How One Developer Used iPhone Store To Steal Content From Paying Customers

A lot of gamers and industry experts agree that digital distribution is much better than traditional brick-and-mortar distribution and that it will replace it eventually.

Digital distribution does indeed have several advantages over the traditional methods. Those advantages include cheaper prices, worldwide 24/7 availability, no physical media damage and ease of updating. However, it seems there are also a few unforeseen drawbacks.

Touch Racing Nitro is a successful game that made its way to the top 10 paid Arcade and Racing iPhone Store charts when it launched at a price of $6.99. The game sold thousands of copies at different price points before a new update locked 2 of the game's 3 racing modes behind paywalls and littered the remaining portion with ads.

To make matters worse, the iPhone Store license agreement states clearly that "According to the iTunes Store Terms of Sale, all purchases made on the iTunes Store are ineligible for refund. This policy matches Apple's refund policies and provides protection for copyrighted materials."

As it stands, there is nothing the victims could do beyond giving the game 1 star ratings on the iPhone Store.

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A lot of gamers and industry experts agree that digital distribution is much better "to download"! I think there's a pun in that somewhere.


People should not fear the government; the government should fear the people.

Likewise, consumers should not be at the mercy of developers; developers should be at the mercy of the consumers.

Piracy is one way to express that discontent, because once I buy that product, it is MINE. But if I can't get the guarantee, I'll pirate it.

The two anonymous retards at 02/27/2012 - 16:55 and 20:06 are the kind who just bend over and take it up the *** instead of fighting wrongful business tactics.

I played that game for a

I played that game for a little bit when I got it as Free App of the Day on Amazon (Android Version, since I have a Kindle Fire that can run several Android apps). Yeah, that game really isn't that worth it since I did come across issues while trying to play it (played a little bit, but stumbled upon glitches that could really affect gameplay). So, no big loss to me. :P

cheaper my bottom.

I've pre ordered ME3 from gamestop, saving a wopping €13 from ordering it from origin, and along with that I get a free set of dog tags from pre order, digital distribution sucks *** and is still a rip off, bar as was said the sales in Steam. Besides that, I have a 1.5mb/s line, which means that I essentially have to wait an entire day after buying a game before I can actually play it.


this is why its best to do everything illegal, hack the phones, download the games off torrents and steal everything you can because you can, and **** them in the ***, so its a win win for us and a lose lose for them

So your solution to one

So your solution to one developer stealing from customers is to steal everything from every developer out there?

You're either a complete idiot with no sense of morals or a misunderstood genius and I doubt very much that you have been misunderstood.

Restore to older version

Whenever you update an app in iTunes and it replaces the old version, the .ipa file of the old version is sent to the Recycle Bin (in Windows now, don't know how it works on a Mac). So all you do is delete the new version of the app, restore the file from the Recycle Bin, re-add it to your library, sync it to your iPhone and PRESTO, you have the working app again. Just don't update the thing from there on out.

Be smart...

Or you can finally realize that apple is a crappy company and switch to android because the android market allows you to uninstall the purchased app and get a refund up to 30 days after the purchase, not to mention it has much more free apps and games than the iphone store because people don't have to pay to publish simple and/or silly apps.


You're funny :) The question that comes to mind is even though I COULD buy an android, why WOULD I buy such a pile of ****? Not to mention real **** costs less than the very few android apps worth using, and is worth more than any terrible ******* android handset.


And they are done by overworked Chinese with cheap labor to serve costumer the finest exquisite skyrocket priced hardware. yayyy...


serves them right lol but hey, what are people complaining? apple and icrap are so ahead of our time, so sophisticated and ****... those who complain are traitors within apple ranks! Witch hunt!! now!!

Cheaper Prices?

Prices may be cheaper during a sale. Other than that I've seen no difference. I bought Amnesia for $1.00 cheaper at Wal-Mart than it was on Steam. If stores don't have someone watching Steam for prices then they're ******. Digital distribution has more drawbacks than just what's mentioned here. Monthly internet data usage for one. Prices that should be lower but aren't because you don't actually have anything physical that you can resell, for another. Sometimes you buy a disc in a store that requires Steam & it downloads it from there anyway!!!!

I'm so thankful for hackers.

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