Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

[[Smell You Later]]

This year's CES show, Thursday - Sunday, Jan. 6 - 9, 2005, in Las Vegas, is eagerly expected by many since Microsoft may choose to unveil its XBox Next and XBox Next HD there. This year however, if it is a revolution in gaming and a change in the entire gaming experience you are looking for, maybe you should steer clear of the MS booth and instead, look around for an excited industry professional, looking somewhat out of place surrounded by eager game developers.

You are on your knees in the bushes, your eyes dart around the garden as you look for her; the sweet smell of jasmine is flooding your nostrils, the smell of a summer's night in Morocco. You fire your silenced weapon and the scent of jasmine is immediately replaced by the acrid and strangely familiar stench of gunpowder. You have eliminated the guard, now you can approach your contact. The feeling of the rain on your body invigorates you and the light drizzle helps cover the sounds of your footsteps as you approach. Just as you do however, she is bundled into a dark 4x4 which leaves half its tires on the surface of the road and disappears in a cloud of dark smoke. The only thing your beautiful and elusive contact has left behind is the stench of burning rubber and an agent stranded behind enemy lines.

Can you imagine the scene above as part of a game? One, essential, part of that story would be missing if it were a game. It is a rare occasion when a completely new sense is utilized by game makers but a new device, doing just that will be introduced at CES 2005.

How important is your smell when gaming? How can feeling the rain, the wind or heat and cold enhance the gaming experience? If the above story doesn't convince you that sensing your environment, including its smells, can help immerse you in a game's atmosphere or that smelling your own socks when gaming is not the best way to enjoy the experience we will let the device creator try and do that.

In a worldwide exclusive, MegaGames has put a few questions to Sandeep Jaidka, creator of SAV Products, LLC, the company behind this promising new development.

The Invention

The big challenge for the device and the man behind it, of course, is to convince gamers of the importance of smell in a gaming context. The device, which already has a patent in place in the U.S., is almost ready to roll out since its importance in advertising cannot be disputed. Imagine a coffee ad which allows you to sample the delicate aroma of freshly roasted beans on your way to work, or the ad for the fast food joint which has you salivating all the way to your local outlet.

It is all about getting people to try it claim experts; once they do they will wonder how they did without it for all these years. The importance of smell may be subtle but once experienced it is bound to become a requirement for most gamers.

[[The Q & A]]

MegaGames had the exclusive privilege of putting a few questions to Virtual Smells inventor, Sandeep Jaidka, a few days before his product is presented to the public in the 2005 CES show in Las Vegas.

Could you tell us a few things about yourself? (Studies, past work etc.)

I am a Graduate from Delhi University. My previous invention is Air Pollution Control Device USA patent number 5606495 and UK patent number 2288254 (Sensor controlled bottled fresh air), a device invented to protect city dwellers from breathing polluted
air. Since 1997 I have been working on Smells and Sensations USA patent number 6152829. Already commercially viable products have been successfully tested and will be launched soon. For further information you can visit my website SAVproducts.

In the past, a variety of similar products have been announced in the media with little or no follow-up information. How is your product different? How near completion is it?

Yes, I am aware of a few companies like Digiscents etc, they went out of business once my patent was granted, there have also been a number of smaller companies that have presented the idea to the marketplace but have not been able to successfully launch products due
to my patent, presently a spin off of France Telecom, Exhalia, is looking for investors for this very same invention. France Telecom has been granted a patent in France and Europe, after my patent was granted in the US so their patent claim is suspect.

How did you become inspired to create such a device?

My inspiration comes from deep concentration which helps me in generating creative ideas,this idea struck me in a plane from Indonesia to India in 1997, on the, in-flight, screen a film of snow covered mountains was shown and the weather was hot inside the plane, as I was already working on sensing devices it immediately gave me an idea of combining both to provide reality effects, some time later Chinese cuisine was about to be served and I could smell it at the other corner of the plane ,this is how smells got added.

The product is also described as providing sensation, what exactly does that mean? How will it be implemented?

Sensations of feeling i.e. the change of climate, the feeling of rain, wind, hot, cold and likewise, these effects presently can be done at Virtual reality theatres and on Home theatre systems later with nearly all multimedia devices, these would be mere attachments to existing systems and of course with new products.

What uses do you see for the product? Is there an industry interest in working with it?

The invention has a number of application areas such as:

a)The video game industry
b)The Movie industry
c)The advertising industry through cable, television and the Internet.

Some other applications areas being currently considered are medical, education, aroma therapy etc.

Are there any consumables i.e. smell cartridges etc. involved? If so what will the price range of the device and consumables be? Will private home use be a feasible option?

