Here Is How EA Plans To Turn Around That "Worst Company In USA" Vote

EA's newly appointed CEO Andrew Wilson is content that EA is not a bad company, but that doesn't mean that he'll dismiss the fact that it was voted as the "Worst Company in America" for the last two years in a row.

"There are lots of really big public companies that make a lot of money that are loved by their consumers," he acknowledged. "That's because the consumers feel like they get value from that company in the investment in their dollars [and] time."

To that end, Wilson believes that EA customers should always feel that they are getting the better end of the deal. "Any time we create something, if you're asking for an investment from the consumer in dollars and time, make sure they feel like they're stealing from you and that they are getting the best end of that deal and the rest will follow. And that will be our philosophy," he explained.

EA Games label vice president Patrick Soderlund also admitted that the "Worst Company in America" vote gave them a pause to think about what it means and how it could be reversed.

"We started thinking about how we don't want to be viewed as the worst company in America. I personally don't think we've ever been the worst company in America, but it says something. The consumers out there are telling us something. And we actually took it very seriously," he said.

"This was before Andrew was the CEO. We and [EA chief operating officer] Peter Moore and a couple of other guys in the executive company got together to try to understand what caused people to say these things. And there were some things out there that...consumers told us they didn't like. Online pass was one thing."

After in depth investigation, the company found a radical solution: make better games. Of course, that was easier said than done.

"The demand and expectation on us are higher than they ever have been," noted Wilson. "We need a mechanism and a process which we can get to better games more quickly. If we can be faulted for anything, over the years, it's kind of hanging on to ideas or concepts of games too long, driving too hard against them, spending too much to the point that we couldn't invest in other opportunities and ideas. And a big part of what Patrick and [fellow top execs] Frank [Gibeau] and Lucy [Bradshaw] and I committed to is let's drive a culture of innovation inside the company that actually starts a lot more stuff but at the same time kills a bunch more stuff before it gets to market so that we can give ourselves more short-term goals to get to that next innovative product."

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It was only a question of

It was only a question of time before this dumb bastard came on to the MG forums to talk through his arse. ---- If you actually read the post i made, i did actually say VALVE. -- And why would VALVE want to sell to EA when VALVE is far more profitable than EA? ---- Now, before you go keyboard warrior crazy and start wanking off at something you thought you could attack me on, i just want to highlight a little fact for you. ---- EA, a multi-million dollar company that is worth just over $7 billion and has to answer to shareholders which in turn affects the games they make. Hence the constant, and consistent re-runs of the FIFA series (the top grossing earner for EA if you didn't know). ------- The Valve Corporation which is worth just over $4 Billion has no share holders, only has around 7 games that it has developed itself, all very popular and all being in top ten games for their year of release. --- Its also a known fact that Counter Strike has a very strong following for multiplayer on the PC (quite possibly the strongest) and that Half Life 2 is still the highest rated game, scoring 9.7 and 9.8, so far on PC. ---- So, who do YOU think could buy who?

Oh, and another thing. ----

Oh, and another thing. ---- Yes, obviously $7 Billion is more than $4 Billion but at least Valve's Billions are its own. -- Take away the EA investors and i doubt the company would be worth half as much as Valve after you take into account its current debts. And when was the last time you heard of Valve looking to sell up? --- EA was looking to do that just last year wasn't they?


Obvious troll is obvious. Not obvious enough for the guys below I guess, but still pretty obvious. Michael J getting hardons for trolling 10 yos...

Go away you retard.

Steam? Never heard of a company called Steam. Not one EA would be interested in at least. Microsoft is the worst company in the Universe & all but the dumbest of retards know that. Well I actually think they're tied with General Motors & the US Military-Industrial Complex for the top spot, but I'd have to go back & check my sources to be sure. Sources much more credible than the turd from your ass that you talk to because it's your only friend.

Well here's a start for you

Well here's a start for you Mr Wilson. ------ STOP OVERCHARGING FOR DIGITAL DISTRIBUTED GAMES. -------- When you can purchase physical copies of games from online retailers and high street stores for anything between 18% - 20% less than you can for the digital version, you know that it smacks as a rip-off. ----- Take Battlefield 4. This game, including the season pass, is available to buy for £85 or, if you can't stretch that far, £45 for the standard or £55 for the Digital Deluxe. ----- That, in my opinion, is way too much for a game. Especially one that is being milked for all its worth and doesn't even work properly on day one. -------- The problem with EA and most large publishers like it is that they take the people who purchase their games for granted. ----- In fact most people, like myself, used to avoid Activision and EA games like the plague but over the years they have bought up, or invested heavily, in the studios that we loved. Some were then folded into a bigger studio or the studios that they didn't care about were disbanded but the IP's kept. ----- Its your practices and your greed that is alienating the people against you and when you blatantly rip-off customers with unfinished, bugged up, regurgitated sh*t then you can't expect those same people to love you. ----- Maybe, just maybe, you should take a leaf out of Valve's book on what delivering a good customer service can do for your reputation and wealth. --- It's quite easy to see what happens to you and your company if you actually treat your customers with respect.

