EA Wins The Golden Poo Award As Worst Company In USA

For the second year in a row, EA “won” the Golden Poo award for being the worst company in America.

The award was handed out by The Consumerist after its users’ votes are tallied. This year, EA faced tough competition from other dreaded companies such as Bank of America, Comcast and Ticketmaster (second, third and fourth place “winners” respectively). The first runner-up, Bank of America, seemed like a worthy contender, but EA managed to win against it in the final round with a decisive 78% of the votes.

Users who voted for EA detested the company for pushing transactions on all titles, overpricing its games and forcing irritating DRM systems unto their players. The disastrous launch of SimCity also played a vital role in swaying the votes.

"EA made a royal mess of the SimCity release by failing to foresee that the people who would buy the game -- and who would, per the game’s design, be required to connect to the EA servers -- might actually want to play at some point in the week after making their purchase," The Consumerist summed it up. "But that’s just the latest in EA’s long history of annoying its customer base with bad support. Customers who paid full price for games, or who spent or saved huge piles of in-game cash in EA’s online products, would suddenly find a problem with their accounts, but attempts to rectify the problem -- or even get a response from EA -- would go unheeded."

EA chief operating officer Peter Moore released an open letter to gamers, basically admitting that EA is a bad company, but it is hardly the worst as it should come second to the “companies responsible for the biggest oil spill in history, the mortgage crisis, and bank bailouts that cost millions of taxpayer dollars.”

"I'll be the first to admit that we’ve made plenty of mistakes. These include server shut downs too early, games that didn’t meet expectations, missteps on new pricing models and most recently, severely fumbling the launch of SimCity. We owe gamers better performance than this," he admitted half-heartedly. "But I am damn proud of this company, the people around the globe who work at EA, the games we create and the people that play them."

Moore’s letter was released before the final voting round, but it failed to change the voters’ decision.

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If this was voted worst company in America...

If this was voted as worst company then people are following the distractions created for them. Remember this is not news, this designed to keep you busy with **** while they take everything from you. This is why I visit this kinda site very rarely (as an old gamer), but prefer to play older games as well. And as far as I have seen there has not been much progression, perhaps there is even a backward slide on modern games, And the bankers are just figuring out more ways to get your cash. And brainwash you during play to believe their lies and to fight for their causes.

It's funny how the EA chief

It's funny how the EA chief operating officer states that they had some "missteps" when it comes to its pricing model. It would be safe to assume from that part of his statement that it would have addressed this imbalance and organised its pricing but, after all this time, it hasn't. ---- If anything it has gotten even more expensive for titles that can easily be found much cheaper elsewhere.

I think Megagames needs a

I think Megagames needs a chat. Now that Im at it, a bank in America shouldnt even be on the list, because they dont have consumers; its a bank, not Walmart. Yeah, its out of this world but in the stratosphere.

Well, the consumerist is a

Well, the consumerist is a blog, online blog that deals with consumer affairs. There are a lot of consumers of EA online, many of them 20 to 30 year old men and women. I would even say more women than men. They are actually more familiar with EA than a national bank and the votes come from all nations around the globe, not just N.America. In fact, many of them might not have placed foot on that bank in their life. You can trust the numbers, in the net, EA is hundreds and thousands of times more known than all of those companies together. It has its logic. Long live Megagames, its captchas and War but, not his reasoning.

Check out this moron... Your

Check out this moron... Your saying "The" Bank of "America" isn't well known? What kind of moronic dumb **** up of the year are you? I had a account with BoA for 15 years... The amount of heartache I had with them was nothing on par with any other company... worse than even comcast I once had... EA is a gaming publisher you twit. There are over 320 Million people In america, I highly doubt most of them even know EA, compared to a company like BoA. That's why a consumer blog that has biased votes is bullshit. Watch me put up a blog and say how Megagames is the worst website for news articles, and than lets see what will happen than.


How is there even enough people aware of EA to cast that vote? I'm with the COO on this on 'a real. EA is a **** company, but they're just a video game company. ******* right oil companies that negligently spill oil into the ocean, car companies that want to force products that consume that oil to market & take tax money to do it, banks that knowingly lend money to idiots who can't pay it back so they can foreclose on their houses & grab a handful of insurance money & a printing facility that can legally print more worthless paper to offer as payment to other countries for goods & services are all more than a few parsecs ahead of EA in the **** company department. **** even a company that charges 2x what something's worth according to it's usefulness just because it has a picture of an apple on it, or a company that forces Skype integration into it's IM program while losing e-mail notifications & tries to force feed a new OS on consumers every year, are easily both worse that stupid assed EA.

Load of crap, BoA should of

Load of crap, BoA should of gotten it 1st period. I would Honestly put 1st BoA - 2nd Comcast - 3rd EA, at least. Even the whole simcity issue was a load of crap. They even offered a free full AAA game to everyone for the issues they had. So I must say **** the community of haters on that aspect.

Completely biased bullshit.

Completely biased bullshit. Half assed website talking about "votes" that come out of thin air. No company in the US is worse than BoA period. That's why I find that website full of bullshit. Even though I do fancy EA, its not without its issues. So saying that I wouldn't expect it being in the Top 5, but first? you people are nuts. Especially BoA... people are idiots.

Hey that whole award **** is

Hey that whole award **** is bogus. They never even brought up Microsoft on there. Tried windows 8 yet? god its ******* horrible. EA has its issues like I said, but honestly shouldn't even be in the TOP 5. Top 10? Yea I can imagine it being 6th or 7th easily, but 1st? I don't think so. I want more data on the votes before I will bend over.

...oh that's rich

I read the article, slowly scrolled down and saw your comment...then, I proceeded to laugh until a tear rolled down my cheek :) I am even hesitant to comment as you have said everything is one sentence. ...raspberry tart (captcha) delicious! Good day.

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