Fans Petition BioWare To Change Mass Effect 3 Ending

Mass Effect 3 offers a truly engaging and satisfying gameplay experience, but it seems that a large number of its players didn't enjoy its ending(s).

One of those disgruntled fans is DeinonSlayer who took it upon himself to write a more satisfying ending for the game. Another fan started a poll on BoiWare's Social Network, asking the game's developer to issue a patch or update that would adopt DeinonSlayer's ending.

Interestingly, more than 5,000 players have already joined the cause, compared to less than 150 players who preferred that the game keep its current ending. Additionally, around 2,000 players voted to change the game's ending but not to DeinonSlayer's one.

The suggested ending and the poll are available here.

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Is this all because the ending was leaked before the game release and all the stupid knobs read online what the ending was? And because they knew the ending they were disappointed when they actually saw it? Yeah...F***ing idiots.

not spoiled. still disappointed.

I didn't know the ending before i started, in fact i didn't even know there was a controversy until after i beat the game. It's a terrible ending for many reasons that have been pointed out all over the bioware forums for days now. This isn't a few whiners here, it's a large part of the fans that have invested so much of themselves into this story only to be let down in the end.

Fix the controls first

While they're at it, why can't they fix the controls. How retarded is it that, "take cover" "run" "revive teammate" and "use" are all the same button. So retarded, the amount of times I've been killed trying to revive a teammate and it jumps between covers is so infuriating. Other than that, fairly solid multiplayer. But honestly, what the hell were they thinking. ( PC, the only one that matters )


This is has been my feeling the entire time. And since my prediction about the ripped-off Deus Ex endings was correct, perhaps my suspicions about a post-endgame DLC quest will also be correct.

One tracked mind much?

So now that they are shooting each other to pieces in Syria(again) we Should'nt think or concern ourselfes with anything but that? We should form no oppinion about anything else? By the way...there is a cenocide going on in Congo, Byrma, sudan, Somalia, Belarus and The Ivory Coast. You don't seem to concerned about that?
And last but not least: You put this topic up on That was the site to discuss this you came up with?
*tsk tsk*

I think the guy is trying to

I think the guy is trying to make a genuine point and im sure that he/she is aware that genocide is taking place in the countries you mentioned.

I love mass effect and I really didn't like the ending. However, there are more important things to protest about and this is the point that the guy is trying to make.

Syria really ?

Syria’s main import is terrorist, its main export is terrorist when they they decide to leave and cause havoc, and so let them kill each other off. Most people care more about what they’re having for lunch than that shithole. With that said people do need to calm down, it’s just a game. I spent 100+hrs and a few hundred dollars on the trilogy just like most people and hated the ending, but at least wasn’t like the Sopranos where the screen just went black and the end.

You Care

You care about Syria so much but you’re on MagaGames posting about a game, Why don't you take your self righteous **S outside and hug a tree, but wait you can't do that because your too busy looking on info about games.

So its ok to kill people over

So its ok to kill people over politics?

The meaning of genocide is

The deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

Look up your facts before posting dick head.

I love gaming but I find it morally abhorrent that people are protesting about a game ending when there are more important things going on.

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