EA on why pools are too difficult to put in stock Sims 4

Sometimes it feels as if EA isn't a game publisher afterall, but an experiment by a 1984 government to see how far it can push its citizens before they revolt. Clearly EA has a management that just doesn't think like a gamer, no matter how much I or you might wish it.

Despite that, it does try to come up with legitimate reasons for its foibles, like with the recent uproar over the non-inclusion of pools in the upcoming Sims 4 game. According to EA producer, Graham Nardone, it's just too difficult.

"It’s easy to look at something and think, ‘That looks pretty simple.’ When you think about a feature like pools upfront, it looks like a square box on the ground and you put a shader on the top surface and have Sims jump in,” said Graham Nardone.

”But ultimately, it’s more complexity in terms of what tech’s there and what isn’t there, what we have to build to support this. How do we cut down into the terrain, how do we get Sims going through portals across different levels of pools? There’s so much that’s going on in the background that you don’t end up seeing just to have a Sim go swimming.”

What he didn't explain however, was why it's too difficult. It's because the engine being used for Sims was initially designed for SimCity and is therefore entirely unsuited to things like terraforming, which is why Sims 4 doesn't come with any hill modulation at all. Every single plot in the game is entirely flat and just like SimCity, Sims 4 is far smaller than previous games, with only 25 plots in total. In previous titles there's been upwards of 125.

Did we mention that you can only build on two floors too? Kotaku pointed us to a list of all the missing features in Sims 4 and its enormous.

Clearly EA has tried to cut costs on the latest Sims game and it really, really shows. Let's see how the publisher reacts when modders put in everything that;'s currently missing without charging DLC prices.

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Who cares?

Like seriously realio? WHO THE **** FLIES A **** ABOUT SOMETHING SO DUMB? Who plays the ****? Is it even "playing"? Every other game in existence does water just fine. Go play a real game.


Well, I'm still waiting for them to fix Simcity 5. Do you think they will fix Simcity 5 after they fix Sims 4 that will be broken from start ?


Sims is a huge franchise. EA will feel the backlash. They would be better off cutting there losses and build a new engine and game.


So they want to sell a new product with more limited features than the last? What makes me sad is plenty of morons will buy it and make it a huge success. I promise that pools will just be DLC, like every other f**king feature they're not including. It's not too difficult, it's too unprofitable for their liking, that's ALL. This is all bullsh!t, technology is going FURTHER, not backwards. Computers and Consoles are more powerful and capable than EVER. So EA decides to claim they have to do LESS? Do consumers even pay attention to this **** anymore or do they just mindlessly buy whatever they're told? Less features, full price. There is NO justification, and I LOVE how they use the excuse of the Simcity engine. So you're recycling an engine, not even meant for this game concept, and you're going to charge me FULL price for a game which you spent NOTHING on the engine for? One of the most expensive aspects of game development is the engine, so what does EA need $65 for? Not like they spent their full amount on the engine, or wait, they spent NOTHING. You recycle garbage, you basically cut the features in HALF, then you cut the play space by MORE than half, but I know you won't charge half price. F**k off EA, I'm done with you. After Titanfall I don't need another disappointing quasi content game again, $65 for about 30% of the content you SHOULD get is criminal, lucky for EA businesses simply cannot be held accountable or responsible for ANYTHING they do.

Pools too Difficult?

So, pools are too difficult to implement? Alright. But they better not appear in some DLC for $20 later on and if they do appear, they better be a free add-on, otherwise we'll know for sure that EA is really full of **** and all they really care about is the $$$. (Although we might already know that) :P

25 plots of land?!?!

25 plots of land?!?! That's the killer for me. In sims 3 i liked buying up all the business and even building more businesses to buy up and with the income every week I never had to get my sim a real job so I could spend all my time making babies. Looks like in Sims 4 I'm gonna have to actually get a job. That is if I even play this train wreck.


Was never a Sims fan, but I don't understand SIms 2 came out in 2004 and Sims 3 in 2009 and by then the developers was clever enough to create pools what happened in 2014 did they become stupid or something.

I was literally about 20

I was literally about 20 minutes away from pre ordering Sims 4 when I read this. I'm a huge fan of Sims 2 and 3 and now I will remain a fan of only 2 and 3. **** you EA for ******* over the two best series you had, and that EA douche that tried to explain it away without saying "Hey, we ****** up" you need to rot from the inside out of flesh eating virus for being a piece of human ****. I'm a bit fanatical but this seriously *******me off.

There is no excuse for the

There is no excuse for the lack of pools. If it's not technically feasible with the current engine that means they made a poor choice early on. These terrible choices have been happening for a long time and are the main reason I stopped buying games made or published by EA

**** EA

The sims 2 is better than this crap, spread the word. Maybe by some off chance they will hear this and realize they ****** up and maybe they will fix it.

Yeah, this article pretty

Yeah, this article pretty well nails it. It's a product not a game they are making. And the cheaper and quicker they can produce them the more profit and bonuses they will get. And hey, still millions of idiots (and I do mean idiots) will gladly drop their 59.99$ on launch day for what is going to be a drown grade from Sim 3. I find the whole EA thing funny, the people speak with their wallets and they get what they deserve in the end!

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