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Half Life 3

New rumours have emerged that seem very hard to believe, but if true would mark a huge change in direction for the lauded FPS series, as they suggest Half Life 3 will not be a linear FPS, but an open world title featuring quests, NPCs and RPG like elements.

Again it should be said that despite JournaldguGamer stating that this comes from a "person close to valve," (apparently a "her") this is very unlikely to be true. Even with Valve's development of action/RPG MOBA title DotA 2 giving it experience outside of the shooter world, I'm not buying it. However, somebody did or we wouldn't be talking about it, so let's break it down.

According to the rumours, Half Life 2: Episode 3 has been skipped in favour of Half Life 3 development, with the game having gone through several different iterations already. It supposedly began life as a standard shooter, before becoming more akin to exploration and puzzle title and then finally switching to the open world RPG that it's said to be now. It will include AI characters that will send the protagonist off on quests, though how they will work in the snowy environments we've seen thanks to leaked concept art of the game is anyone's guess.

The release date is said to be a vague "after 2013."

RPG elements presumably means levelling of some kind, but how exactly will the player character improve over time? Gordon is a scientist, he's not a mage or a sword wielding elf, he's a man that gets better at gunning down enemies as the game goes on, because the player does. The only real advancement we've seen in the past is finding bigger and better guns.

So you know where I stand, how about you guys? A hoax? A phony release by Valve? Or is there a shred of truth here? Let us know below.

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I know valve won’t do this. Side quests are all too often GRIND. I'm currently playing the Mass Effect series again and skipping the bullshitty side quests, it makes the game so much better! So I hope this is some stupid quest for attention. BUT, being a valve fanboi, I think whatever they do will be perfect in every way, shape and form. And Valve is innovative, portal is proof.

Hard *****.

I leaked a little pre-*** when I read this. True or not, one can wet dream can't he? If HL-3 were open world like every modern shooter should be, then I might actually pay for it.

If it is true I'm sure valve

If it is true I'm sure valve will find a way to make it work. I have to agree that the current gameplay is just fine as it is. The story line has been the driving factor for this game. I'm sure valve will pull through and release something great.......whenever that is.

If it is true I'm sure valve

If it is true I'm sure valve will find a way to make it work. I have to agree that the current gameplay is just fine as it is. The story line has been the driving factor for this game. I'm sure valve will pull through and release something great.......whenever that is.

It's just me then?

When I read this, I thought it sounded more like SKYRIM than Boarderlands. If they go down the route of SKYRIM, with a main story line, but then side quests and an RPG element, it sounds awesome! I do like both HL and HL2 and would play the 3rd no matter what...if this is true, it would open the game up SOOOOO much. I think, any ways.


Folks over Bethesda must be really happy to know theres rumors going around that HL3 is getting a idea off of there game.. for the longest time i have said that Elder Scrolls should be made into a MMORPG and everyone told me it would never happen and that it would be totaly dumb.,. well now there doing it.. and il say that HL3 will not be dumb or fail in anyway.. games that have fail are COD and games that keep you limited on what you can do.. these games have killed games like Freelancer and Homeworld.. I went off track.. but im a troll il eat your face off


i think this is information of a diffrent vavle game, if they change the core of half-life then its no longer half-life. i think half-life 3 will be out in 2014 but episode 3 will be 2013 as they have to finish off this current story before starting the new one, it would not be cannon if they just went direct to HL3 as there would be so many things would not make sense then. we all know HL3 will have some of portal in it this is ni secret as we all know that apature and black mesa have this in game comptition any this was shown in a deleted level in HL2. so yeah HL3 2014 makes sense but HL2-episode 3 in 2013 makes sense. direct from HL2-episode 2 to HL3 makes no sense


if you think about it (yes its clear you're not good at it but lets try hard) it sounds just like borderlands which is anything BUT dumb, even if its just a rumor.


Love how you jump straight to insult mode. It's a stupid idea because people want Half-Life 3 to be a sequel to Half-Life 2 just as Half-Life 2 was a great sequel to Half-Life. It kept everything that made Half-Life great but didn't stray far from the formula, It's naive to say "Look it sounds like Borderlands 2 and that game is good! This could work!" It's about what the fans want. They don't want this RPG stuff in their Half-Life

Yeah, but rabid Half-Life

Yeah, but rabid Half-Life fanboys are the worst kind of gamer. It would be great if Valve stopped pandering to them and tried something new for once instead of riding off one underserved success fifteen years ago that lowest-common-denominator gaming nerds, as they always do, refuse to let go of.

you sir are retarded which is

you sir are retarded which is sad when you actually have a valid point. 1 fans build a company and support it, its foolish to ignore or alienate them. second yes valve should try something new... and since its new it should be a new game or at least a non main game within the half life world. its one thing if they add small amounts of open world or rpg elements but to go fully skyrim/borderlands style of open game, from what was before a linear very story line driven (open world games while having storyline and often good ones arn't as story line driven with all the side quests and other things) would completely change the game, and for a lot of people ie everyone who remembers how great half life was and how it completely revolutionized the fps genre. we want it to revolutionize that again not just steal from other genres or follow the latest trends. there's no limit to how many games valve can make so why destroy one franchise instead of preserving it and starting a new one?

Dude, the name calling is

Dude, the name calling is uncalled for. Different doesn't have to mean open world game - it doesn't even have to mean a new Half Life game. I don't think I implied that at all. Different just means taking their (huge, talented and currently wasted) development teams in an entirely new direction. Half life 1 was okay at best (I'm convinced nobody who says it was revolutionary was much of a gamer at the time, hence their 'revival' in the mid-2000's) - and after 15 years it's time to move on to new and better things - they've become so attached to their universe that they've tried to ham-fist it in to the story of every one of their game titles. At the moment they're in the same boat as ID and Epic - but at least those guys are willing to try new things and explore new territories of gaming, even if they don't always work out.

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