Smell cartridges are easily replaceable without opening the dispenser. Smells are propelled by air as the bellows are depressed. So, they do not use any other propellants and as such are ideal for home/professional use. Costs will be high for small quantities because of tool set-up costs, but will be available at much lower cost
as demand (and therefore supply) increases.(USD 200 to 300)

MegaGames readers would be especially interested to know details of gaming uses for the product and if any plans are already in place. What would the practical possibilities / restrictions be?

Yes, gaming is our top priority. We anticipate a big demand for smells that enhance realism to already very sophisticated games such as gun smoke, burning rubber etc.
Other than the challenges of developing andimplementing the unlimited combinations of smells into dispensing units we do not anticipate any problems.

Could you give us a basic description of how the device may implement its smell and sensation functions in a gaming setup?

Smells are released by physically depressing the bellows-shaped cartridge by an electro-mechanical dispenser which is initiated from a signal directly from the games software via the USB(or games-box)port.

How many smells can be utilized before having to change cartridges?

Each cartridge contains a smell - 4 smells are available from a standard dispenser. (Dispensers could be produced with up to 200 different smells). Smell
cartridges will last for several months regardless of how often the game is played.

When do you plan to launch the device?

At CES Show 6 to 9 Jan 2005 Las Vegas.

How soon would it be realistic to expect content ready for use with smell and sensation?

Its all set for the launch within 3 to 4 months.

Can you give us a hint of what your next venture may be?

Virtual Reality will meet Reality. While I am always working on my new invention, I
believe that the smells area has so much potential that it will keep me busy for a very long time.

Our next venture will be to bring the dimension of smells to the home, as you know a significant number of homes in the US and world over are already wired for cable and
have PC's at home, which will allow us to bring smells through cable and over the Internet. This we believe will bring significant innovation to the advertising
industry. You will literally be able to smell the coffee.

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Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

u ass lickers, technology is great, im sure everyone of you will try this item, you gotta be an idiot not to be curious, and if not.... your not a true gamer.. just an imposter or a poser, you gotta try it or at least see a review to judge this thing, otherwise your an ignorant asshole.

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

i agree with fark on this one, ignorance is bullshit, i mean look at doom 3 i have been telling people that the screenshots posted 3 and a half years were of actual gameplay, and people "like these posters under me" wouldnt believe it, and now all those undeserving pricks have baught and beat the game (wouldnt doubt if they used cheats to get the the 1rst level)

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

I, on the other hand, can't agree fark. Ignorance may be bullshit, but this device isn't all that big of a deal.So you smell the game smells... big whoop. This isn't all that important. Sure, I'm a little curious... but not enough to go out & buy or try it. I'm happy just playing games on their highest detail setting.This is like buying one of those all purpose gamer chairs. Sure, it's nice at first... but the magic (the Oooo & Aaaa of the device) wears off after a while. Then it becomes yet another piece of technology taken for granted & forgotten.As for that "true gamer" remark...Seriously, who the f*** cares if they're a considered a true gamer or not? Games are meant for recreational purposes ONLY. If you actually consider yourself a true gamer or even care if you're considered one, & you're not getting paid to play them for a living, you shouldn't be attempting to insult others by calling them imposters or posers. What you should be doing is either going out & actually getting a life... or ending your current one.

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

The 1 good point from this would be if you were playing a fps & you could smell the gunpowder from each shell or bullet you had fired or sutin. But they had better make this thing extremely accurate, cause i wouldn't settle for less

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

imagine playing with this device in Doom 3 .. All those rotting carcasses and blood would make someone puke. I guess they would leave these things out. If it tried to emulate the environment exactly I would only like to play games with lots of countryside and fresh flowers or a game with only food items in it.

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

This might work, but what if U like horror games. All dead people stinks and all... Cool! Well, I won't buy this product, wonder if it really would work properly but it's allways good that people invent these kind of things. This might be a success, or it will stay in history as a product, that sucked really bad.Anyway, keep inventing these things.

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

Some problems arise along with this product:1. How would the games know what scents to emit?2. He said one cartridge only held 4 scents, so when playing CS source, you walk past the melons in the market, you have to pull out the cartridge and switch for anotherone or what? Blam youre dead.3. He said the device would cast about 200, but how much will each cartridge cost.4. What exactly do they produce the scents from? Do they chop up people just to get the scent of "stinking, fried corpse"?5.and finally, WHERE on the frekkin' desktop would it stand?The previous devices of this sort were bad. really bad. And frankly, this one holds nothing new? It's exactly the same concept. That you put in a cartridge. If there was some electronic way to produce scents, i'd be interested.Call me an impostor or whatever,but i just want to see some proof.

