E3 Xbox One Demoes Ran On Windows 7 PC With NVidia GPU

According to at least two different sources, the Xbox One games Microsoft showcased during E3 2013 were not running on an actual console or even on a development kit. Instead, it seems that those games were running on a Windows 7 PC equipped with a NVidia graphics card.

The news was confirmed by US Gamer’s Julian Rignall who twitted that he has “just played an Xbox One game using an Xbox One controller that crashed... to a Windows 7, Hewlet Packard-branded desktop. Magic!”

Additionally, a NeoGAF forum member managed to snap a photo of a PC equipped with NVidia GTX 700 graphics card hidden inside one of the Xbox One demo kiosks. For your convenience, the photo is available in the gallery.

It is worth noting that Xbox One is powered by AMD CPU and GPU and that its operating system is based on Windows 8 core.

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this is awesome

this is great for the pc user that means you can mod the console and make the games run on the PC so that means no more console exclusives and that bullshit. way make 500 dollar hardware when you can sell your Xbox or Sony software to the mass and install on eny PC don't have to bee 1000 dollar PC it can be lo end 300 dollar if that comes to reality the pc hardware will drop in price .and if you have 8 cores in a CPU that does not correspond to how fast will be look at amd processors that have 8 cores and still they are slower 20 % then the i7 CPU architecture matters

Who cares?

Well who cares? They know the'll be swimming in the money again real soon. Just like all those whining COD players, they all gone buy "the new thing" :)

Deja vu i think. ----- I

Deja vu i think. ----- I seem to remember the 360 having to have its issues sorted out just to get running prior to E3 and then those of us who purchased 360's ended up with the E74/RROD issues with some, like myself, having multiple replacements. --------- Never again.


Companies do this all the time. It's probably because there are still kinks in their system (like all systems when they are released). They probably picked windows 7 because it was the most stable to use. The whole point of E3 for MS was to show off games coming to the system when it's released. When it really comes down to it, it seems everyone is nit-picking. Before a console is released, I would let this one go. If they do this next year, then I think it is more understanding to be upset. Grammar and spelling nazi's need not comment.


Exactly Lets be honest what really do these next gens offer over the previous consoles - more graphical detail and larger gaming environment size. If the graphics on these playable 'xbox ones' at e3 are not a true representation of what the console is capable of thats deceiving people. If I was selling someone a car and let them testdrive a car which looked identical to the sale car but had 500hp more and better handling. When the guy buys the car wouldnt he be upset to find the car he has actually bought is **** compared to what he thought he was buying!

I wish i worked for microsoft.

lmfao. I wish I worked at microsoft. It would pay better then my current job! IMPO you're nit-picking. This year E3 was a showcase. Not a test drive. Even PS4 was using dev-kits, not the real thing. Why are you not mad about that? Dev-kits can change rapidly and might not represent the final box. Anyways, who cares what they used. The PS4 did an overall better job showcasing their product. Would using real XB1's have changed your mind about your opinion of M$ and XB1? Probably not. It seems you're mad about nothing. Which my original post was trying to *portray. Captcha: You're Welcome ;)


"They probably picked windows 7 because it was the most stable to use." I guess Microsoft itself doesn't have much confidence in Windows 8 either.

the xbox one and the ps4 run

the xbox one and the ps4 run on x86-64 bit processors and use standard ram and GPU's of course it will run on windows its not like the last generation of consoles that used cell processors if you wanted to play a console game on your computer you would have to emulate the hardware but now that next gen consoles run on hardware you could essentially build yourself in a mid range gaming PC it makes sense that it runs on windows!

Neither console uses a

Neither console uses a standard GPU. It's the advantage they have over PCs. Also Only the PS3 used cell processors, the 360 and wii used more standard CPUs. Then there is the fact that despite having mid to low end specs the consoles will outperform any PC of similar and better specs. There is the whole matter of software to look at and how consoles are homogeneous platforms, unlike the PC which is as heterogeneous as it can be. Hardware optimizations, direct access to hardware, more freedom for devs when using APIs, those things should not be looked down upon and the PC doesn't provide them. All in all IMO it will be the same as ever, consoles will launch with impressive quality games and the PC will catch up and surpass them in a bit.

