EA Stops Paying For Gun Licenses But Keeps Using Them

EA has decided to distance itself from the gun industry by refraining from paying license fees for using branded weapons in its games. But that doesn’t mean that it’ll stop using said guns in its upcoming titles.

EA has previously paid gun manufacturers such as McMillan Group International for the license to use their guns in games including Medal of Honor: Warfighter. But from now on, the company has decided to continue using those guns without paying any fees.

"We're telling a story and we have a point of view," EA president Frank Gibeau told Reuters. "A book doesn't pay for saying the word 'Colt,' for example."

EA is defending its decision legally by asserting its constitutional free speech right. This defense still needs to be tested in court as no gun manufacturer has ever taken a game developer to court for using branded weapons without license.

An aircraft maker has already filed a lawsuit against EA for depicting its helicopters in Battlefield series without permission. The lawsuit will go to trial in June.

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When two national "institutes" go to war...

You can see why the weapons and vehicle manufacturers will be wanting to maintain the current status quo, it's a sort of free advertisement, and of course a very easy source of revenue at this current time, regular intervals. The games companies will be saving a massive amount of money on the cost of developing games in the future.

Proof in pudding

Well for someone to sue for financial compensation you have to prove you lost money or were negatively effected by the other partys action. Good luck, if anything its free advertising and promotion having in game versions of the products in question, ie a helicopter. Last time i checked i dont know how many 9yr olds are looking for the next military helicopter purchase.

"for someone to sue for

"for someone to sue for financial compensation you have to prove you lost money or were negatively effected by the other partys action" the MPAA is working proof that this is not the case.

Ironic from my point of view

So EA are creating digital replicas of trademarked intellectual property and are refusing to pay for said properties use, sounds hauntingly familiar. But hey they are just using it in their games and being digital it's not like the gun companies are losing money. They weren't going to pay for it anyway, so no-one loses... wait, I've heard that somewhere before, maybe I should ask EA if they object to me distributing digital copies of their intellectual property for fun and profit.

It's remarkable to see the

It's remarkable to see the level of intelligence in here.. They literally steal their products to advertise their own games for fck sake. Yes they could see this as free advertisement but they don't have to. No, it's not like saying the word Colt in a book.. it's playing virtually with the said gun in a war context, thankfully they are not accurate and feels like crap unlike those in the ARMA series which is, the only thing on the market that really try to simulate ballistic warfare. If you want a Ferrari in your game you have to pay a license to Ferrari, simple as that. Unless of course, that you go for a non-lucrative game, but I doubt EA will start giving things away. You charge people, you pay licenses.

EA should win anyways

EA should win anyways , what about all the other companies that are using guns & vehicles in their games are the gun & vehicle makers going to take them to court as well ? , this whole case is hilarious and a massive waste of time and money , so what if they use them in the games, what would be the point of the game , next minute all the other stupid things will start taking games to court such as furniture companies (use your imagination) , can you see how stupid its going to get.

Nailed it!

Ya nailed it there meh, & so should the car companies & all the other greedy corporations. Even if they don't see it as free advertising, no one has any right to tell anyone else what they can & can't say, write, draw or produce. Licensing is stupid, all of it. EA, hate 'em or really hate 'em, is totally right on this & good on 'em for what they're doing. They're probably doing it out of greed, but the principle still exists whether they give a **** about it or not. I don't why it took them so long to tell 'em to **** off. Now tell Ford, GM, Ferrari, Bugatti, Dodge etc. the same thing! "jump the gun" CAPTCHA.

Haha EA. I like how game

Haha EA. I like how game companys are getting dummer. So what they are saying is i can rip off there games use them in my own stuff what ever that may be and in EAs eyes that is ok. Dumb *** idiots is all i can say. I say lets take EA up on it and start ripping there crap off. Oh i forgot its EA and they dont have anything worth ripping off.

Do what you like.

It goes both ways. Share what you want, say what you want. Maybe if EA stopped paying ridiculous licensing fees they'd make some better games, like Rockstar. EA isn't the dumb dumb here, ya dumb dumb.

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