DirectX 11.2 Announced

Without much fanfare, Microsoft announced DirectX 11.2.

One of the most prominent features of the new API is DirectX Tiled Resources which allows graphics cards to use system RAM to improve texture detail.

Just like it did with DirectX 10 and DirectX 11, Microsoft decided to keep DirectX 11.2 exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One.

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Yet again another unfair move from microsoft ! givin their past history I think they have even gotten worse since they have started their fight with japs ! you know japs always want to make everything their own like PS 1 and 2 and 3 and 3000 !!! go figure !

I think

I think there is a slightly missconception in the description of "tiled resources". In a presentation of nearly 1 hour that I watched, the guy who presented these new features described "tiled resources" as "tiled textures", or megatexture, or virtual texture, or AMD's partially resident textures. All of which are meant to solve the problem of not being able to use ultra high res textures because they won't fit in the gpu's buffer. It's not exactly what the "use system ram" description seems to be (i.e. sum up gpu and system ram in one virtual, extra large, buffer of many many gigabytes).

keep going..

Yeah, keep going, M$. Soon Accessible Linux Distros will catch up with Directx 9-10 emulation and then you'll be totally screwed. Most people will have no reason to buy your crap anymore.

It's not just semantics the

It's not just semantics the difference between Wine (not WINE, there was a big discussion about that at some point) and an emulator is huge and obviously deeper than you can fathom. Sure, eventually it will run dx9 flawlessly or maybe Cedega will beat it to the gold, but would that make windows obsolete? I hardly think so the majority of computer users worldwide can't seem to live without their MSWURD POWERPNT EXCL and whatnot and if the worst happens you can be sure MS will lock those to windows only and pass it off as "they take advantage of the newest directx 12 features and won't run on dx9 Wine".

Soon after MS has to go back

Soon after MS has to go back on their decision to force people to be always online on the xb1 they try to force people to upgrade to win8. Thi sis how MS does business it has been so for decades and since its ruling body is so ancient it's hard to change. I'll stick to win7 until they remove that stupid tablet menu from win8.

Windows 8 really isn't all

Windows 8 really isn't all that bad, especially compared to 7. Though, that said, arguing one version of Windows is better than another is like arguing it's better to drown in a pool of camel urine than horse urine.


whay are they trying so hard whit DX wen open gl 4.2 and open cl are way superior in coding and you are not hardware locked no need for a new gpu to support it

It's an image thing.

Microsoft is just trying to let loose gimics to rebrand their image. It shouldn't make a difference at all on the Xbox NSA but they are trying to make the system look more appealing, they have to after that attempt to skull F gamers with DRM and always online mode.

"use system RAM to improve

"use system RAM to improve texture detail" Isn't that what AGP cards did 15+ years ago? remember history. remember similar BS about half-life-2 not running ugly on anything less than dx9 vs dx8. or crysis looking noticably any different on dx10 vs dx9.

and the list continues...

I'm utterly gobsmacked tbh. i would like to put forward a formal petition for the bosses at Microsoft to be locked in a room until they either eat each other, or agree to reverse this frankly ludicrous development decision. wtf are they doing? do they hate PC gamers that much? imo (and it'll never happen) if you insist on releasing a completely unnecessary update to an OS, you do it for free... expecting us to pay for ANOTHER license just to keep on the bleeding edge of gaming is very very poor form :(


F#$% Microsoft i want my refund then on all of my microsoft windows 7 cuz u sold me a half a operating system. Why is it Exclusive for WIN8.1?


You need a laundry list of refunds then not just with 7 and 8 but every Windows down after DOS, DX was and has always been exclusive to every iteration of their proverbial OS its how they force people to get a newer release.


So does this mean that AMD will drop DX11.1 support? Nah, they'll probably wait tell DX12 for that just like they did with DX10. Lol, AMD really dropped the ball on that one and are still receiving a lot of hate from the legacy crowd.

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So I have come to the conclusion that this little condition of yours is doing you no good. Well, lucky for you - I have just the cure for that, and here is how we are going to fix it:

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Rage? authority?

I'm as cool as a cucumber, brah. Authority to decide everything about others? As in accusing me of having a huge ego. Take time to see the irony in your own statements please...

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