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

Really though, why would you want to smell empty shell casings, and the gunpowder coming off of a gun? Just go out and shoot a real gun. Most of the posters here are American, so isn't it mandatory for y'all to own guns anyway?This is a waste of money, and the only good thing aboot it is that it is somewhat unique. But how often have you had people saying "oh I want a smell chip!!" before? I've heard it dozens of times, and I don't even pay much attention to it.Regardless, I can't imagine why you would want to smell synthesized burning rubber and exhaust fumes off of a vehicle. Here's an idea: put your mouth over the exhaust pipe of a car, get someone to start it up, and take a few deep breaths. That would be more intelligent than buying this.

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

Sorry f**kers, but this piece of shit isn't going anywhere. It'll be forgotten along with the Atari Lynx and that shitty plastic robot thing that used to come with nintendos.If this shiteater could figure out how to emit different photons from the box directly to the brain receptors he would be a rich man. There would be no cartridges and people might actually be interested. But this, this is a piece of shit. It is like selling you a game with a food voucher and telling you to eat the food while you play as a guy eating food in the game.This whole thing is stupid. I hope the guy who thought it might be a good enough idea to patent gets hit by a high speed object, preferably a heavy vehicle of some description.

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

this is a really shit idea, i would puke after playing a game that emmits burning smells after every fired shot, and what about all the people sitting round you at the time??As for advertising, only sad consumers with no life would want to have coffee sprayed at them whilst watching the latest Nes Caffe advert on TVAnd whats with the arrogant stuck up git who invented it? talk about over self confident! The only thing I want to do with his invention is stick up his a$$Finally, the True Gamer; GET A LIFE YOU FOOL, if all you care about is flexing your virtual inteligence on a forum, then your wasting your life and all you are is a dumb consumer bound to buy any game or console or piece of new PC hardware that happens to be fashionable at the time. Grow UpSorry ive got nothing good to say, but there doesnt really seem to be anything good about the product, do they really think we will never be able to live without SmelloVission once we try it??? I hoped they would credit us with some intelligence

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

Like the idea or not...the owner of this technology will make a huge amount of money from the patent alone. All they need is to find a niche market, or some use for this device in the corportate sector and they have made an absolute fortune. Good on em!

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

a couple years ago they gave a device like this a try, it had like 10 cartdriges or something like that and it was alot like an ink jet printer, an inkjet with its 3 colors + black will mix and produce thousands of colors on paper; the smell is much like that as it would mix certain amounts of each chemical to create differnt smells, and how would games know what to make the smells? well it'd be programed in -just like the surround sound elements, and lighting elements etc. problem is, it would have to emit the smells when you enter a certain programed "box" so it would shoot out the smell you'd be like "wow" but chances are your moving so quick you in another 'smell activation box' (like a hit-zone box) and it emits another smell, and the two or three or four differnt smells all mix around the same second or two and you have a totally differnt smell, this would only really work if you had like 2 or 3 minutes between smells, at which point it really isnt interacting with you+the game so much.

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

AHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAMan you have to give them credit cause me and my friends used to talk about a product like this and how odd and somewhat cool it would be.Aside from the bad smells just picture the good ones,your hunting deer in deer hunter checking out the enviroment that you can almost taste, hell you can f**king smell the trees and bird shit falling on your face !!

Gaming Smells - It's a Fact

I see this best working at a movie theaters or something. This could be used for movies but would require some kind of warning like: CAUTION! THE FOLLOWING MOVIE WILL USE THE SMELLS OF SHIT, ROOTING CORPSES, POO, SEWER...Also on the ads prior to the movie When McD's throw at you their ads they could get the whole theather smelling like Quarter Pounder with cheese (thats Royale with cheese for the PAL ppl). Then, some extractors get to work in order to get that smell out and get another in.As a home appliance there are millions of different smells thats are caused by very diferent molecular structures. For example they want to sell some kind of particular coffe they would need it to smell like that particular coffe and not some "programmed" coffe like (1 part shit, 2 parts flower, 3 parts toasted beans etc).What about a game or movie with drugs on it like weed? are they going to put some random herd and say thats burning weed? I KNOW HOW WEeD SMELLS CAUSE I SMOKE THAT SHIT! So they would have to get weed in the machine to get it to smell like the real deal!What about the smell of pu$sy? They would have to get body fluid in order to make an extract so it could emit the smell of her c**t?This could work it every movie or game included its own smell cartridge. Like if you see a country flick then trees and winterfresh thing would get on, Or a game with dead folk etc.


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