First PlayStation 4 User Interface Screenshots

We still don’t know what PlayStation 4 would look like, but we now know how its user interface (UI) does.

Official high definition screenshots from Sony’s upcoming console are available for your viewing pleasure in the gallery. The screenshots cover PS4’s home screen, user profiles, friend feed, video trimming and sharing, gameplay streaming. There are also a couple of photos showcasing the use of smartphones and tablets to access those features.

Credit for the photos goes to Gematsu.

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Looks good

Looks promising could be an interesting attempt at a very user friendly gui just hope the games are great and groundbreaking which as long as I've been playing games was the point of the evolution of gaming systems regardless of fan boys, remember kids its still a business like any other... More innovation please keep up the hard work sony.....

F Them Both

LOL.... All Thumbs Up On That!...... I think my new favorite humorous dream is to see all the Console Launch Stores, on the morning they open the doors, ready for the bum rush of fools dying to throw money away, they stick their heads out the door to see an Empty Parking Lot and Hear Crickets & Tree Frogs instead of Hyped Up Customers. The Store Manager looks at the crew with dismay as they look back with shrugged shoulders & confusion.... WTF?....... I guess people finally got Wise & Tired of the Corporate Suck-Dickery bestowed upon them and they all bought PC's instead, because they Couldn't Play Used Games on Either of the Shiny New Junk Boxes!!! ....... That Would Be Hilarious! ..... Too Bad It's Just A Dream!

Why does anyone need so much

Why does anyone need so much **** information? Some crazy ***** sharing a video, some **** downloaded a game.... Who cares? This is what turned me off Xbox360/PS4 it was trying to be some kind of limited and outdated PC. What happened to just making a decent gaming system?

Seriously, all I want to do

Seriously, all I want to do is play LittleBigPlanet and stream videos from my NAS. I like the PS3 UI because of how clean and simple it is - this reminds me way too much of my 360 :/ I just hope it isn't riddled with ads like Microsoft have done.


I'm sure he knows that, he 's just giving something called an "opinion" and he doesn't give a **** about that crap, and they should be more focused on making a machine with better games. Something I agree with. Obviously that's too much comprehension for you, MORON.

LOL ******!

Better to beat off to the FOX network than to spend your whole life realizing you're a piece of **** liberal *******, who believes the only opinion that matters is his own.


LOL Agreed! I don't see many people in this country that happy even ON Drugs... Don't really know anyone with enough money to earn 30,000 Bonus Miles either..... Stupid Captcha..... But I do like that MegaGames allows people to Speak Freely... MegaGames is a great site.

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