GTA V PC release date rumoured


There've been a lot of rumours circulating about when Rockstar will bring its latest magnum opus crime simulator to the PC, since it's been so successful elsewhere and everyone with a GTX 780 is just itching to see what it can do to the expansive open world, so what's one more?

Eurogamer has heard some whispers from a friend of a friend of a girlfriend's brother, that GTA V is landing early next year. Best bet, sometime in the first quarter.

If this were to follow the same release strategy as GTA IV, it would mean we should be looking at a April release window.

Of course this isn't a surprise at all and isn't really much of a stretch for a rumour. If you'd asked anyone to take a swing at a PC release date for the game with no prior warning, they've probably have told you roughly the same. There is a little more science to Eurogamer's method, but not much more.

It cites several sources, but highlights specifically one made by Nvidia senior director of investment relations, Chris Evenden, who said that PC gamers were looking forward to a GTA V release, alongside games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin's Creed IV. He later redacted the commented and Rockstar refused to comment.

Obviously he was speaking in generalities and probably did it without much prior knowledge, but maybe the slip was legitimate.

Either way, we're all expected GTA V to hit PC soon and chances are "soon" means in the new year. Whether we'll still be talking about it by that point, is anyone's guess.

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I've always played the GTA

I've always played the GTA games on release but always on PC. ---- The thing that pisses me off is that they (Rockstar) say that its because they are adding to the game for the PC version but when the game is released, all we see is an identical game. Albeit with higher res graphics. ---------- The truth is, Rockstar have gone straight to the consoles for the revenue stream because there is an unwarranted belief that the PC will be pirated to hell and the consoles won't be. --- The reality is, the Xbox has way more "piracy" than the PC does and when this game was released, i saw it listed on various torrent sites within hours in the US. ------ I think Rockstar need to understand that there are limits to customer patience and the chances are, a lot of PC players will probably forego buying on the PC and buy it on console instead. After this, when it is finally released for the PC, those players who would have purchased it on the PC will probably just download it instead of buying. -------- Now some may say that Rockstar will still make their money as it would have been bought for the consoles that the PC players own. --- I would say that the revenue from that wouldn't be as high as you may think as a large proportion of these players will buy used copies of the game instead of full priced new. --- Others will buy new but there is a chance that where these players choose to buy will be based on the game being vastly reduced in price. --------- Rockstar are basically giving us the finger, for now, while giving us some bullshit about how they are refining the game for the PC. In the end, all we will get is a much more polished version of the game that PS4 and XBone owners will get. No more, no less.

Money Talks

If it's coming on PS4 than it means it's not coming to PC anytime soon unfortunately. They are waiting for a pc release to encourage sales on consoles because pc is plagued with piracy so if they'd announce a pc release, thousands of people would wait for it and crak it up instead of buying the already release console version. So it goes like this: Compulsive lonely gamers buys it on the ps3/360, then it gets released on the PS4/Xbone so he buys it there as well (more than you think are that stupid), then it gets release on pc 6 months later and some will buy it for a second time there as well, plus the exclusive pc gamers of course. What would happen if you announce a pc release while the console versions are just out: tons of gamers would wait for the pc version, and Rockstar doesn't want this. Multi-platforms are released on PC last because it's the last place to gather some cash, you've made most of the green on more restrictive hardware already. We can't really blame them when we notice a good game coming out (sometimes at 10$) with thousands of people who prefer downloading it without encouraging the developers. I still believe PC is the only proper way to play but some of us doesn't make it appealing. It's all about money.

u do realise i had this game

u do realise i had this game a week early on xbox........piracy happens on everything your theory is filled with more holes than Lizas bucket how many people have a console and a top of the line pc? thats the point, the majority of people investing in top of the line pc hardware dont game on a console the better bet is that the game of the yr edition will land on the next gen consoles in the second half of next yr


Well I'm still playing episodes from liberty. Currently playing "Lost and Damned". I've yet to play "gay tony", so I have some GTA4 left to hold me over till then. :)

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