First Steam Box Is Available For Preorder At $1,000

Xi3 Corporation today announced that it is accepting pre-orders for its Steam Box / PISTON Console.

The list price of Xi3’s PISTON Console starts at $999.99. Any PISTON Console pre-order placed between now and the end of SXSW 2013 (11:59 p.m. CST, Sunday, March 17, 2013), will receive a $100 discount off the list price, with pre-ordered PISTON Consoles shipped in time for the 2013 Holiday Season. (The special PISTON Console pre-order page is found at

We first heard about PISTON in January 2013 when Xi3 announced that it had received an investment from Valve Software to work together to develop a “development stage product” based on Linux and Steam’s Big Picture mode.

It is worth noting however that, although PISTON is still powered by Steam for Linux, Valve was not mentioned anywhere in PISTON’s official announcement.

For $999.99, the base version of PISTON boasts a 3.2GHz quad-core AMD accelerated processing unit, a Radeon 7000-series GPU that supports up to 3 monitors simultaneously, 8 GB RAM and 128GB solid state hard drive. The 256 GB model costs $1,340 and the 512 GB model costs $1,750.

Last year, Valve CEO Gabe Newel shared his vision of Steam Box as an open platform that can be manufactured by different manufacturers. It is quite possible that we’ll see other Steam Boxes released by different companies under different brands.

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It's sad because its obsolete

It's sad because its obsolete before it's even out the door, some of us are already running 4ghz and up with more than six cores and 16gb ram. Hell I could chop up my video card in two and throw out one half and replace the other with integrated craphics.

You guys arent getting it.

You guys arent getting it. The compony also serves the piston server center, you can connect a lot of stuff to the machine through USB, including more hard drives or ethernet cards or mostly anything that works with USB, for all I know you could even connect an awesome soundcard through that USB that NO console ever had or will have and the games... If your game isnt on steam, who cares, its easy as hell to make whatever open OS this is going to use to even make GOG games works. Yeah, the price, the price and the price. Its an American Neo Geo and it has something that no other console in the market has, in fact a few things. This is top the line for consoles, as was the Neo Geo in its time.

Technically Thunderbolt

Technically Thunderbolt (formerly Lightpeak) allows this kind of thing - most manufacturers only put it on their higher-end motherboards though :/ But for a grand, there's no excuse why this doesn't have it.


LOL yeah & the Neo Geo reeeeeaaaally endured didn't it? Just like that POS overpriced 3DO. What does this stupid shitbox have that my cheaper & faster PC doesn't? Tell me, what the **** does that hunk of **** for $1,000 have or do that a $700 PC doesn't have or can't do, cuz if you really wanna go there, I'll give you a long long long list of things my PC can do that this, or any console can't do. I'll even better ya one than that & say that at least the other consoles provide popular exclusive titles. "If it's not on Steam then who cares?", well evidently a lot of people do, but if they didn't, then anything on Steam runs on a PC & it runs better on a PC. Furthermore, I don't know if Gabe's got too much fat on the brain or what, but the point of a console is supposed to be ease of use & quality consistency. It's just supposed to work & that's it. Of course we all know that isn't the case & consoles **** up more than most computers do, but this "vision" where all different manufacturers can make the same box is ******* bogus. So now what you end up with is much greater potential variability in quality levels from box to box. For less money I can very easily build a better performing machine with greater capabilities using easily swappable & upgradable parts from manufacturers I trust.

It may be stronger than a

It may be stronger than a console (even though its somewhat a console) and all but seriously WHAT KIND OF GAMES DO THEY HAVE FOR IT. THE GAMES I LIKE ARE NOT ON THAT THING. For me and other its not necessarily about the machine its about the games and more (depends) until you kids figure that out your BS comments are stupid. I'm not hating on this thing I'm just saying. Then there is the Price, even people who can afford it wouldn't get it. I was able to buy PS3 back then but chose to pass. Why not just a PC? Vs this at least

Ok so let's recapitulate:

Ok so let's recapitulate: - It is not the Steambox. - A homebuild pc with similar spec cost around 550$ and will work with linux/steam on it. - Not more powerful than the already sub-par PS4 (ps4's gpu approximately around a radeon 7850 so a GPU about twice as powerful with much more memory bandwidth). I seriously question the reason for such a hefty price as most gamer will not pay more than 500$ for a console. Sony learned it.

