New Grid 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Footage

Grid 2

It's clear that Esports are having a big impact on the world of multiplayer gaming in the new trailer for Grid 2's "redefined" online gameplay. There's youtube uploads, followers, smack-talk and the all important rivalries in this very pretty looking racer.

It starts off simple enough, with direct challenges between players and some leaderboards that show how you're ranked with others around the world. However the real deal seems to be in selecting fan favourites and praising them for their feats within game.

Of course this will generate real world rivalries alongside the in-game ones, which could even potentially see betting on the outcome of these races if all goes to Codemaster's plan.

Users will login to the Codemasters Racenet and attempt to make it up the leaderboards, accruing followers as they go - the number of which will no doubt improve with the odd well time Youtube upload that works within game.

Grid 2 is released on 5/28/13 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.