GTA V Yoga


Rockstar has released a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming open world crime simulator, Grand Theft Auto V, most of which show some of the pursuits you can spend time doing when you're not screwing prostitutes and then running them over. One set of pictures in particular looks like Rockstar might be pushing for a Hot Coffee (NSFW) moment in the new game.

Other activities on show include Golf, which might make a lot of legitemate golf games redundant, since I wouldn't put it past Rockstar adding almost everything you get in those games to this one - while still leaving in the ability to bash your partner's brain in with the club when you miss your shot.

You can get tattoos too, as we can see in these tattoo shop screens. The ink on show in a lot of instances isn't that impressive, but the detail in the tattoo shop itself is impressive. If any of you have had one done, you know there's often a lot of... stuff... all over the counters. Rockstar have got that down here.

There's a tonne of other shots in there too, so check out the gallery above and let us know what you think below.

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u must be retarted to think the PC cannot help the graphics get better, with an old pc u can Own a GeForce 790 and still not run GTA 4 maxed out, BUT with my computer i can run anything maxed out with the right videocard. my GeForce 560 would not run maxed out BF3 on an old PC. but on my I7 2nd generation it does. and i can run GTA 4 maxed out. so quit crying about the game not being as the pictures showed, the game was perfect to me.

You don't seam to know how

You don't seam to know how computers work so be quiet. Play a game from the 90's its not going to bring it up to modern look idiot. And I ran bf3 maxed out at 60fps with q6600 and 4 gb ram with my old pc as for gta I ran it sooth with the 400 series.

A common misconception, the

A common misconception, the PC does NOT affect graphics, keep reading before you hit reply out of rage. The only thing a PC can do is run the game (choppy or smooth) at max settings. But thats just running premade graphics (models with a set polycount, textures with a set resolution, etc...), the PC itself does NOT make things look better, the game looks the same at max settings regardless of whether it's running on an old gpu or a brand new, high end one, the only difference you get is FPS.

I have no problem playing any

I have no problem playing any game at 60fps all maxed out. What I was saying is that promo and the actual gameplay are two different things. When I build something I go for the most best no matter the price because I want it to last.

No PC Version?

Where has the no PC version idea came fgrom btw? No GTA has had a PC release specified till after the console version but every GTA has came to PC... Don't get why everyone thinks these wont be a PC verison... guess yous need soemthing to moan about :P


if thats yoga,where do i sing up? looks like something out of a kamasutra, but game looks very nice and cant wait to see a PC-version(hint hint)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrTimz! There you go my

MrTimz! There you go my friend. I know your significant weight prevents you living a happy life, but if you buy GTA you will be able to try some activities. It will be like going outside only you can still doss around on the state eating pies WHILE YOU PLAY.

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