GoG removes Fallout games due to licensing

Good old Games has been forced to remove the classic catalogue of Fallout games from its digital shelves, because of a change in rights that means Bethesda now owns the games in their entirety.

This is the final chapter in a multi-year batttle between Bethesda and Interplay, the latter of which was supposed to produce a Fallout MMO for the former. However Bethesda eventually argued that Interplay only owned the name Fallout and not the property which it is based around. This went back and forth for over two years, before the courts sided with Bethesda and essentially said that after December 2013, all rights for Fallout properties would go to it, despite Interplay being the original creators of the series and the first three games.

This move means that GoG can no longer sell Fallout, Fallout 2 or Fallout: Tactics, unless it strikes up a new licensing deal with Bethesda. Fortunately though, those that have previously bought the games will still be able to download them if they want to.

This could be the reason GoG recently put all three of the those games up for free during the recent Winter sale.

All three games can still be found on Steam, suggesting, as PCG points out, that ultimately Valve may have made a deal with Bethesda. It remains to be seen if a new one will be struck between the publisher and GoG. We'll have to wait and see.

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Fuck You Beth

I love Fallout & I don't really care as long as I get a new Fallout, but Beth, maybe you should worry more about revamping or reinventing your dated Gamebryo engine & put more effort into fixing what's wrong with your games, instead of trying to claim ownership of things you don't own.


I was originally going to comment about Bethesda's dickheaddery, but I'd rather take this opportunity to say FUCK YOU to megagames for implementing captcha video adverts that you have to watch and click on before getting your code. Go fuck yourselves you desperate fucks, if you're grubbing for money that bad shut the fucking site down and get real jobs. I was wondering where all the comments went. They went to other sites, without bullshit spammy ass captchas. Way to kill your community you fucking dickheads.

Suck It Down

I'm sure Bethesda will be happy to know that jonny depp's favorite site still offers all their games free of charge. Of couse, I always try and support the game industry and buy from good old games... but given the lack of choice...

Suck It Down

I'm sure Bethesda will be happy to know that still offer their games free of charge. Of couse, I always try and support the game industry but given the lack of choice...

I am disappoint

Dick move from bethesda. Interplay made some awesome games back in the day and I really liked them. Just because bethesda has more money, doesn't mean it can trample all over the rest.


I side with any company that want's to give us games for free even if it was out of spite, I will no longer purchase games from companies that try to take our free games away.

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