cheats!
That's where cheats\hacks are a problem!

I EFFFING hate B:BC2 for not lettting me use cheats\hacks\mods in single-player
Make two separate .EXE for single & multiplayer already!

Then they can protect the multiplayer.exe with all they have, i support the protection of multiplayer(In MOH multiplayer i never join without punkbuster).

Using the same protocols for single- as in multi-player is just silly!
As said earlier in another post somewhere:
Singleplayer is training for multiplayer, so i for one will want to cheat in singleplayer, and join on servers with punkbuster in multiplayer!

I would also like to endorse this game, as it seems to be a great upgrade from MOH, i almost have a heart-attack when playing MOH multiplayer, so maybe i should get a paramdic standing by when playing BF3 multiplayer, just incase?

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