actually the xbox 360 used a

actually the xbox 360 used a triple core processor called the xenon the ps4 used a cell processor and the GPU's in the ps4 and xbox one are slightly modified ATI 7000 series GPU's. they are no where close to being as powerful as say a gtx 680 or 690 as a matter of fact paired with some decent ram and a decent i5 or i7 processor the ps4 and the xbox one would not even come close to producing the graphics that a computer with the mentioned hardware can! "an 8-core Jaguar might manage about half the performance of a current-gen Core i7. The GPU comparison is easier: The Radeon 7790 is a $150 card." thats a quote comparing the 8 core jaguar CPU to an i7 the GPU is based off of an ATI 7790 video card that is modified for the consoles. the xbox one and ps4 are no where near close to top end PC graphics and never will be. also Direct X is the middle man that lets PC's utilize hardware and is pretty good at what it does. Current PC hardware is already beyond what the xbox one and ps4 can do google it

All correct however how much

All correct however how much do these superior pcs cost? Or how about if we compare these new gen consoles to the 'average' pc out there being used for games? I think EA's comments about average pcs not being up to the job of dealing with their new sports engine are valid. Not that im a EA fan!

Oh Microsoft You Silly Little Armadillo

oh so cool games..AH..we saw what you did there *pointing at microsoft*, so you show us all these fancy *cinematics* from *xbox one* games that are actually coming from just from regular PC..so is there anything that isnt complete or almost big pile of bulldroppings?, i mean xbox one is like confused schizophrenic ferret, it wants to be game console but its more like high tech PC or something similar, it can do allsorts of fun things that my *TV CAN DO ALLREADY* i would love to continue this rant all day about the online things etc but im trying to keep this as short as i can, oh well *continues with sarcastic tone* atleast we have 360 when ISP is having maintenance


Who really cares what system the games were running on... It makes sence they use windows 7 because the xb1 was probably developed on that platform and would probably have the best stability.

I really dont think you understand the ramifications of this

Its not just about the fact that xbox is supposed to be running Windows 8 core. The reality is they have not shown one realtime game at e3 in the press arena thats running on an actual xbox development kit. Claims on other sites are suggesting some Xbox development kits were in fact there but not on show to the average press - Whys that? Im fully aware of how these game shows work however ITS ONLY 5 months until its supposed to be in the shops being sold and STILL not one real xbox game was running in realtime on the show floor. Why would they feel the need to do this? Why wasnt the code running on develeopment kits like all the PS4 games were? Why use 7 core intels and high end Nvidias to bulldoze through the code. This stinks, why were they not using AMD chipsets? Why use a graphics card which is twice as fast as the PS4's GPU, when we all know the xbox GPU is even slower still. No wonder the press were impressed with the detail and frame rates lol. Microsoft are lying through their back teeth, I think Sony has ****** them this generation before a single console has even been sold and they know it. I cant wait to see ported games on the different consoles, theres going to be one hell of a difference in graphics this time around.

uh yeah your way off dude

uh i7 processors are not 7 core processors they are quad core processors and their top of the line i7 is a six core processor they dont and never will have 7 cores. the newest 4th gen i7 processors will have 8 cores to be release in late 2014. after reading your article i dont think you know "how these games shows work" dont get all **** hurt but many companies run demo games on development computers because the software has not been cleaned up or finished and would not run properly on an Xbox One. they are not doing anything different than what other companies have done since the beginning of E3. also Xbox one and the PS4 are pretty much equal the frame rates that each achieve will be pretty much the same on all games the GDDR5 memory wont give the PS4 that much of a boost also with the cloud computing support both consoles could look much much better than what you see at E3 anyways.

Can we stay on topic?

Calm down, he was a little off on the i7 cores fine, but is main point is valid: what was shown was an unrealistic representation, running on hardware that is not even remotely reflective of what X1 will run on. I think it would probably have been better for Microsoft if it was running on AMD APU's with a 7790, then at least they could say the PCs they were using was a reasonable representation of the box.

Whereas your comment regards

Whereas your comment regards gpus with 30% less compute units offering similar frame rates and thinking cloud will improve performance demonstrates you don't know what your talking about either. 5 months to launch doesn't instill confidence in xbox.

yeah lol your ******* dumb

yeah lol your ******* dumb have you ever heard of cloud grid GPU acceleration from nvidia google it. its nvidia's first try at it but other companies have been doing similar setups for a few years and im sure microsoft has a similar cloud setup using GPU acceleration as well as CPU acceleration so suck it. the xbox one has 12 the ps4 has 18 i presume thats where your getting your 30% where talking minimal frame rate improvement at 1080P the xbox will be running at at between 30 FPS and 60 FPS where as the ps4 will run games at about 20 to 30 FPS more on average of 60 FPS and up. if you think that the GPU cloud acceration cant make up for those 20 to 30 FPS and beyond your retarded! yes the ps4 can support cloud acceleration to but does sony have servers set up like microsoft already to provide this? no they dont at least they have not mentioned it yet.

