Final Fantasy X|X2 HD Remaster Sounds Great


The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita HD remastering of Final Fantasy X and X2 (set to be packaged together on the PS3 as X|X2) is coming on apace with a new trailer released today shows us not only what the texture upgrades and resolution improvements have done, but also how much more work has been put into the audio this time around.

It sounds like they've recorded new expressions for some of the main characters, including grunts and moans as they get hit or put extra effort into an attack. On top of that the music sounds excellent and has certainly been modernised.

Visually, it's all quite old school looking still, but everything is cleaner looking. With older games, while texture resolution was low and there wasn't a hint of anti-aliasing, the biggest problem (for me at least) was how blurry everything looked at that low resolution, especially on modern digital TVs which can't downscale without blurring everything even more.

With this new version, everything is crisp, lines are clean and the textures used have seen enough of a bump that it feels like something from within the past five years instead of the past 12.

Still, Final Fantasy X and X2 are all well and good (the latter, if you like dress up games) but where's the graphical overhaul for Final Fantasy VII? That's the one everyone's clamoured for ever since Sony teased us with that PS3 tech demo of the opening. All we got with that was a PC re-release with save states and buyable trainers. You can download trainers for free here, why would we want to pay for them?

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I have played this many times

I have played this many times on the PS2 emulator PCSX2 (I own the game and the bios used). I can confirm that the only thing they have updated in the game is the UI to fit the higher resolution better and the music. Textures and special effects are all identical to the PS2 version which is why you get this "old school" look of the game. They look more crisp only because the game is being rendered at a higher resolution just like they do on the PCSX2 if you allow it to render the game at a higher resolution than normal. Basically, they had to put almost no work at all into it and they are going to make a ton of money off it. That is the difference between this and a proper remake of FFVII.

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