I mean they ruined SWKOTOR

I mean they ruined SWKOTOR with SWTOR, Dragon age with Dragon age 2 and Mass effect with Mass effect 2,3 (they weren't bad games on their own, however they were just another generic 3rd person shooter compared to ME1)

"he consumers out there are

"he consumers out there are telling us something. And we actually took it very seriously," And there were some things out there that...consumers told us they didn't like. Online pass was one thing." After in depth investigation, the company found a radical solution: make better games. OK so you didn't understand anything didn't you?

"We need a mechanism and a

"We need a mechanism and a process which we can get to better games more quickly" - That statement shows what the guy is truly about. Greed, EA will remain EA. You don't have to put games out quickly douchebag that's part of makes ea the worst


Because valve actually doesn't ever screw over its fans or franchises oh wait Half Life 3. But least Valve isn't gre- oh wait they make the consumer market actually develop their new content to any of their games so they can sell a share of something they didn't have a hand in actually creating... Least they give each person 10 cents or so per sale though. Face it EA is no worse than Valve or GMG.

Not releasing something isn't

Not releasing something isn't screwing anyone over, you don't need a game to give your life meaning (I hope), so enjoy the game once it's out, live life to the fullest when you're not gaming. They also don't make anyone in the community develop anything, they give everyone the CHOICE to do so and even the possibility to profit from your hobby (more than just a few cents, that much I can guarantee as I've bought several games in steam with money from my sales). It takes a huge idiot to try and make freedom seem like a bad thing. EA and Valve are opposites, one is driven by greed and they just steamroll over anything and anyone who dares stand in their way. The other, while also interested in making loads of money, actually worries about the quality of it's products, let's people tinker with what they do because they aren't interested in shoving every little detail you can add to a game as a DLC down players' throats.

Who's screwing who?

HL3 isn't even out yet but there were a couple spin-offs and episodes made from the franchise, How many Need For Speed games have there been since the release of the first Half Life? It's called community created content. Yes Valve charges for content they create, such as the afore mentioned Half-life expansions. No one is forced to create mods for Half Life or any source powered games, people just do because they enjoy it and like sharing with others thus giving a source engine (and other games) more replay value! Valve also loves Independent developers and more than ever as of late they have created a process to get more of them on Steam. It works for Valve as they have more game to sell which I'm sure they take a percentage of each sale and in trade it's good for the Independents since they don't have to spend time and money from their limited staff and budget to funnel people to their website/game. Sometimes they buy studios (creators of Counter Strike) and have treated them well, haven't watered down there IPs for a quick profit, or engulfed/vaporized their studio into non-existence. You may have noticed Steam has no support phone number but they do have a helpful community or, if need be, a support e-mail address and (in my experience) get back to you the next day or two. Also you launch the games you purchase straight from the Steam app, not launch a website and cross your fingers the launcher plugin works on your browser. Valve also doesn't launch games half-arsed but if they make a mistake they apologize relentlessly. Now I'm not saying Valve is perfect. They do things sometimes that upsets me. But they are a "Farcry" from EA. I used to love EA but this last decade and a half they have become money grubbing greedy profit marging caring only about the bottom line company caring more for there stock holders and money coffers and friends in the good-ole-boys club then the consumers and the smaller studious they purchased. I'm still waiting for another "Wing Commander" game, after all, we have 25 Maddens now.

I agree EA is screwing steam

I agree EA is screwing steam users by not releasing their games there as well but to be fair they didn't really pull anything off of steam. The games they had there before origin are still for sale on steam, they even had mass effect1/2 on sale a few weeks ago.

Region Lock

Yeah, that region lock is pure crap. I don't live anywhere near europe (western hemisphere actually) and the Origin store shows everything in euros? which is more expensive. Steam shows me the price is US dollars. Euros, Euros Origin?! Really? It's like you're not even trying!

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