Are you completely retarded?

You really should read more than the first couple of lines of product description. Nvidia Cloud Grid VCA is NOT for realtime applications. It's meant to replace server farms that process still images and render 3d animations to files. There is no such thing as cloud acceleration of real time graphics just yet. Broadband is fine but it's still a regular connection, we've increased how much data we can send at a time but not how fast it is sent. Fanboys like you really know how to sound stupid...

lol, your the ******* ******

lol, your the ******* ****** and obviously a M$ fanboy to think for one second that this will be of benefit to xbox one gamers worldwide. You actually believe the average joe has a broadband speed capable of 20fps to 30fps in true hd per console in the house? What happens when theres high demand in their house as all watching netflix, you tube etc or when M$ servers tied up or the net is down, Will the xbox game slow down to a crawl speed or start reducing the level of detail rendered lol. M$ have said its up to the developer to deal when no internet connection lol, how many are going to **** about with the code to only receive lots of tech headaches from users. Its a loose loose for the developer. Cloud has its place but for the moment with latency and typical demands in an average persons internet household, Cloud is not for replacing a lack of GPU performance. Maybe in America but not in UK or most of Europe. Parts of far east have very fast broadband in places but dont give a **** about Xbox anyhow. So for now its a ******* worthless dream for many and when eventual rollout to areas increases typical households broadband speeds whos to say Sony wont have the servers to deal too for the PS4. Thats assuming rollout of fast internet happens in these new gen console lifetimes.

Actually xbox one is

Actually xbox one is supposedly developed on Windows 8 Core. However I doubt they even have a working system. They are doing all kinds of underhanded things. Hell at the conferance they announced that they had a deep partnership with EA....the company that monopolizes publishers and even tried to Blackmail rockstar games saying if Rockstar didn't sell to them then EA would alert Rockstars shareholders. Rockstar promptly released the email.

Oh dear

For ***** sake, Micro$oft are absolutely useless since Gates left. 5 months to launch and they stil not running the demos on dev units. Having to resort to pcs well above the shitbox ones spec to make the graphics look good rather than show how crap the console really is. These pcs are nothing like the shitbox, in fact total oposites. The 'xbox' rigs hidden behind the cupboards were Intel cores, Nvidia graphics & windows 7 Whereas Shitbox is AMD and windows 8 lol. Shame on you Mirco$oft!!! Still least two things positive came from this. Sony is well more forward in development and also PC's may just get those shitbox exclusives when someone makes a hacked front end for the games discs :-)


Yea, Because everything america does is sooooo much better than anything from japan, ******* retarded monkey. and if the NSA is reading this, you can suck it too. HAHA captcha: virtue of necessity


Gamers don't have to know how to build ****. They are gamers because they love games, derp. If you want to work with tech support and be a failure then building PCs should be a point of pride for you.

Oh it's the DERP guy again!!

Oh it's the DERP guy again!! Welcome back! So you can't build your own pc still and call peoples who are capable.. derp? If you assume that someone (in 2013!!) capable of doing such a simple technical task being absolutely a "tech support" and a "failure", then this shows undoubtedly how a true Derp you really are. Well was nice seeing you around again and keep using this word so we can notice your little presence.


Actually I started tinkering with computer parts and assembly when I was about 7. Building a PC is not a feat as it seems to be for you, It's an extremely simple task which even a monkey could do, you just have to put parts into the slots where they fit in, there is little chance of making mistakes. It requires the brain capacity of a 2 years old learning to put wooden squares into square holes and circles into circular holes. What I assume is that someone capable of doing such simple tasks will be a failure if completing said tasks is a point of pride for the person as it obviously is for you. You can talk to me again when you've become adept at diferential/integral calculus, graphs, turing machines and other relevant computer related theories. Until then, enjoy being a derp and try to make sure you don't remain a derp for the rest of your life (if you can).

(OP Here, no idea who this

(OP Here, no idea who this douche bag is. Totally agree being a gamer doesn't equate to technical knowledge about computing, but this guy sounds just as bad. High school level mathematics and science doesn't make you any more adept a computer user/builder/programmer than playing a lot of Borderlands.)

oh boy

I don't think even the too big to fail argument is going to work this time, sorry M$ i am out. M$ reply: Time to suck todays ****!

Oh man...

Microsoft...just give up, seriously. pack it in and call it quits. when you try to fix a **** up with a bigger **** up, that when you know you need to get out of the computer seen.


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