First Windows 8 Images Leaked

Once Microsoft started sending preview versions of its upcoming Windows 8, it was inevitable that screenshots would start to surface.

Available in the images tab are the first 2 screenshots that got leaked till now. The first image shows the Windows 8 taskbar which looks identical to that of Windows 7 with the exception that it now shows the logged in user image at its far side. The new task bar will also have Windows Live ID login integrated.

The second screenshot shows the default background used in all testing version of Microsoft's upcoming OS.

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This IS NOT windows 8 :D
look and see for yourself - its old windows server 2008
and this windows live plugin is downloadable - google a little:)
dam this site has gone so low it posts bullshit... :S
really you guys should check before you post crap - its demeaning this site reputation


This is not a new version of Windows Server, 2008 R2 has been out at least 2 years now. The screenshot is from a very very very very early developer release of what "Windows 8" will become.

Like all versions of Windows since NT, the next release is built upon the previous (not from scratch) and because this is in such early development it's not branded, M$ probably doesn't even have a codename for "Windows 8" yet.

Windows server

Why would anyone think this is Win8? Clearly the about box says Win08 Server.. not to mention the Server Management icon on the task bar.. Trolling at its finest I think

as if

lol call that a leak! come on it was on one of there shows...and its not what I call a final prouduct! what a stupid article!


Its not really a leak if its a cloud, they have 24/7 windows into our lives.

Cloud is short form of rdif chip implants, here we have an ecosystem rather than an implant!


Wow Microsoft have really gone all out with this one lol. I don't think it's worth the upgrade from windows 7, unless you really like the thought of having Direct X 12; after all between Vista and 7 it was Direct X that was the main sale point of the OS


Hmm the image is Windows server 2008. Windows 8 my ass :-)Get your head out of your arses megagames, frigsakes. Are all editors on this site stupid as hell?


Looks fake to me, did anyone notice that there is a Utorrent icon?, i mean why would microsoft testers have that on their taskbar? unless microsoft is downloading their own copies of windows 7. Not to mention it it just me or does the pic look like vladimire putin?
So their a russian micro team?

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