The modular case is patented

The modular case is patented and it actually works, they solved the heat problems and, you can interchange its custum built hardware for the future, custom case with a single sticker.... What are all of you guys talking about?! This is what the XBOX should have been in the first place! A console that can be upgraded as a PC! Just look at the size of it and its power! Are all of you insane? They just kicked Xbox, Sony and their slims right in the balls! This thing should be called the Neo Geo of today and for the future!

Modular? Yeah, sounds great..

Modular? Yeah, sounds great... to implement a PC feature into a "console" but if you put your head into use you will realize that with this price tag, changing a module, say GPU, will cost you A LOT probably something close to the price of mid-high range PC video cards, and what will you do with the old, crappy module? Cuz you know, this **** is so expensive that nobody will want your old hardware. Resale value is important in PC world, it can get you 40-60% total price of new incoming hardware upgrades. Console people will tell you that one of the things they love about their gaming platform is that, no matter what game they throw in, it will run how it is meant to run, avoiding all the hassle of underpowered computers and low-medium-high-ultra w/e graphics settings and such.

wow really

so where is the bluray drive, how do i install my old pc games onto it. a pc that has no internal optic drive will bound to fail, look at the pspGO, you dont see them on sale anywhere these days. the neo-geo started as a cartrage based system then a laser disc system then a dvd system. notice what i'm doing, pointing out flaws. also come one, 64gig SSD, 128gig SSD, 512gig SSD. the first 2 are out for a viable steam box due to at least 4 games will fill the 64gig SSD ((also linux, a custim version will take about 8 gig of space)). the 126gig will have at MOST 8 games, but the 512 will take 20 games MAXIMUM. as for modular, did you know that the ethernet board does NOT come as standard, if you want to connect to the net you actually have to buy the board for it and then you have to remove a peice of the kit to go online. this was one of the reasons valve decided to walk away as X13 refused to compormise. but for **** sake $1800 for a box pc thats worth $400 is a ******* con.

Im not sure if you guys

Im not sure if you guys noticed but, that is the smallest, most powerful and portable machine I have ever seen. With that configuration, you are playing mostly every game in the market and with a direct line to steam, you have a lot to choose from. From old school games to all of the 2012 titles and even upcoming 2013 titles. Low res? That doesnt matter for the mass since you can always make use of the card to apply AA. I would really like to know one of you who has a monitor that breaks the 2000x resolutions, they where around way before all of this HD bull. Near 400 shader cores, low power needs, fits in one hand and you can arrange amazing lan parties with friends. This is awesome and the price will descend eventually. Apart, directly connected to Steam and its a multimedia device.

new news

valve have pulled funding from X13 company and severed all ties, the piston console is now no longer attached to valve in any shape or form due to many diffrent reasons, one of them the price, so yeeeah X13 are going to go bankrupt due to there idiotic pricing

wow just wow

3.2GHz quad-core AMD CPU = £75, Radeon 7900 = £80, 8gig ddr3 = £35, 128gig SSD = £73, 256gig SSD = £162, 512gig SSD = £285, do lets work this out, 75+80+35+73= £263, 256gig edtion, 75+80+35+162= £352, 512gig edtion, 75+80+35+285= £475, now the case has a value of £50, the motherboard which has an ethernet and of course usb connecters and possibly wi-fi was valued at £97, now unless its gold and silver plated all over then the company behind the manufaturer will have a valid price, but since its not they are clearly ripping people off MAJORLY, but nearly 2 ******* grand for something the size of my videocamera is a blatent kick in the face to everyone, for 2 grand you can have a killer gamers rig with full blown 3d monitor and glasses. sorry valve but you dun ****** up.

I will be fu*king amazed if

I will be fu*king amazed if this sells on mass. Especially with those specs. ----- If i wanted a micro machine of some sort then i would rather buy a Shuttle setup configured to my own preferences and still have a heap of cash left over. ----- I'm wondering if it is a streaming service like Onlive with system specs like that because there are a lot of games that won't run on it unless its in some kind of low res. ---- I like Steam but there wouldn't be a chance in hell that i would buy this for the price being circulated. Not when you could probably buy every game in the Steam catalogue for less than this console costs and still have change.

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