Gran Turismo 6 Listed For PS3


The next iteration of Gran Turismo looks like it could be coming to the PlayStation 3, but does that mean it won't be available on the PS4 or will it simply be released across both generations?

Of course this is no official announcement from the developers or Sony, but a posting on retail website Newegg, which listed Gran Turismo 6 for the PlayStation 3. It has the release date as November 28th, so it seems likely that a PS4 version would also be made available, as the next-gen machine is touted to hit the shelves around that time.

If it were just Newegg however, we could chalk it up to a typo, but Danish and Nordic shop, CDON, also listed the game for the PS3, though it did so without suggesting a release date.

It seems likely that what we're looking at here is a PS4 launch title, that will also be made available to PS3 owners - likely with reduced features and graphical capabilities.

Similar in a fashion to the upcoming Grid 2 for current-gen systems, GT6 is likely to feature a lot of social features, so adding it to the PlayStation 4 launch lineup would make sense from Sony's point of view.

What do you guys think? Is GT6 going to be up there at launch? Or perhaps you think it'll come out on PS3 first and then follow along to the new console later on? Let us know below.

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Yay another game where I can

Yay another game where I can skid in a small uphill in a large turn with my expensive car and $40k tires while going 30mph. Judging from the last games the starting power of all cars will be seriously cut down to a crawl and when you upgrade then it will bring it to original performance.


Maybe learn to read the full story before moaning. GRID 2 is not a PS4 launch title, and has nothing to do with Sony

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